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Middletown Cemetery is approximately 1.6 acres and has 677 recorded plots. It is believed the Middletown Cemetery was established by 1856, with its first burial believed to have occurred in the same year. The Middletown and Placerville City Cemeteries were used as the primary public cemeteries for residents not buried in the church cemeteries of Placerville, until 1871 when the Placerville Union Cemetery was established by several major fraternal organizations. After the 1880’s Middletown Cemetery was used less frequently. The property was deeded to El Dorado County in 1934 when the County Hospital Cemetery was closed. Indigent burials were placed here up to 1998. here to view larger - Middletown Cemetery Sign to view larger - Middletown Cemetery Graveyard

2780 Cold Springs Road
Placerville, CA 95667

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