General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567

Treasurer-Tax Collector

Business License

When Special Rules Apply


ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH APPROVAL: Restaurants and other businesses handling food require Health permits from Environmental Health, (530) 621-5300 in Placerville and (530) 573-3450 in South Lake Tahoe.

SHERIFF'S APPROVAL (RECORDS): Door-to-door soliciting and sales, itinerant businesses, adult-related establishments, massage parlors, and massage therapists may require the Sheriff's approval. Sheriff's Department, Civil Division, (530) 621-5703.

SHERIFF'S APPROVAL (ADMINISTRATIVE): Second hand dealers, pawnbrokers, cardrooms, and fortune-telling require the Sheriff's approval. Sheriff's Department, Administrative/Backgrounds Section, (530) 621-5665. 

PLANNING DEPARTMENT (ADMINISTRATIVE): Vacation Home Rentals (non-owner occupied residential units) (530) 621-5355.

CENTRAL DISPATCH APPROVAL: Criminal Alarm Systems require California Department of Consumer Affairs license and the approval of Central Dispatch at the Sheriff's Office, (530) 621-5564.

BOARD OF SUPERVISOR'S APPROVAL: Outdoor music festivals, carnivals, community antenna television systems, cardrooms, river rafters, boarding homes, and ambulance services require Board of Supervisor approval, (530) 621-5390. Cardroom applications to be obtained from the Chief Administrative Office, (530) 621-5567.