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Recorder Clerk

Death FAQs

Question 1 - How do I get a copy of a Death Certificate for people who have died in El Dorado County?

If a death occurs in El Dorado County, the Death Certificate may be obtained from this office.  The fee is $21 per copy.  Please follow this link for processing options:  Death Certificate Copies

Question 2 - What if a birth, death or marriage was in another county?  Can I still get the certificate from your office?

No, we only have records for events that occurred in El Dorado County.  For marriages, you must contact the County in which the license was issued.  Call the County Recorder in the County in which the event occurred to find out how you can get your record.  In most cases, you have options that do not require a visit.  If you have difficulty locating a phone number for another Recorder, ask us for the telephone number of that particular County Recorder.  El Dorado County Record-Clerk's office phone number: (530) 621-5490.