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Grand Jury

What Happens When The Jury Receives A Request For Action?

The Jury decides to or not to investigate a request for action.  If the decision is to investigate the request, the Jury may: 

  • Thoroughly investigate the request
  • Document the facts, findings, and recommendations
  • Publish a report
  • Decide to close with a letter response to the citizen’s request

Examples Of Actionable And Not Actionable Requests

  • Not Actionable: A neighbor’s barking dog annoys you.  The Jury has no jurisdiction to investigate your neighbor or to enforce barking dog laws.
  • Actionable: Your neighbor’s barking dog annoys you and you have contacted the Animal Control Department.   Time passes and the barking continues. You may file a complaint against the Department.   The Jury does have the jurisdiction to investigate the Department’s policy and procedures. The Jury does not have the authority to order the agency to take action but may recommend a course of action and make that recommendation public.

Example Of A Request For Agency / Person Commendation

Your neighbor’s barking dog annoys you and you contact the Animal Control Department. The Department enforces the ordinance to your satisfaction. You may file a commendation recognizing the Department. The Jury may include your commendation in the grand jury report. 

The Grand Jury Citizen's complaint form is available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and can be completed online. You may then either print the form and mail it through the postal service or you may email it.  But please keep in mind that email is not considered secure so we cannot guarantee confidentiality.  If you have any concerns at all, you should print and mail the form. Also, if you have any supporting documentation, you will need to use the mail feature.

Grand Jury Action Request Form  (Print version)