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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) Program

The Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) Program is authorized by California Health and Safety Code Section 1797.153. The MHOAC program is responsible for monitoring and ensuring adequate medical and health resources are in place during a local emergency. 

During non-emergency operations and the initial phases of an emergency, the MHOAC Program operates through a duty officer mode and is on-call 24/7.  The El Dorado County (EDC) Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMS) oversees the EDC Medical Health Operational Area Coordination (MHOAC) Program and works collaboratively with medical and health partners in coodination with the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services (OES).

The MHOAC Program is responsible for ensuring the operational effectiveness of 17 mandated functions:

  • Assessment of immediate medical needs
  • Coordination of disaster medical and health resources
  • Coordination of patient distribution and medical evaluations
  • Coordinateion with inpatient and emergency care providers
  • Coodination of out-of-hospital medical care providers
  • Coordination and integration with fire agency personnel, resources, and emergency fire pre-hospital medical services.
  • Coordination of provides of non-fire based pre-hosptial emergency medical services
  • Coordination of teh establishemtn of temporary field treatment sites
  • Health surveillance and epidemiological analyses of community health status
  • Assurance of food safety
  • Management of exposure to hazardous agents
  • Provision or corrdination of mental health services
  • Provision o fmedical and health public information protective action recommendations
  • Provision or coordination of vector contraol services
  • Assurance of drinking water safety
  • Assurance of the safe management of liquid, solid and hazardous wastes
  • Investigation and control of communicable disease.
In the event of a local, state or federal declaration of emergency, the MHOAC shall assist the agency operational area coordinator (OES) in the coordination of medical and health disasters resources within the operational area, and be the point of contact in that operational area, for coordination with the Regional Disaster Medical Health Coordinator (RDMHC), the agency, the regional office of the agency, the State Department of Public Health and the authority. For more information, visit: Health and Safety Code - HSC § 1797.153

The EDC MHOAC Program applies the principles and concepts of the Incident Command System (ICS), Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS), and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). MHOAC activities will also be conducted in accordance with the California Public Health and Medical Emergency OperationsManual (EOM).

You can reach the MHOAC program by calling: 530-377-3256 or