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Permit Applications by Mail

You may now submit your application for most "residential" types of permits by mail. Multifamily and non-residential "commercial" projects are not included in the "Mail-in" program at this time. Remember, we cannot accept incomplete submittals so it is important that you carefully follow the procedure.

Please fill out all forms completely and include the plans, fees, supporting documents and other agency reports that may be required.

The program is limited to the following:

We can only accept applications signed by the owner of the property or a California licensed contractor representing the owner for the permitted work. All forms requiring signatures must be signed by the same person as the signature on the accompanying check. Please do not send cash or a credit card number. If the check is not attached, required signatures are not complete, or complete plans and forms are not included, the application will be deemed incomplete and returned to the applicant.

Please follow the program carefully. We have included instructions for each segment and links to other pages that will help answer any questions you have.

A copy of the application form will be returned once the submittal has been accepted and processed. If you have not received a return confirmation within seven working days, please contact Building Services.

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The interactive application forms on our web site are provided in a PDF format.  The forms can be filled out on screen and then printed on your printer to be included with your application package.

  • The Application
    • Use the same form for all types of permits listed.
    • There are four parts to the Application requiring signatures.
    • An owner/builder must select the appropriate boxes and sign the owner/builder declaration, the workers compensation declaration and the final agreement.
    • A contractor must select the appropriate boxes and sign the contractors declaration, the workers compensation declaration and the final agreement.
  • The Driving Directions
    • El Dorado is a very large and rural county and our  Driving Directions Form helps the field inspector find your jobsite. Please fill out the form giving clear street to street directions from highway 50 to your jobsite. Please use for example, south on First Rd., left on Second St., jobsite second house on right.

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  • Plans of your project are required for review by our plan check staff. Plans may be complex with all necessary details or simple as in a gas line installation. Plans are not required for applications for a re-roof, water heater exchange, or an electrical service upgrade.
  • Plans and supporting documents must be signed by the person preparing the plans or stamped and signed by a California licensed architect. If the plans have been reviewed by a project engineer, their signature and stamp must also be on the plans. Please do not send plans without the required signatures.
  • If your plans have been reviewed by an engineer, it is important that any supporting details and calculations be wet stamped, signed and attached to each set.
  • For residential projects, please submit two complete sets of plans and calculations for review, plus an additional floor plan sheet for the Assessor's office.
  • Each set of plans for structures requires a site plan.

Plan Guidelines

For more detailed plan requirements see  Plancheck Guidelines or each of the following:

  Plan Review

  • Your plans are reviewed by our plan check staff for minimal code issues that may be costly and hard to correct once built.

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NOTICE: image of arrow pointing to the text that follows Multiple checks may be required at time of permit issuance depending on the type of permit: one for the Permit, one for the School Fee, one for the Air Quality fee, and one for DOT Encroachment Permits. Each check is made to respective agency.

The application fee for the mail-in process is one half of the building fee and the full planning site review fee determined by using the appropriate permit type found in how to obtain a permit. Grading, non-residential, and multi-family applications cannot be mailed in and will need to be submitted to our office during business hours.

The balance of the Building Services fee and any additional fees by other agencies will be due at the time of permit issuance.

Mailing Instructions

Please follow the guideline for a complete permit application submittal.

  • Complete and sign the application, deed restriction and driving direction forms.
  • Determine the correct application fee and attach check to application.
  • Enclose a new mailing address if your correspondence address is different than shown the application. The correspondence address is where the plans and any other documents will be returned. You may include an e-mail address for documents that can be changed to electronic format.
  • Include your folded and signed plans and all associated documents (such as: California Title 24 energy calculations, engineer's calculations, truss calculations and any detail pages.)
  • An envelope inventory checklist at the bottom of your fee calculation sheet will be the cover sheet for your application submittal. Please check each item and sign the statement indicating all the required items have been included with the submittal.
  • Send your completed package to  Building Services

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