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Fictitious Business Name Statement Fees




Fictitious business name statement and furnishing one certified copy, one business name and one owner name (effective 5 years)   B&P 17929a  $35.00   
  For each additional name on the same statement
(business and partners names)
Filing fee as above required for five-year renewal filing
B&P 17929a  $  5.50  
2.  Abandonment of Statement of Use of Fictitious Business Name B&P 17929
c, d
3.  Withdrawal from Partnership operating under Fictitious Business Name B&P 17929
c, d
4.  Certified copy of any statement on file regarding a Fictitious Business Name B&P 17926b $  2.25  
5.  Affidavit of publication of notice of dissolution of partnership per Corp. C. 15035.5 (Notice of dissolution not to be filed)  G.C. 26850