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Health Outcomes 

California Department of Public Health: Yearly summary reports of selected general communicable diseases in California 

Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System: PedNSS is a child based public health surveillance system that is produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It primarily monitors indicators of nutritional status: short stature, underweight, overweight, obesity, anemia (low hemoglobin/hematocrit), low birthweight and high birthweight. Prevalence of smoking in household is also collected.

The Burden of Chronic Disease and Injury, California Department of Public Health: This report brings together data from the California Department of Public Health, local health departments, nongovernmental organizations, and research centers. Its purpose is to provide a snapshot of the burden of chronic disease and injury in California.

California Wellness Plan 2014, California Department of Public Health: This plan is the result of a statewide process led by CDPH to develop a wellness roadmap with partners. This report outlines the health and wellness goals, priorities, focus areas, strategies and objectives defined by CDPH.