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Candidate Information

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​Candidate Pre-Filing Documents for June 7, 2022 (Additional Document and Tutorials to be posted in December 2021)

Local ​Candidate Qualifications

​Candidate Calendar - Quick Refernece (PDF)
​Assesor Qualifications (PDF)
Candidate Calendar - Full Calendar (PDF)
​​Auditor/Controller Qualifications (PDF)
​Candidate Statement Costs (MS Excel)
​District Attorney Qualifications (PDF)
​Candidate Checklist (PDF)
Recorder/Clerk Qualifications (PDF)
​Candidate and Campaign Information Guide (PDF)
​Sheriff Qualifications (PDF)
Candidate Intention Statement - Form 501 (PDF)
Superintendent of Schools Qualifications (PDF)

Superior Court Judge Qualifications (PDF)

​Supervisor Qualifications (PDF)

Surveyor Qualifications (PDF)

​Treasurer/Tax Collector Qualifications (PDF)

Campaign Documents

​State Candidate Qualifications

​410 - Statement of Organization
​Attorney General (PDF)
460 - Recipient Committee Campaign Statement
Board of Equalization (PDF)
470 - Supplemental
Congress (PDF)
497 - 24 Hour Contribution Report
Controller Treasurer (PDF)
496 - Independent Expenditure Report
​Governor and Lt. Governor (PDF)
Political Sign Packet (PDF)
Insurance Commissioner (PDF)

State Senator (PDF)

State Assembly (PDF)

Superintendent of Public Instruction (PDF)

United States Senator (PDF)

United States Senator - Unexpired (PDF)