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District IV

​Activities and Meetings

2021 Activities and Meeting

​January 2021

Wednesday, 1/6/21
Participated in COVID Cooperators Call

Zoom update with HHSA and Public Health regarding upcoming staffing changes.  Also followed up on Karen Mulvany’s public comments about vaccination of medically vulnerable residents, specifically people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  In a follow up phone call with Karen on Friday, she was pleased to report that she had received correspondence from County staff on implementing the vaccination of this vulnerable population.  Thank you to HSSA and Public Health for their prompt follow up.

Friday, 1/8/21
Monthly meeting with DOT Director Rafael Martinez.  Thank you!

Phone meeting with Chuck Bacchi, Ag Commissioner and Farm Bureau Board Member, regarding various items, including potential updates to the Ranch Marketing Ordinance.  Now that I’ve discussed the potential updates to the Ordinance with Planning Staff, Farm Bureau Members, and impacted residents, I will be reaching out to Charlene Carveth, our Ag Commissioner, for follow up.

Monday, 1/11/21
Good Governance Workshop:  Thank you to fellow Supervisors for great discussion.  Special kudos to CAO Don Ashton for keeping the meeting moving along and making it relevant.
Meeting with staff regarding proposed Mira Loma Apartments in Cameron Woods, which you have been hearing about in Open Forum.  After much research and discussion we decided that I will be working with staff to bring an agenda item to you for direction to staff.

RCRC and Hemp Ad Hoc tomorrow, 1/13/21

Wednesday, 1/13
RCRC Board of Directors Meeting.  Adopted 2021-2022 Policy Principles, which guide the organization’s priorities for the year.  This year will focus heavily on wildfire and forest resilience, which was highlighted in our discussion of the Governor’s proposed budget.

Hemp Ad Hoc Advisory Meeting - Chart of what other counties use for buffers and setbacks.  Considered what might work best for El Dorado County.  Next meeting is 2/3/21.

Thursday, 1/14
Meeting with staff for briefing on upcoming Zone of Benefit agenda item.  Came in very handy in subsequent conversation with Zone of Benefit board members

Meeting with new CalFire Unit Chief Blankenheim.

Friday, 1/15
Monthly meeting with Planning staff.

Budget ad hoc meeting.

Monthly meeting with the Environmental Management Director.

Tuesday, 1/19
Briefing from Treasurer on County Investment Update.

Wednesday, 1/20
With growing interest in prescribed burns for vegetation management, I attended a virtual meeting of the Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group (ACCG) and they had panelist presentations on prescribed burning.  

Phone meeting with the Transportation Commission Executive Director.  Update that as soon as the grant funding is received from CalTrans, we will begin the process for the Highway 49/Confluence study.

Receiving emails regarding parking at Cronan Ranch, so had Zoom meeting with District 4 Parks and Rec Commissioner and BLM to discuss plans for improving the parking lot.  

Thursday, 1/21
Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) ad hoc committee meeting.

The District 1 Parks and Recreation Commissioner had wanted to meet and get more familiar with recreation in District 4, so I took a site tour of park sites along the river in Coloma with D1 and D4 Parks and Rec Commissioners.

Friday, 1/22
Phone meeting with member of Coloma-Lotus Fire Hydrant Initiative group.  The group is proposing to use the Coloma-Lotus Irrigation Ditch to feed 6 water tanks with fire hydrants to this 40 square mile area that currently has no fire hydrants.  Public awareness and support for this project is growing. 

​February 2021

Wednesday, 2/3
Zoom meeting with Placer County Supervisor Gustafson and members of Protect American River Canyons (PARC).  PARC is advocating for a project to remove bridge debris from the North Fork American River.  The bridge debris is from 1964 when the State Route 49 Bridge collapsed due to the failure of Hell Hole Dam while it was under construction.  This area of the river is becoming increasingly popular for recreation and the bridge debris is a hazard that was originally going to be hundreds of feet underwater when the Auburn Dam was proposed.  I will be bringing a letter of support for the project to the Board for approval.

Golden Sierra Job Training Agency Governing Board meeting.  The Agency is working to expand their virtual services.

