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Grizzly Flats

In 1850 Buck Ramsey and his company of prospectors, searching for gold along
the North and Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River, camped near a spring. While
eating the evening meal a grizzly bear came crashing through the brush. Buck
Ramsey shot the giant and that is the story behind the naming of Grizzly Flats.
These prospectors moved on but others followed. Wm. Knox, Hiram and Eben
Odlin, Edward R. Morey and many others began to filter into the area and many
settled to start quartz mining. One of the largest mines to open in the district was
owned by Victor J.W. Steely. In 1852 he discovered one of the many ledges that
were rich in gold. By 1866 the village was prospering only to be destroyed by fire.
But the town was rebuilt since the mines were still operating and the population
grew. Logging became another source of income as well as ranching. The
cemetery was started on property donated for the Methodist Church. There is
also a small Catholic Cemetery off of Leoni Road.
The Protestant (public) cemetery ,on Pine Ridge Road, has been used
continuously since the 1850's. Burial is limited to those who have family plots
already established or are long time residents of the area. Ground Penetrating
Radar has not been performed so there is no accurate count of graves in the
cemetery. We only have a hand drawn map of the existing headstones and
graves marked by rock borders. The oldest marker is that of George Hintce who
died in 1862 and the most recent is Margaret K. Oldin, 2005 in the Morey family

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