Cannabis Retail Applications

Individuals interested in applying for a new commercial cannabis retail storefront license may do so on November 18, 2019. Existing commercial cannabis retailers are allowed to submit applications prior to November 18th, 2019. Please read the instructions and details below for information about the process.

El Dorado County's commercial cannabis ordinance allows for a maximum of seven commercial cannabis retail storefronts.

The County will be receiving applications from existing retailers before November 18th that meet the following criteria:

With the exception of a non-storefront retail facility providing only delivery service, no more than seven (7) cannabis retail storefront facilities that are open to the public shall be permitted at any one time. Concentration of commercial cannabis facilities and proximity to an existing or proposed cannabis retail facility shall be considered in determining whether to grant a permit. Provided that the application for a Commercial Cannabis Use Permit is received within 45 days of the availability of applications for retail sale, the County shall first review and take action on the application of any retail facility that was issued a valid temporary license from the Bureau of Cannabis Control by July 17, 2018 and continuation within a zone inconsistent with those authorized under this section may be permitted for those retail facilities as part of the Commercial Cannabis Use Permit as a legal non-conforming use under Article 6, Chapter 130.61 (Nonconforming Uses, Structures, and Lots). 

The number of applications the County receives before November 18th will affect how many more it may be able to accept on and after November 18th.  For example, if the County receives five applications from existing retailers, only two additional applications for new retail operations will be accepted. When the maximum number of seven applications has been received by the County, a waiting list will be created.  If an applicant drops out or his/her application is incomplete/unacceptable, the County will contact the first person/organization on the waiting list. 

Applications that are deemed substantially incomplete will not be accepted.  

For new retail applicants wishing to apply on November 18th, please make an appointment on the County's QLESS System at Applicants will be allowed only one appointment in the QLESS System per application. Any person/organization making multiple appointments shall be moved to the back of the waiting list.       

For commercial cannabis applications please visit the following website:

For potential retail storefront locations in the unincorporated Tahoe area in El Dorado County, please contact Brendan Ferry at 530-573-7905.