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Minimum Requirements For All Occupancies
Policies Handbook 

Section 110.3.10 of the California Building Code requires a Final Inspection. The final inspection shall be completed after finished grading and the building is complete and ready for occupancy.

County of El Dorado amendments to section 110.3.10 include:

  • All required utilities shall be installed and functional, and the road encroachment installation shall be complete and meet all the requirements of the County of El Dorado Code.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person to occupy any building, structure, trailer, coach, or manufactured housing unit until the final inspection has been approved and, where applicable, a Certificate of Occupancy issued by the building inspection division.
  • Prior to approval, the building site and its onsite driveway(s) shall meet the “SRA Fire Safe Regulations”

Minimum Requirements For A Residential Occupancy

Building Services is often asked "how soon can I move in to my house?" Each dwelling is unique, but the following requirements are provided to give guidance on this question.

Please check with the field inspector working with your project.

An approved final inspection prior to full completion must be requested by the owner of the property and the following items must be completed:

  1. All construction inspections have been completed and approved through sheetrock.
  2. The structure complies with the energy regulations as noted on the approved plans.
  3. All required exits must be complete, including landings and stairs; handrails and guardrails where required by code. If the decks are not finished provide both (a) and (b) below:
    • A landing and/or code complying stairs must be installed at the door or block access to the door with a code complying guardrail.
    • Delete the decks from the office set of approved plans or obtain a separate permit for the decks.
  4. Provide a kitchen sink. Install a kitchen range or receptacle.
  5. Provide one complete bathroom including water closet, lavatory, and shower or bathtub. The bathroom must be separated from food preparation areas by a tight fitting door.
  6. All other plumbing fixtures must be installed or the drains permanently capped by an approved method.
  7. All electrical wiring must be complete and protected. All switches and outlets, including required gfci outlets, must be installed and covers in place. All required electrical fixtures must be installed. All other fixtures must be installed or their boxes covered with wire ends insulated with approved caps. The electrical system will be inspected for continuity, polarity, and grounding.
  8. Water heaters must be installed and operational.
  9. All required smoke detectors must be installed and operational.
  10. The heating system(s) must be installed and operational.
  11. Septic and well systems or public water and sewer connections must be complete, inspected, and approved by the appropriate authority.
  12. Final grading/ drainage away from the structure completed.
  13. Permanent erosion control measures are required to be in place or bonded. Erosion control bonds expire on October 1st and permanent measures must be in place by October 15th to avoid penalties.
  14. The owner will also provide a list of items not completed at final and those items shall be reflected on the approved plans as being deleted. Items required by the code cannot be deleted.