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Procedures for Starting a Body Art Business in El Dorado County
Welcome to El Dorado County’s body art information page. Here you will find everything you need to know about getting your body art business up and running!

The term “body art” refers to piercing, tattooing, branding, and permanent cosmetics. Businesses who provide mechanical stud and clasp ear piercing (for example, hair salons or accessory stores offering ear piercing services) are treated differently than body art businesses.

The process of starting a body art business has two distinct parts, each with its own forms, fees, and requirements. In order to make this process easier to work with, we have divided it into two broad categories: artist registration and facility permitting.

For example, a person desiring to start a body piercing shop where they would be the owner and sole employee would have to go through the following:

  1.  Register with EMD as a body piercer  
  2.  Submit plans for the proposed shop  
  3.  Submit application for body art facility permit  

Another example: Two tattooists, a body piercer, and a brander would have to go through the following:

  1.  Each artist would have to register with EMD  
  2.  Submit plans for the proposed shop  
  3.  Submit application for body art facility permit  

Button blue square Artist Registration

Button blue square Facility Permitting

Button blue square Hepatitis B Declination Statement

Button blue square Mechanical Stud and Clasp ear piercing facilities must file a one time notification form with this department.

Button blue square All artists must complete annual blood borne pathogen training.

Button blue square Building or Remodeling a Body Art Facility

Button blue square Infection Prevention and Control Plan Template

Tattoo(1)Body Art Regulations:

Medical Waste Management Act - California Health and Safety Code; Sections 117600 - 118360 California Law AB300

For more information regarding Tattoo & Body Piercing, please call:

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