General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567

Behavioral Health

Substance Use Disorder Services

El Dorado County Substance Use Disorder Services (EDC SUDS) works to provide education and trainings, awareness campaigns, and information to reduce the sale and advertising of alcohol to minors.

Current Programs

Friday Night Live/Club Live

This program supports youth to be free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs through education and asset building. Staff assists high schools and middle schools to establish Friday Night Life/Club Live on campus.

Peer Council

Peer Council is a collaborative program with the Probation Department for youth. Youth living in El Dorado County who attend public or private school, or who are homeschooled, may participate in the Peer Council.

Additional Information/Resources

What is Prevention?

Informational videos  and fact sheets from the Addiction Policy Forum describing the importance of evidenced-based prevention efforts within our communities. 

El Dorado County Youth Commission PhotoVoice Project

El Dorado County Youth Commission PhotoVoice 2019 (Video) 

Additional information and sign-ups for prevention programs available through:

West Slope prevention website

South Lake Tahoe: Call or e-mail Hector Reyes at 530-573-7959 or