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Candidate Information

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​Candidate Filing Documents for June 7, 2022

Local ​Candidate Qualifications

NEW  - Campaign contribution limits for local jurisdictions, click here for FAQ.

Candidate Filing Training PowerPoint (PDF)
​Assesor Qualifications (PDF)
Candidate Filing Tutorial (Video)
​​Auditor/Controller Qualifications (PDF)
​Candidate and Campaign Information Guide (PDF)
​District Attorney Qualifications (PDF)
Candidate Calendar 20220607 (revised Jan 2022) (PDF)
Recorder/Clerk Qualifications (PDF)
Candidates Calendar 20220607_Quick Reference (PDF)
​Sheriff Qualifications (PDF)
​Candidate Filing & Statement Costs (PDF)
Superintendent of Schools Qualifications (PDF)
​Candidate Checklist (PDF)
Superior Court Judge Qualifications (PDF)
Candidate Intention Statement - Form 501 (PDF)
​Supervisor Qualifications (PDF)
​​Deadline Acknowlegement (PDF)
Surveyor Qualifications (PDF)
Candidate Public Information Worksheet (PDF)
​Treasurer/Tax Collector Qualifications (PDF)
​Form 470 (PDF)
Ballot Designaton Worksheet_(PDF)

SOQ - Statement of Qualifications (PDF)


State Candidate Qualifications

Code of Fair Campaign Practices (PDF)
​Attorney General (PDF)

Campaign Documents

Board of Equalization (PDF)
​410 - Statement of Organization
Congress (PDF)
460 - Recipient Committee Campaign Statement
Controller Treasurer (PDF)
470 - Supplemental
​Governor and Lt. Governor (PDF)
497 - 24 Hour Contribution Report
Insurance Commissioner (PDF)
496 - Independent Expenditure Report
State Senator (PDF)
Political Sign Packet (PDF)
State Assembly (PDF)
Campaign Committee Training PowerPoint (PDF)
Superintendent of Public Instruction (PDF)
Campaign Committee Filing Tutorial (VIDEO)
United States Senator (PDF)

United States Senator - Unexpired (PDF)