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Solid Waste

Image of cartoon tire promoting Tire Amnesty Day Waste Tire Amnesty events are back as of April 8, 2020!

The County of El Dorado, Environmental Management Department (EMD), has partnered with El Dorado Disposal and South Tahoe Refuse to collect waste tires from residents of El Dorado County. El Dorado County Residents can bring their waste tires to Waste Tire Amnesty Events for FREE recycling.. Rims included!

See our terms and conditions below. Call (530) 621-5300 for further questions. 

Please Note:
Tires with an inside diameter of larger than 24” will not be accepted. (heavy truck/tractor tires)

Waste tires generated from businesses will not be accepted.

Waste Tire Amnesty Events are for El Dorado County residents only.

 Tires with Rims are accepted.

 Maximum of 40 tires per month per customer.

Please notify El Dorado Disposal or South Tahoe Refuse if you are bringing more than 20 tires in one day. 

NOTE: It is illegal to haul more than 9 waste tires at a time without approval from the Local Enforcement Agency (LEA). See below for more details.

If you would like to haul 10-20 waste tires at a time you must complete the “Waste Tire Amnesty Event Hauling Exemption Request Form ” and receive approval from the Environmental Management Department before the collection event you plan to take your waste tires to.

Fill out the request form and e-mail it to or bring the completed form to our Placerville or South Lake Tahoe Office for staff review.

Please allow at least 3 business days for EMD and the LEA to process your request. We may contact you for more information, and reserve the right to perform a site visit where the tires are located.

Upon approval, the EMD will issue a “EMD Waste Tire Amnesty Event Exemption Approval Letter” which will allow transport of 10-20 waste or used tires to your requested Waste Tire Amnesty Event location and date.

This program is funded by a Grant provided by the California Department of Resources Recovery and Recycling (CalRecycle).


Environmental Management would like to thank the following partners for their efforts helping make this Waste Tire Amnesty grant term a success:  

  • The Greenwood California Conservation Corps for supplying labor for the temporary events in the rural parts of El Dorado County. They worked tirelessly unloading and loading waste tires from vehicles to the collection dumpster to be hauled away for recycling.

  • Pinewood Elementary, Black Oak Unified School District, and Pioneer Union School District for allowing us to host the temporary events on your campuses allowing us to provide Waste Tire Amnesty Events in our rural communities.

  • El Dorado Disposal and South Tahoe Refuse for hosting the monthly Waste Tire Amnesty Events.

  • Local shops, businesses, community centers, etc. that let us post event flyers offering support and free advertising for the event.

Most importantly, we would like to thank residents of El Dorado County for coming out and recycling your waste tires.

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South Tahoe Refuse
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