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Shingle Springs Cemetery

Shingle Springs Cemetery SignThe railroad came to Shingle Springs in 1865 and, when that occurred, the population increased significantly. The area was settled in 1849 and had several road houses before the railroad. The Planter’s House cemetery had been used prior to that time. With the increase of newcomers, the need for a larger cemetery arose.

The Shingle Springs Cemetery was founded in 1864 and was in continuous use from 1865 to 1970. The earliest recorded burial occurred in 1864, but the earliest burial with a headstone was in 1867. In 1950, the cemetery was deeded to El Dorado County from the Barrett Family.

The Cemetery encompasses approximately 0.57 acres with 94 plots shown on the map through Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

Mother Lode Drive
off of North Star Road
Shingle Springs, CA

#001-005 & 005A
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