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Revenue Recovery

Revenue Recovery 

As part of the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s fiduciary duty to safeguard the El Dorado Country Treasury, this office must also pursue monies that are owed to the County.  Failure by the County to collect monies owed would be a violation of Article XVI, Section 6 of the California Constitution, which prohibits a gift of public money. 

Pursuant to Board of Supervisors, Policy B-4, Collection of Public Funds, County Departments and Programs refer certain debts to the Treasurer-Tax Collector, and Revenue Recovery, for collection.  Experienced Revenue Recovery Officers within the Division work to resolve debt claims according to the Policy.

If you are contacted by a Revenue Recovery Officer regarding an outstanding debt, the best practice is to make contact right away to discuss payment options.  Don’t delay.  Actions, including late payment penalties and court judgements, are possible. 

Policy B-4, Collections-Recovery of Public Funds

How to Make a Payment
Victim Restitution

Contact Revenue Recovery:

360 Fair Lane

Placerville, CA  95667

Local Number:  (530) 621-5780

From El Dorado Hills:  (916) 358-3555 x5780

From South Lake Tahoe:  (530) 573-7955 x5780

Fax:  (530) 621-0708


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