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Cannabis Information

Personal Cultivation of Cannabis

MAUCRSA and AUMA (Proposition 64) allow adults 21 years and older to grow cannabis indoors for personal non-medical use (up to six plants per residence) without a state license. Only six plants are allowed to be grown per residence indoors in El Dorado County, regardless of the number of people living in the residence. All plants and harvested cannabis in excess of one (1) ounce must be kept within or on the grounds of the person's private residence, in a locked space, that is not visible from a public place.

In addition, if you have a valid medical card or a medical prescription from a doctor, individuals can cultivate cannabis for personal medical use under El Dorado County Ordinance 5000. This does not require a state license.  The amount that can be grown depends on different rules within Ordinance 5000.  Two rules that determine the amount that can be grown is the zoning designation of your lot and the number of individuals who have a valid medical cannabis card or prescription from a doctor.  The following are the zone designations and the amount that is allowed to be grown if a person or people have valid medical card(s) or prescription(s) from a doctor:

  • Lots zoned: R1, R20,000, R1A, R2A and R3A – these lots can grow up to 200 square feet
  • Lots zoned: RE and RL – these lots can grow up to 400 square feet (must have two valid medical cards or prescriptions from two different individuals – please see Ordinance 5000 for additional rules) 
  • Lots zoned: AG, FR, LA, and PA – these lots can grow up to 600 square feet (must have three valid medical cards or prescriptions from three different individuals – please see Ordinance 5000 for additional rules) 

To determine your zoning designation, click here (please have your APN number):

If you do not know your APN, click here:

The cultivation of more than 200 square feet is only allowed as collective cultivation as provided in subsection 2.E of Ordinance 5000. In addition, please remember there are other factors that need to be followed (e.g. setback room, screening, inability of the public to see the cannabis, residing on the lot where the medical cannabis is grown, etc.).

For information on how to obtain a Medical Marijuana Identification Card through El Dorado County, click on the following link:

Medical Marijuana Program

Driving and smoking or consuming cannabis is considered driving impaired and subject to penalties under State law. It is also illegal under State law to possess an open container or open package of cannabis or cannabis products or to smoke or consume cannabis while riding as a passenger in a vehicle, boat, or other form of transportation.

For the cultivation rules under Ordinance 5000 please click on the following link:

Amended 4999 and 5000 County Ordinances (Medical Marijuana)

To see a general overview of the civil enforcement process steps that take place if an individual does not follow the cannabis rules in El Dorado County please click on the following link:

Code Enforcement Process