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River Management

River Flow

Dam Release Schedule:P7310796.JPG

Note: SMUD and PG&E supply predictable recreational flows though their FERC License. Click on the links below to view the current release schedule. 

Water Management Issues:

  • Times reflect releases at Chili Bar. It takes approximately two hours for the water to travel from Chili Bar to Coloma, and three hours to Camp Lotus.

  • Releases shown are minimum releases. Actual releases may be higher than shown. In addition, sudden higher or lower (or no) releases may result from emergency mechanical or electrical conditions.

  • Users are urged to use caution and go with a commercial outfitter if inexperienced or untrained.

  • Bring all appropriate personal protective equipment and wear a personal floatation device (PFD) at all times. A Coast Guard rated Type III or V PFD (lifejacket) that is designed for paddle sports is preferable. Type III water skiing vests or horseshoe type vests are not designed or appropriate for class III river trips (whitewater). Look for flotation ratings above 20lbs if you are not a strong swimmer or familiar with swimming in a river

  • Safety Information: River Flow Guidelines

  • High Water Considerations: High Water Considerations