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In-Home Support Network Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    How do I apply for In-Home Supportive Services?
        IHSS eligibility is based on income, assets and your need for assistance. Call the IHSS Recipient Intake line at (530) 642-4800.

Q.    How can I get approved for more hours?
        The number of hours you receive through IHSS is determined by your IHSS social worker. If your situation has changed and you feel you need more     hours, contact your IHSS Social Worker.

Q.    How do I report a change in my name, address or phone number?
        Address and phone number changes can be submitted to the Public Authority office using the Change of Address Form.

Q.     I made a mistake on my timesheet, how do I get a new one?
        Replacement timesheets can be obtained by filling out a Timesheet Request Form and submitting it to the Public Authority office.

Q.    I need to enroll as an IHSS Provider?
        Enrollment paperwork can be picked up at the Public Authority office.

Q.    I am a Provider and have questions about medical benefits?
       The UDW Homecare Providers Union offers medical benefits to El Dorado County. The UDW can be contacted at (916) 751-2450.