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2020-2021 Grand Jury Reports

2021-2022 Grand Jury Application and Nomination Form

Current Grand Jury members are available to speak before Civic Groups, Fraternal Organizations, High School and College Civics classes, etc. If you would like to have a speaker for one of your meetings, please contact the secretary of the Grand Jury at (530) 621-7477 or

The El Dorado Civil Grand Jury is an investigatory body created for the protection of society and the enforcement of the law. It is an arm of the Court and a representative of the public. Although it is an arm of the Court, it operates independently of direct Court supervision. It is a check against governmental authority. It is not a branch of the County, nor is it answerable to the District Attorney. California Penal Codes Governing Grand Juries 

The Grand Jury (Jury) has oversight responsibility over local government, such as but not limited to: county government, city government, special districts, local school districts (financial not curriculum). The Jury does not have jurisdiction over the Courts, other counties, federal or state governments or private citizens. Typically the Jury looks at systems and processes. The Jury has no enforcement authority, it can only make recommendations, through publication of a final report, usually published at the end of June each year (See Penal Code 933 & 933.05). The Jury cannot normally resolve or solve emergency situations. Each complaint the Jury accepts for investigation, must be investigated thoroughly, seeking out facts, and analyzing the facts prior to writing a report for publication. This is a time consuming process and usually takes many months to complete.

As an independent arm of the court the primary mission of the Grand Jury (Jury) is to represent the Public’s interest including, but not limited to, concerns regarding:

  • County government
  • City government
  • Special districts
  • Local school districts (financial, not curriculum)
  • Annual inspection of the adult jail and juvenile facilities
  • Review adult jail and juvenile facilities policy and procedures
  • Inspection of county buildings
  • Prepare public reports about findings and recommendations

The Jury can not investigate:

  • The Courts
  • Other counties
  • Federal or state governments
  • Private citizens
  • Enforcement

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