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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Point of Dispensing Site (POD)

During a public health emergency, such as a large scale disease outbreak or bioterrorism event, the Health Services Department may need to provide antibiotics or vaccines to members of the community potentially exposed to a disease. Point of Dispensing (POD) sites may be set up to accomplish this task.

Frequently Asked Questions What is a Point of Dispensing (POD) site?

What happens at a POD?

Who might have to go to a POD during a public health emergency to receive medication?

Where will the PODs be set up?

What should I bring to the POD?

Will there be a fee for the medicine?

Who will work in a POD?

What is a Point of Dispensing (POD) site? [Top]
A point of dispensing (POD) site is a mass dispensing site that provides medications (prophylaxis) or vaccinations to protect the general population from biological threats or epidemics. Routine medical care is not provided in a POD.

What happens at a POD?  [Top]
A POD is an efficient way to quickly dispense medication or administer vaccine to a large community of people. In the event of a community disease outbreak or emergency, a point of dispensing (POD) site might be one tool used to fight the spread of disease.

Who might have to go to a POD during a public health emergency to receive medication?[Top]
Only individuals who have potentially been exposed to the disease causing the public health emergency will be able to receive antibiotics or vaccine at a POD. PODs are designed to provide medication that will PREVENT someone from becoming sick with a disease. Persons who are already sick with the disease will not be able to seek treatment at a POD. Those persons who are ill and require treatment will have to be seen at a clinic or the hospital.

If a POD is activated during an emergency, the Health Services Department will provide information on their website, to community partners, and to local media about who should go to the POD.

Where will PODs be set up?  [Top]
Officials in El Dorado County have identified several locations throughout the county that may serve as potential POD sites.

What should I bring to a POD? [Top]
You should bring the following information for yourself and each member of your household:

  1. A list of medical conditions.
  2. A list of current medications.
  3. A list of allergies.
  4. Weights and ages of all individuals.
  5. Any other information (forms) that Public Health would require.

Will there be a fee for the medicine? [Top]
Medicine from the Strategic National Stockpile is always free. 

Who will work in a POD? [Top]
The POD will be staffed by personnel from the El Dorado County Health & Human Services Agency.  Additional medical and non-medical volunteers may be needed to provide staffing support. If needed, a call will be made through the media for medical and non-medical volunteers to report to a central location to receive their POD assignment. Once volunteers reach their assigned POD, a Health Services Department employee will provide Just-in-Time training.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call (530) 621-7581.
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