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El Dorado County Statistical and Health Data


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Compiled by El Dorado County Public Health Division

This page provides links to resources and reports focused on the health of El Dorado County. Please also visit our website WellDorado.

El Dorado County Community Health Assessment - Updated 2018El Dorado County is a great place to live and play. The El Dorado County Community Health Assessment presents an assessment of health in El Dorado County in the broadest sense. 

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps: El Dorado County ranked among the top 10 healthiest counties in California in the 2015 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps report. The Rankings look at measures that affect health, such as the rate of people dying before age 75, high school graduation rates, unemployment, air quality, smoking rates and teen births.  

Community Commons, Community Health Assessment: This site offers county specific measures for many topics, including demographics, clinical care, environment, health behaviors and health outcomes. The site includes raw data and county specific maps for each indicator. To locate El Dorado data, select California, then El Dorado, and finally press the “view report” button.

Kids Data: This site displays data on more than 400 measures of child health and wellbeing. Data are available for every legislative district, city, county, and school district in California. To view county data click the “region” button and type in El Dorado County.

The El Dorado County Maternal Child Adolescent Health Needs Assessment is conducted every five years by the local Maternal, Child Health and Adolescent (MCAH) program, in collaboration with local entities who work with women of childbearing age and their children. 

Barton Health Community Health Needs Assessment Report: The Community Health Needs Assessment helps determine the health status, behaviors and needs of residents in the Primary Service Area (PSA) of Barton Health and Barton Memorial Hospital. This includes the City of South Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas, with portions of both El Dorado County, CA and Douglas County, NV. To access data, click the “see other indicators” button on the bottom right. 

Marshall Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment Report: The purpose of the Community Health Needs Assessment is to provide information for Marshall Medical Center’s Community Health Improvement Plan, and identify communities and groups experiencing health disparities.The assessment further identifies contributing factors that create barriers and opportunities for these populations to live healthier lives.

El Dorado County Morbidity Report, El Dorado County Health and Human Services: This report describes the health status of county residents by examining a range of social, demographic and health indicators including causes of chronic diseases, maternal and child health, and communicable diseases. 

El Dorado County Mortality Report, El Dorado County Health and Human Services: This report provides statistics for the leading causes of death and premature death in El Dorado County for 2006-2010.The measures used were number of deaths, death rates, and premature death. 

For a more detailed look at a variety of health measures use the following links: