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River Management

South Fork American River 

The South Fork of the American River, below Chili Bar Dam to Salmons Falls, is managed by El Dorado County Parks and Trails Division of the Chief Administrative Office. 

Winter Storms and Excessive Snow Melt = Cold and Fast Water Dangers! Picture1.jpg

Near record snow levels will increase high water dangers. El Dorado County has had 70.25 inches of precipitation this year. That is about 152% of the County average. With warmer temperatures come increased snow melts. 

We urge boaters, paddlers, rafters and other river users to take extra precautions and to be aware of cold-water dangers this spring to avoid a tragedy.

The Division of Boating and Waterways has information on how to prepare for these cold and fast water dangers. You can learn more by accessing that information here:  Winter & Spring Storm Boating and Marina Safety (

Education, Information, and Safety is our focus. Sharing ways for river access with residents and visiting river recreation enthusiasts. 

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South Fork of the American River

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2018 River Management Plan

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