General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567


Phase II hazardous debris removal 

County-led program

Phase II includes removal of fire related debris from affected properties at no out-of-pocket cost to the property owner so the property is prepared for rebuilding.  Right of Entry (ROE) forms required for this County-led debris removal program can be found here and on the Right of Entry page on the El Dorado County Mosquito Fire Recovery website. 

You may submit your completed ROE to El Dorado County Environmental Health at ROEs must be complete prior to Phase II approval. You will receive an email notification when your ROE is approved for Phase II debris removal from your property. You will be able to be present during debris removal. 

The deadline for ROE submission is December 16th. You will receive an email notification when your ROE is approved for Phase II debris removal for your property.

For questions about debris removal or the ROE forms, please call 530-621-6623 or email

Aside from structure debris removal, the El Dorado and Georgetown Divide Resource Conservation District may be able to assess options for dead or dying trees as a result of the fire. Contact them at (530) 303-5329 or at

Property Owner-led program (Alternative Program)

Property owners may choose to manage debris removal themselves through the Alternative Program. Under this option, property owners must hire a qualified contractor and environmental consultants at their own expense. With a qualifying structure, property owners cannot cleanup property themselves. All work must be completed according to state standards and must be reviewed and approved by Environmental Management Department (EMD). To learn about the requirements of the Alternative Program, click here

To Obtain an Alternate Program application please email 

The deadline to submit an Alternative Program application is December 16th, 2022 and work plans are due December 31, 2022. 

For questions about the Alternate Program, please call 530-621-5300 or email

Please see the debris removal Fact Sheet and below for your options. 

Mosquito Fire Debris Cleanup FACT SHEET.PNG