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Strategic Plan

The El Dorado County Water Agency 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Strategic photos   

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  • Organizational Development
  • Financial Management
  • Communications
  • Policy/Legislative Advocacy
  • Water Resource Management Customer Service  
  • Alternative/Renewable Energy Development and Energy Efficiency

Vision Statement:  

Within the next five years, El Dorado County Water Agency will be known as the trusted,county-wide leader on water-resource issues, representing the long-term interest of our community, purveyors and residents through a dedicated team of professionals, responsive and accountable to the public we serve. 

Organizational Development   

 Goal:  Build an organization that is efficient, cost-effective, transparent and adaptive to change


  • Define business functions and determine how they will be supported
  • Develop organizational chart and job descriptions that support the Strategic Plan
  • Develop and implement effective policies and procedures
  • Build a cohesive team through respect, trust and open communication
  • Maximize use of internal talent
  • Promote transparent business practices

Goal:  Realize the potential of the agency's greatest asset:  It's employees


  • Clearly define each employee’s role and responsibilities
  • Develop skills and expertise for benefit of agency
  • Define current benefits and compensation
  • Maintain level of compensation and benefits that retains a skilled and productive workforce

  Financial Management
Goal: Use financial resources in a fiscally responsible manner to achieve agency’s mission


  • Establish 10-year budget plan to achieve goals and objectives of Strategic Plan
  • Track and report expenditures and progress
  • Obtain the best value for goods and services

Goal:  Protect existing funds and sources of funding


  • Review and implement effective reserve policy
  • Promote financial stability through legislation/policy advocacy

Goal: Identify and pursue new funding sources


  • Build capacity to pursue grants
  • Explore fee-based services
  • Pursue other sources of public and private support


Goal:  Create distinct identity with the public, the water industry and government 


  • Identify key audiences
  • Develop message on key water issues
  • Establish and implement communication plan 

Goal:  Engage in community outreach and education


  • Present to community organizations
  • Educate public on current events and key issues
  • Utilize agency website as communication tool
  • Develop education program for schools
  • Promote local career development in our industry 

Policy/Legislative Advocacy

Goal:  Effectively advocate for the interest of our county


  • Develop channels of communication within the community
  • Work to understand local needs and concerns
  • Represent local interests in policy debate
  • Coordinate with local purveyors
  • Inform the public of potential local impacts of state and federal policy

Goal:  Influence local, state and federal water policy for the benefit of El Dorado County


  • Take positions on proposed legislation and regulations
  • Sponsor legislation
  • Leverage policy efforts of local and regional associations
  • Build relationships with key decision makers at state and federal levels
  • Promote interest of upstream communities in statewide policy debate
  • Work with local, state and federal representatives to address El Dorado County issues

Water Resource Management

Goal:  Protect existing water rights


  • Promote water conservation, use efficiency and other practices that fulfill legal obligations for continued use
  • Promote existing legal system of priority of rights and area of origin protections
  • Support purveyor efforts to perfect and defend existing water rights
  • Influence state and federal policies affecting water rights

Goal: Pursue water supplies necessary to serve future needs of El Dorado County


  • Acquire water rights and develop storage for urban and agricultural land uses projected in General Plan
  • Promote full potential of local hydro power development including storage
  • Develop water supplies and storage necessary to prepare for drought
  • Promote feasible recycled water development

Goal:  Enhance reliability of existing and future water supplies 


  • Advance county-wide drought planning effort
  • Promote conservation and efficiency to maximize beneficial use
  • Assist residents and purveyors with groundwater supply reliability
  • Provide county-wide and regional perspective to identify mutual interests and pursue potential partnerships
  • Pursue funding opportunities to achieve greater reliability
  • Assist local land use authorities in development and implementation of water related ordinances
  • Assist local authorities in emergency preparedness

Goal:  Preserve El Dorado County’s outstanding water quality


  • Support continued existence of working agricultural lands for benefit of water supply and quality
  • Promote responsible management of public lands for water supply and quality
  • Work with community groups, Resource Conservation Districts (RCD’s) and other agencies to achieve watershed improvements for benefit of water supply and quality
  • Support ongoing efforts of local purveyors to preserve water quality

Customer Service

Goal:  Provide excellent service to all our customers


  • Understand the needs of our residents, purveyors, agriculturalists and business community
  • Exemplify professionalism, responsiveness and accountability as individuals and as an agency
  • Respond to the needs of our customers

Alternative/Renewable Energy Development and Energy Efficiency

Goal:  Lead development of hydropower generation in El Dorado County


  • Champion hydro power as critical component of California energy solutions
  • Work for favorable economic and regulatory environment
  • Partner with local purveyors and other agencies to achieve multiple benefits from hydro development
  • Advocate for hydro development through regional and statewide associations
  • Create new streams of revenue to fund purveyor operations

Goal:  Support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that benefit the core water business of our purveyors


  • Identify funding opportunities
  • Monitor regulatory developments
  • Partner in pursuit of cost-effective programs

Stormwater/Flood Protection

Goal:  Develop opportunities in stormwater management


  • Work with El Dorado County to define needs of residents
  • Work with El Dorado County to define role and responsibilities between the two agencies
  • Prepare county-wide water resources plan
  • Prepare and identify opportunities for grant funding