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Livestock Grazing

Livestock Grazing Flyer

Local ranchers are collaborating with the El Dorado County Agriculture Department, NRCS and UCCE to provide education about the benefits of grazing livestock to reduce vegetation that can become fuel for wildfires. Livestock grazing has a long history in our county, and we would like to bring grazing back to the forefront as a tool to reduce fuel loads in our rural areas. Recent studies show that properly managed livestock grazing is an environmentally sound way to manage lands and maintain defensible space from wildfires. Federal, state, and local organizations are recognizing these benefits and promoting livestock grazing in rural areas. An educational webinar is available online here (look for week 7):

Here are some things to consider when deciding to graze livestock on your property:

  •  Is there a water source available? Pond, creek, or piped water source. 
  • Are there grasses on a portion of the land? 
  • Is the land fenced or are you willing to fence it? 
  • Do you have several acres to maintain? Sometimes coordinating with neighbors works out for a rancher to rotate the livestock.

If you think that livestock grazing might work for your property and to be connected with a local rancher, call the El Dorado County Agriculture Department’s information phone line: 530-621-7498

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