Good Governance

Achieving the best possible process for making and implementing decisions in accordance with the County's core values, legal requirements and industry best practices

Strategic Goals, Themes & Priorities

Implement systems that improve system-wide process, data sharing and departmental collaboration

Approach large, complex and/or system-wide matters as one organization – Departments will collaborate on projects and efforts that have cross-departmental impacts

Promote the development of resources to identify and pursue additional revenue including local, state, federal and private funding for new and existing projects

Incorporate benchmarks (to other agencies) and best practices to provide context to decisions, using data to inform discussions while promoting efforts to creatively address service delivery

Evaluate requests and recommendations based on complete assessment of the best available information, with the goal of reaching well informed decisions

Create and maintain a supportive culture for all employees through staff engagement in policy and process decisions and through strong labor relations

Create and maintain a positive governance culture for all employees, co-workers, colleagues, board-appointed commissions and the public by operating in an environment of trust, respect and professional demeanor at all times