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Environmental Health

Food Processing - Retail vs Wholesale


The El Dorado County Environmental Health Division regulates the retail food facilities throughout El Dorado County. CRFC (California Retail Food Code) defines "retail" as "the storing, preparing, serving, manufacturing, packaging, transporting, salvaging, or otherwise handling food for dispensing or sale directly to the consumer or indirectly through a delivery service.” Any food distributed or sold to the public at the retail level must be done so under an approved health permit from this office: How to Start a Food Facility.

When preparing or processing food, it is important to control any factors that could contaminate the food. Key factors are described in "Guidelines for Satisfactory Food Protection & Sanitation Practices"


The California Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch, regulates all wholesale facilities.

"Wholesale" is the sale of goods for resale by a retailer.

Any questions regarding wholesale should be directed to the State FDB at (916) 650-6500.