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Probation Early Release Certificate Program

The Probation Early Release Certificate (PERC) Program is a voluntary incentive program for eligible minors detained in either the Placerville Juvenile Hall or the Juvenile Treatment Center in South Lake Tahoe. This program is a rehabilitation tool used to encourage minors to manage their own behavior, and succeed in school as well as the programs the Court has ordered them to complete while in custody. A contract is written weekly incorporating school goals, and behavior expectations for the minor, as well as full participation in all Court-ordered programs and mandatory activities. The contract can be reviewed and modified on a weekly basis in an effort to encourage minors to work to their potential and achieve success while detained. Minors who fail their weekly contract during an assigned week may immediately apply for new goals. With each successfully completed weekly contract, the minor receives a PERC Certificate. As minors nears the end of their periods of Court ordered detention, they can “cash in” all PERC Certificates earned and will be released from custody one day early for each certificate redeemed.