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Recorder Clerk

Property FAQs

Question 1 - I want to see everything affecting my property. Can I see my property file?

We do not maintain property files.  We deal with recorded documents and everything is maintained by document number and grantor-grantee name.  You can usually trace ownership history by viewing deeds in an official record search.  There is no specific county agency that would have all types of records (deeds, easements, etc.) in one file per property.  Title companies can be used to search this type of information, if appropriate.

Question 2 - How can I find out if liens are filed against me?

You may come into our office and do an official record search under your name and find all the documents recorded in which you were a grantor or grantee.  Also search under any other names, forms of your name or business names that the liens could be recorded under.  You may view the documents to determine which are liens and which are releases of liens.  You may also search our Official Records index online by clicking the following link:  Official Records 

Question 3 - I had a lien against me and I paid it off, but a release doesn't show up in your records.  Can't you fix your records?

Our records only reflect documents that other entities have submitted for recordation.  If you paid off a lien and no release has been recorded, you must contact the authority or person who placed the lien against you to get them to record a document to release the lien.