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Health and Human Services

Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Guidance

At this time, no additional County approval is needed for a business to reopen as long as it has developed and implemented a safety plan that mirrors State-issued guidelines. 

Statewide, Mandatory Face Coverings Guidelines

Mandatory Face Coverings 

State-issued Reopening Guidelines for:

Halloween & Dia de los Muertos (10/13/20)

Updated Guidance for Gatherings (10/9/20)

Updated Guidance for Small Cohorts/Groups of Children & Youth

Youth Sports & FAQ

K-12 School Reopening Guidance 

Extended Personal Care Services (nail salons, tattoo parlors, estheticians, body waxing, piercing shops, cosmetology services, electrology, massage therapy)Campgrounds, RV Parks, 

Outdoor Recreation

Hotels, Lodging & Short-term Rentals (VHRs)

Day Camps

Schools & School-based Programs

Cardrooms, Satellite Wagering Facilities & Racetracks

Family Entertainment Centers (Movie Theaters)

Restaurants, Bars & Wineries (Tasting Rooms)

Religious Services & Cultural Ceremonies

Museums, Galleries, Zoos & Aquariums

Gyms & Fitness Facilities (HOA/Apt.,Senior Living Pools)

Office Workspaces (pro sports without live audiences)

Retail (yard/garage sales)

County Guidelines for Whitewater Rafting Business

These guidelines and supporting materials are effective unless and until the State issues whitewater rafting-specific guidance. 

Whitewater Rafting Guidelines.pdf

Whitewater Rafting posting

Whitewater rafting risk infographic

Short-term Lodging Facility Directive

Dr. Nancy Williams, El Dorado County's Public Health Officer, issued a Directive clarifying Governor Newsom’s March 19th “Stay At Home” Order as it relates to short-term lodging.  COVID-19 Short Term Rental Directive

Guidance Documents from California Department of Public Health:

The California Department of Public Health has consolidated state guidance on how to prepare and protect Californians from COVID-19 in a single location. This includes guidance for:

  • Community Care Facilities, Including Assisted Living Facilities and Child Care
  • People at Risk for Serious Illness
  • Drinking Water, Recreational Water and Wastewater
  • Employers, Health Care Workers and Workers in General Industry
  • Entertainment Venues
  • First Responders, Including Paramedics and EMTs
  • Food Industry
  • Event and Gathering Guidance
  • Homeless Assistance Providers
  • Individuals with Access or Functional Needs
  • Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plans
  • Health Care Facilities from Cal/OSHA
  • Health Care Facilities, Including Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Health Care Plans
  • Coverage Options
  • Home Cleaning with COVID-19 Positive Individuals
  • Laboratories
  • Schools and institutions of higher education
  • Long-Term Care and Adult and Senior Care Facilities