Green Valley Road at Indian Creek & Mound Springs Creek Bridges

Welcome to the El Dorado County Green Valley Road at Indian Creek & Mound Springs Creek Bridge projects website.

The Department of Transportation is in the planning process to replace the Indian Creek & Mound Springs Creek bridges along Green Valley Road in Placerville. The County cannot adequately address all issues without public input from those who are directly affected on a daily basis. Therefore, the public is GV Indian Creek Bridge Photoencouraged to remain engaged throughout the process.


All materials and documents used during the public outreach as well new information and announcements as they become available are provided through the links below.

What's New

Project Update PowerPoint - Posted 10/20/22

Project Overview - updated February 20, 2022

Updated Fact Sheet - posted February 20, 2022

Information for the Hearing to create an Underground Utility District for these projects can be found through the Board of Supervisors website. Please follow this link to the item: County of El Dorado - File #: 16-0982 (