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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Unit

Code Enforcement Structure

The purpose of Code Enforcement is to protect the health and safety of El Dorado County residents by enforcing minimum standards for property maintenance as well as procedures for abatement of public nuisances.  Not sure who to contact for an issue?  See the list below with phone numbers for the appropriate department.

Code Enforcement inspections will be limited to those needed only for immediate health-life-safety issues and are subject to cancellation if a Code Enforcement Officer doesn't feel safe inspecting the issue.  All inspections will be conducted with the Code Enforcement Officer maintaining social distancing of  SIX feet or more.

Code Enforcement Officers will also be given Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE’s) for their protection and to reduce the potential transmission of COVID-19.  Inspections may be canceled if PPEs are not available.

Administrative enforcement of the provisions of the El Dorado County Code and other applicable laws shall be limited to cases where:

  1. Specific bona fide citizen complaints have been received, or

  2. Where the violation occurs within the context of the county's oversight and approval of a project, or

  3. Where the enforcement action is a part of a plan for the uniform enforcement of a provision of the El Dorado County Code or other applicable laws within the county.

No order to correct shall be issued pursuant to a citizen complaint until the Enforcement Authority has conducted an independent investigation and determined that there is good cause to believe that a violation has occurred.

El Dorado County Code Enforcement responds to citizen's complaints to protect the health and safety of residents. Though much of the information regarding a complaint is public information, the Complainant's information is kept confidential from the public. Anonymous complaints are not recommended .

Complaint Form 

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