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Tree Removal

Tree Removal on Private Property

Private property owners can have qualifying hazardous trees removed by submitting a Right of Entry form and enrolling in the Public debris removal program for no cost if they don't have insurance and for the cost of the deductible if they have insurance. See the process below:

Caldor Fire Cal OES Hazard Tree Removal Operations One-Pager.PNG

Another option is enroll in the Private program where a property owner will contract out all the debris clean up, including hazardous trees, at their own expense. 

Tree Removal in the County Road Right-of-Way

El Dorado County is removing burned, dead and dying trees within the County road right-of-way as part of the Caldor Fire recovery effort but will not remove trees on private property unless it impacts right-of-way as described in the Urgency Ordinance, found here.