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Who We Are

Who We Are:

The El Dorado County Water Agency is authorized by Chapter 96 of the 1959 Water Agency Act.

The establishment of the El Dorado County Water Agency allows the agency to develop a countywide water plan and to participate in statewide water planning. The agency is empowered to negotiate contracts with the Department of Water Resources, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and other local, state and federal agencies for water management and facility construction.

History of El Dorado County Water Agency...

What We Do:

Advocate for the water interests of El Dorado County
Promote interests of upstream urban, rural and agricultural communities in statewide policy legislation and planning. We work with local, state and federal representatives to address El Dorado County water issues, and collaborate with regional and statewide associations to protect and benefit local water interests that may be affected by state and federal water policies and regulations.

Protect existing water rights
We assist purveyors in establishing and maintaining existing water rights and promote water conservation, efficient use and other practices legally required for continued use, promote continuing legal priority of rights and area-of-origin protections.

Pursue water supplies for future needs
Acquire water rights and develop storage for urban and agricultural land uses projected in the water approved El Dorado County General Plan. Develop water supplies and storage necessary for droughtresilency. We promote recycled water development and fulfill full potential of local hydropower development.

Provide education to public, industry leaders and government
We promote water conservation and water use efficiency and organize landscape level tours and site visits for water leaders, government officials, educators, media. We develop education program presentations for school children and promote local career development in industry.

We obtain grants and other funding opportunities, explore fee-based services, and pursue other sources of public and private support

We Support:

County Water purveyors
Defend water rights, provide annual cost-sharing funds for water supply related projects.

Farmers and ranchers
Support working agricultural lands for benefit of water supply and quality assist growers with irrigation management services and regulatory support and support education program for children.

Rural areas outside service districts
Assist with groundwater supply reliability.

U.S. Forest Service
Support U.S. Forest Service management of public lands for water supply and quality.

Resource Conservation Districts
Support efforts to achieve watershed improvements for benefit of water supply and quality.

Local government
Assist local land use authorities in development and implementation of water-related ordinances and assist local authorities in emergency preparedness.