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Long Range Planning

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The Long Range Planning team is responsible for helping the Board of Supervisors develop plans, policies, ordinances and programs. Long range planning involves highly complex and diverse land use and transportation decisions that require a careful balancing of competing economic, social and environmental interests.

Background on Formation of Long Range Planning

In December 2011, the County Board of Supervisors directed the Chief Administrative Office (CAO) to investigate the feasibility of forming a Community Development Agency (CDA). The CAO conducted a comprehensive review of the County’s current land use programs and department organizational structure, which included discussions with the affected department heads. The processes and organizational structures of several other agencies were also reviewed. The CAO also reached out for input from community stakeholders, such as the Community and Economic Development Advisory Committee (CEDAC).

In October 2012, the CAO presented to the Board a proposed consolidation of the Development Services, Environmental Management and Transportation departments. The proposal recommended the creation of a leadership structure that included the addition of a long range planning team. In December 2012, the Board approved the formation of the CDA and Long Range Planning (LRP).