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Henningsen Lotus Park

Parking Pass - Frequently Asked Questions

Can the parking passes be used for festival parking?
Passes are not to be used for festival parking. Most festivals have their own offsite parking with shuttle service to the park that they establish, and festival attendants should park at those locations.

Does a pass guarantee a parking spot?
Parking spots are never guaranteed. On busy days, a spot may not be available.

What happens if I lose a pass? 
Replacement passes can be purchased from the Park Attendants at Henningsen Lotus Park when it is staffed or through the Chief Administrative Office.

Is the Park open during Special Events (Music Festivals)?
Areas of the park may be closed (ex: main soccer field) for music festivals but the park is not closed to public. The main parking lot on the river side will be open to the public along with access to the river for put-ins and take-outs.