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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Preparing an Emergency Kit 

Preparing an emergency supplies kit can feel overwhelming at first, but it is one step towards ensuring your family and pets are prepared. You probably have many of the supplies you need in your home already, so it is just a matter of putting them all in one place.

Emergency Kits should contain some basic supplies, such as:

· Food

· Water

· Medical supplies and prescription medications

· Clothing

· Hygiene supplies (toilet paper, feminine products, diapers, soap)

· Sleeping gear

Emergency supplies should be kept in a central location—a hall closet, the kitchen pantry, anywhere that you and your family can access them easily.  You should consider keeping emergency supplies:

· At home

· At work

· On the go

· At school

You should also consider building an emergency kit for:

· Pets and other animals

· Your children, grandchildren, or children you care for

· People in your family who are seniors or have access and functional or medical needs

For a basic list, download What's in Your Kit