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1996 and 2004 Land Use Definitions

Writ-Constrained Land Use Definitions
2004 Adopted General Plan Land Use Definitions

 1996 Land Use 2004 Land Use 
AL Agricultural Lands
AP Adopted Plan AP Adopted Plan
C Commercial C Commercial
HDR High Density Residential HDR High Density Residential
I Industrial I Industrial
LDR Low Density Residential LDR Low Density Residential
MDR Medium Density Residential MDR Medium Density Residential
MFR Multi-Family Residential MFR Multi-Family Residential
NR Natural Resources NR Natural Resources
OS Open Space OS Open Space
PF Public Facilities PF Public Facilities
RD Research and Development RD Research and Development
RR Rural Residential RR Rural Residential
TR Tourist Recreational TR Tourist Recreational
1996 General Plan Overlays 2004 General Plan Overlays 
A Agricultural District A Agricultural District
EP Ecological Preserve EP Ecological Preserve
IBC-N Important Biological Corridor-North
IBC-S Important Biological Corridor-South
IBC-W Important Biological Corridor-West
MR Mineral Resources MR Mineral Resources
NJ Non-Jurisdictional
PL Platted Lands PL Platted Lands
1996 Planned Communities 2004 Planned Communities
CC Carson Creek
MF Missouri Flat
PH Pilot Hill
PR The Promontory
1996 Community Regions 2004 Community Regions
AH Angora Highlands
CA Cascade
CP Cameron Park CP Cameron Park
CPP Camino/Pollock Pines CPP Camino/Pollock Pines
CRS Camp Richardson
CV Christmas Valley
EDDS El Dorado/ Diamond Springs EDDS El Dorado/ Diamond Springs
EDH El Dorado Hills EDH El Dorado Hills
EV Echo View
GB Golden Bear
GT Georgetown
MB Meeks Bay
ME Montgomery Estates
MYRS Meyers
PL Placerville PL Placerville
SLT South Lake Tahoe
SS Shingle Springs SS Shingle Springs
TA Tahoma
TP Tahoe Paradise
TPC Tahoe Paradise Chiapa
TPN Tahoe Paradise Nahane
TPW Tahoe Paradise Washoan
1996 Rural Centers 2004 Rural Centers
CHR Chrome Ridge CHR Chrome Ridge
CL Coloma CL Coloma
CO Cool CO Cool
FP Fairplay FP Fairplay
GC Grey's Corner GC Grey's Corner
GF Grizzly Flat GF Grizzly Flat
GT Georgetown
GV Garden Valley GV Garden Valley
GW Greenwood GW Greenwood
KE Kelsey KE Kelsey
KSF Kyburz/Silver Fork KSF Kyburz/Silver Fork
LA Latrobe LA Latrobe
LN Little Norway LN Little Norway
LO Lotus LO Lotus
MA Mount Aukum MA Mount Aukum
MO Mosquito MO Mosquito
MR Mount Ralston MR Mount Ralston
NV Nashville NV Nashville
OH Oak Hill OH Oak Hill
PHLP Phillips PHLP Phillips
PLTH Pilot Hill PLTH Pilot Hill
PV Pleasant Valley PV Pleasant Valley
QU Quintette QU Quintette
RES Rescue RES Rescue
SOM Somerset SOM Somerset
STR Strawberry STR Strawberry
1996 Specific Plans 2004 Specific Plans
BLH Bass Lake Hills BLH Bass Lake Hills
CC Carson Creek
NEDH Northwest El Dorado Hills NEDH Northwest El Dorado Hills
PR Promontory
SEDH Serrano El Dorado Hills SEDH Serrano El Dorado Hills
VV Valley View
1996 Special Districts 2004 Special Districts
HSR Heavenly Ski Resort
TH Texas Hill Reservoir TH Texas Hill Reservoir