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Information Technologies

Information Technologies Department

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Mission Statement: The commitment of the Information Technologies staff is to deliver creative, practical solutions and services in support of the current and future technological needs of El Dorado County.

Information Technologies Divisions:

Administration - The administration unit provides overall direction and support for all divisions and groups within the IT department, including: administrative support, policy development, implementation and administration, financial planning, budget administration, fiscal control, procurement, contract administration and asset management. This unit strives to provide direction through policy and procedures that facilitate the delivery of cost-effective services to our customers, County departments and agencies.

Technical Services - Provides installation, customization, maintenance and support of hardware and software for the Enterprise Server (IBM zBC12 and related equipment) and its subsystems, including z/OS, CICS/TS, Enterprise COBOL, M204, other IBM program products and multiple independent software vendor packages. Additionally provides installation, customization, maintenance and database administration support for County users of DB2 and M204. The unit provides first the level technical support to members of IT staff and County departments.

Cable Television Administration - IT provides contract administration for the cable television franchises approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Records Management - Provides document storage for County departments.

Desktop Support - Provides hardware and software support for 1,500+/- County PC's, including standardization of procurements, installation, maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting of problems, and problem tracking and reporting. The Help Desk provides first level telephone support for PC, server, enterprise server reported problems and password administration. The Help Desk also provides first level PC support and follow-up on all reported problems.

Network Administration - Provides technical support for the County's data network, including: network security, support for wide-area network (WAN) and local area networks (LAN's), planning and installation of networks, troubleshooting and maintenance of network hardware and software, and coordination with vendors, when required, for problem resolution. 

Server Administration - Provides technical support for servers throughout the County, including: server security, hardware and software specifications and configurations, installation and customization, troubleshooting and maintenance, and coordination with vendors, when required, for problem resolution.

Voice Communications - Provides installation and support for an in-house voice switching network, including support for over 2,000 telephones in over 35 locations throughout the County including voicemail service that is provided to all County employees who need it. Additionally the division is responsible for all phone and data wiring in County facilities and coordination with vendors who provide local and long distance services.

Web Services - Provides support for the design and maintenance of the County-wide web presence as well as support for most departmental web sites. Standards are maintained that allow easy navigating and content managing of pertinent and reliable information for all users and County constituents.

Application Support - Provides for complete life cycle application development, application support, and database design on multi-tiered platforms. Our technology staff has been trained in Access, Visual Basic, COBOL, BASIC, JavaScript, Model 204, SQL Server, DB2, Assembler, HTML, XML, and many other programming and database environments.

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