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Vital Statistics

Death Certificates - Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get a copy of the death certificate?

State law requires all deaths to be registered by the funeral home or mortuary with the Local Office of Vital Statistics within eight (8) days of the death. Generally, a death certificate will be available with 10 days of the death, although certain circumstances may cause a delay.

How do I obtain a correction on a death certificate?

The attending funeral home or mortuary that prepared the original death certificate may be contacted to make any necessary corrections. The amendment must be filed with the Local Office of Vital Statistics and the State Office of Vital Records. Some amendments to death certificates may take up to a year to be issued by the State.

How are cremated remains tracked?

Funeral homes/mortuaries or the person(s) in custody of the cremains (ashes) must obtain an Application and Permit for Disposition of Human Remains. Any change in the disposition (i.e., movement from personal residence to a burial place, or another family member’s residence, or the scattering of the cremains) requires a new permit and an amendment to the death certificate. The amendment to the death certificate enables future generations to accurately identify the final resting place of a family member. 

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