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**November 13 - December 8, 2023 - Declaration of Candidacy and Nomination Papers**

Candidate Information Presidential Primary

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​Candidate information for March 5, 2024 Election

​Local Candidate Information
Seats up for Election
Tutorial - How to File
Candidate Calendar for March 5, 2024 Election
Local Candidate Quick Reference Calendar
Candidate Handbook
​Supervisor Qulaifications
Filing Fee and Statement Costs
Candidate Checklist
Candidate Intention Statement (501)
​Deadline Acknowlegement
​Candidate Public Information Worksheet
​Short Form 470
Ballot Designation Worksheet
​Statement of Qualifications
Statement of Economic Interest For 700
​Code of Fair Campaign Practices
Political Sign Package

Campaign Documents

​410 - Statement of Organization
460 - Recipient Committee Campaign Statement
470 - Supplemental
497 - 24 Hour Contribution Report
496 - Independent Expenditure Report
Political Sign Packet (PDF)

​State Candidate Documents
​Congress Qualifications
​President - Democratic Qualifications
​President - Minor Party Qualifications
​President - Republican Qualifications
​President - Write-In Qualifications
State Assembly Qualifications
​State Sentate Qualifications
​United State Senator Qualifications
Ballot Designation Worksheet
Candidate Statement Guidlines
​Contribution Limits
​President Write-In Endorsements
​Proof Candidate Form Qualifications