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Asbestos in El Dorado County

The El Dorado County Air Quality Management District (District) regulates Naturally Occurring Asbestos.  However, the District has not been delegated the authority to regulate demolition or renovation of facilities that may contain asbestos containing building materials.  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulates facility demolition and renovation by requiring notification, conducting inspections, investigating complaints, collecting asbestos samples and taking enforcement actions.  In this context "Facility" means any institutional, commercial, public, industrial, or building containing condominiums or individual dwelling units operated as a residential cooperative (but excluding residential buildings having four or fewer dwelling units); and any active or inactive waste disposal site.  Facility owners and operators must notify CARB at least 10 days prior to any demolition or renovation activity.  The information can be found at: 

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Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) in El Dorado County

Naturally Occurring Asbestos is prevalent in at least 44 of California's 58 counties.  Asbestos is the name for a group of naturally occurring silicate minerals.  Asbestos may be found in serpentine, other ultramafic and volcanic rock.  Serpentine is the California State Rock.  When rock containing NOA is broken or crushed, asbestos may become released and become airborne, causing a potential health hazard.

El Dorado County Air Quality Management rule 223-2 requires activities to reduce asbestos dust created from earth moving activities.  An Asbestos Dust mitigation plan must be prepared, submitted, approved and implemented when more than 20 cubic yards of earth will be moved at all sites identified as being in an Asbestos Review Area as shown on the following map:

Button Naturally Occurring Asbestos Review Area Map, El Dorado County - 1/22/15

Button Rule 223-2 Fugitive Dust – Asbestos Hazard Mitigation

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