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Monument Photos


01.Great Seal of the United States of America    02.Eagle on Lamp Entrance Post    03.Brick for Saddam Capture    

04.Entrance Plaque    05. Flags Waving    06. Flags Waving    

07.Plaques to Veterans     08.Plaques to Veterans    09.Plaques to Veterans

10.Backside of the Monument     11.To Honor Those Who Have Served The Cause of Freedom     12.To Honor Those Who Have Served The Cause of Freedom

13.Path to the Entrance    14.Brick Monument     15.Plaques on Wall

16.Entrance     17.Side Walk    18.Benches

19.Benches    20.Bill Schultz Bench    21.American Flag Flying

22.Veterans Monument in the Snow    23.Eagle on Lamp Post    24.Flages at the Momument