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Code Enforcement

​VHR Enforcement Penalties

Fine, Suspension, Revocation Information

The majority of permitted vacation home rentals are conscientiously operated by owners and property managers to maintain compliance with County Ordinances and never receive a complaint or violation.  Operators of Vacation Home Rentals can mitigate their likelihood of causing a violation by ensuring their VHR Permit is kept active, ensuring they have clearly written rental agreements with guests, maintaining warning signs of rules and regulations within the VHR property, having a responsive Local Contact, and screening potential reservations.

The County's Board of Supervisors has enacted Chapter 5.56 of the El Dorado County Code of Ordinances which regulate vacation home rentals and authorize Code Enforcement to investigate complaints and take enforcement action against people who violate the code.  Owners, property managers, and guests are encouraged to read Chapter 5.56 which can be found here. 

Violation Responsibility

Confirmed violations often result in fines being assessed to the party deemed responsible for the violation.   The following are examples of common violations:

  • Owner's responsibility:  Failure to obtain proper permits, failure to provide proper local contact response, failure to comply with signage requirements, failure to provide required trash, fire or life safety equipment.
  • Renter's responsibility:  Exceeding occupancy limits, violating quiet hours, hot tub use after 10:00pm, parking, and other nuisance behavior. 

Progressive Enforcement

The County uses a progressive enforcement strategy as outlined in Chapter 5.56 of the El Dorado County Code of Ordinances. 

  1. $500 for the first violation within any 18-month period
  2. $750 for the second violation within any 18-month period
  3. $1,000 for the third and any additional violations within any 18-month period

Furthermore, Chapter 5.56 allows the County to SUSPEND an owner's VHR permit for up to six months when three confirmed violations occurring on separate dates within any 18-month period.  Owners are not allowed to rent their properties while suspended.

Chronic violations occurring at vacation home rental properties may result in an owner's VHR Permit being permanently REVOKED if a property has four confirmed violations occurring on separate dates within any 18-month.  An owner may petition the County for reinstatement no sooner than 12-months after revocation. 

Enforcement actions taken by the County may be appealed.  See the VHR Hearings webpage for more information. 

Unpermitted Vacation Home Rentals

All vacation home rentals located within El Dorado County (with the exception of the City of South Lake Tahoe and the City of Placerville) are required to have an active VHR Permit issued by the County.  Failure to acquire or maintain an active VHR Permit means an owner cannot use their property as a vacation home rental.

NEW* Effective January 1, 2021:

El Dorado County Ordinance §5.56.170

"The owner of any vacation home rental that is determined to be operating without the necessary permit required under this section shall be subject to the penalties listed above in Section 5.56.140.  Each day of operation without a permit shall constitute a separate violation and is subject to an additional penalty.  In addition, any vacation home rental found to be operating without a permit will not be permitted to obtain a permit until all past due transient occupancy taxes, penalties and interest are paid in full and will be precluded from applying for a vacation home rental permit or form being added to the waiting list for a one-year period." 

Unpaid Fines

Fines must be paid to the County within 30-days of assessment.  Failure to pay fines may result in additional enforcement actions as specified in Title 9.02 of the El Dorado County Code of Ordinances.  Additional enforcement actions include, but are not limited to, the placement of a lien against the property, and referral of the unpaid debt to the County's Revenue Recovery Division.

Additionally, a VHR Permit cannot be renewed until all unresolved code enforcement cases have been closed and ALL fines are paid. 

Making a Payment

Payments can be made online by creating an account through ETrakit  or in the form of a personal check, cashier's check, or money order should be made payable to EDC Code Enforcement and submitted to:

El Dorado County Code Enforcement
2850 Fairlane Court
Placerville, CA  95667

Please reference the case number (example: CE21-xxxx) on your payment.