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Jorge Orozco

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El Dorado County students in grades 8 through 12 in South Lake Tahoe are invited to participate in the juvenile justice system through the Teen Court program. Orientation training will be held on September 29, 2016, from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. at Superior Court, Department 4, located at 1354 Johnson Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe. After completing the orientation training, teens will serve as court personnel for real cases in which a minor has committed an offense, admitted the offense and chosen to be judged by his/her peers. 

“Teen Court helps youth gain real world experience in a courtroom setting,” said Jorge Orozco, Teen Court Coordinator. “Students serve as attorneys, court clerks, bailiffs and jury members. Superior Court Judges preside over Teen Court and volunteer attorneys help students develop cases.”  Youth who want to join Teen Court must attend the training on September 29. Pre-registration is not required. Teen Court hearings in South Lake Tahoe will be held on Thursday nights at 5:00 p.m. beginning October 20, 2016 through May 2017. 

The Teen Court program began in 1992 in El Dorado County and is funded through the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency, Mental Health Division, Alcohol and Drug Programs. Cases are referred and managed by the El Dorado County Probation Department. The County Superior Court Judges, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office and Sheriff’s Office are also very important program partners.  

For more information about Teen Court in South Lake Tahoe, call (530) 573-7964. For information about Teen Court in Placerville, call (530) 621-6130.


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