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Imag of the Master Plan CoverSacramento-Placerville Transportation Corridor (SPTC)

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WELCOME to the SPTC Corridor - The Parks Division of the Chief Administrative Office, administers the County's portion of the Sacramento-Placerville Transportation Corridor (SPTC) which consists of 537 parcels along 28 miles of right-of-way formerly owned by the Southern Pacific Railroad, and oversees implementation of the SPTC Master Plan which was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in February 2003. The 77 leases within the corridor are managed by the Facilities Division of the Chief Administrative Office. 

The County has designated this corridor to be multi-use.  

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The Sacramento–Placerville Transportation Corridor Oversight Committee Agendas and Minutes have been archived and are now located at

SPTC Natural Trail Implementation Plan - Draft - June 2014

Please click here to access the audio file from the March 15th, 2019 meeting with Dave Steward regarding SPTC/El Dorado Trail.