Hemp Ad Hoc Advisory Committee meeting.  Reviewed survey of zoning, parcel size, setbacks, and crop size.  Next meeting on 2/24 and will include discussion of testing, security, and fees.

Thursday, 2/4
Broadband ad hoc.  Thank you to staff for background information to bring new members up to speed.

Transit Authority and Transportation Commission meetings.

Follow up meeting with Coloma-Lotus Fire Hydrant Initiative group.  They are doing a lot of research and preparation for grant applications for their project proposal to fill water tanks for hydrants from the existing irrigation ditch.

Friday, 2/5
First meeting of the SMUD Ad Hoc Committee.  Thank you to staff for the background information, which led to great conversation about next steps and priorities.

Meeting with Josh Pane who is representing the Mohanna Family about potential project concepts for property on Bass Lake Road.

Monday, 2/8
Listened in on the Taxpayers Association’s Zoom meeting where Ted Gaines was the guest speaker.  He spoke about how Prop 15 was narrowly passed by the voters and is going to cause some issues for implementation.

Wednesday, 2/10
RCRC Special Zoom Meeting to appoint Patrick Blacklock to RCRC President/CEO.  In the afternoon had an online retirement party for Greg Norton.

Virtual EDWA Meeting.  First meeting of 2021 with the new board.  I was the only returning board member from 2020, so I was appointed as Chair and Supervisor Thomas was appointed Vice Chair.  We approved applying for a grant to form a group to address issues in the Upper American River Watershed and also approved a collaborative agreement to work with County staff to create a GIS data portal for information sharing and transparency.

Virtual meeting with Sheriff regarding AB1185.

Zoom meeting with Cameron Park CSD General Manager and two Board Members to touch base on issues in Cameron Park.

Thursday, 2/11
Virtual meeting with staff to discuss bringing an item to the Board regarding the Cameron Woods/Mira Loma zoning issues that residents have brought to our attention during Open Forum.

On site meeting at Station 74 regarding the Coloma Lotus Fire Hydrant Initiative, which relates to the Community Grant funding on today’s Consent Calendar.  Thank you for that support!

Virtual meeting with It staff to follow up on our Board discussion about the Performance Evaluation system.  Updates have been made and we received tips on how to use the system next time.

Friday, 2/12
Virtual New Boardmember Introductory meeting for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board.  First meeting of 2021 is 3/4/21.

Budget ad hoc meeting to discuss policy change to include road maintenance funding goal.

Monthly phone meeting with DOT Director.

Wednesday, 2/17
Weekly COVID Cooperators phone call.
Monthly phone meeting with HHSA Director.

Thursday, 2/18
Virtual Fire ad hoc meeting.  Continuing effort to sustain fire service in El Dorado County.

Friday, 2/19
Virtual Monthly Planning Dept meeting

Monday, 2/22
Virtual SOFAR Collaborative Steering Committee meeting

Appreciated joint meeting with City of South Lake Tahoe and 56-acre project discussion.

Phone call monthly meeting with Environmental Management Director.

Wednesday, 2/24

Hemp Ad Hoc Meeting #3.  I would like the meeting materials sent out earlier so that we have time to review them prior to meeting.

Hemp meeting finished early, so I was able to join the Cemetery Advisory Committee meeting.  Good to see everyone.  District 5 is looking for a representative if anyone is interested.

Thursday, 2/25

Virtual meeting with Aging on Commission representatives.

Monthly virtual meeting with County Counsel.

Friday, 2/26

As a follow up to SMUD Funds ad hoc meeting, phone call with Jeff Marsolais, Eldorado Forest Supervisor, and invited him to join us in next SMUD Funds ad hoc meeting to discuss potential revenue sources for maintaining Ice House Road and other roads in the Upper American River Project (UARP) area.

Zoom meeting with Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) staff to prepare for the Board meeting on 3/4/21.

Budget Ad Hoc Zoom meeting regarding TOT (Transient Occupancy [Hotel] Tax) apportionment to Veterans Affairs Commission

March 2021​

Monday, 3/1

Zoom Taxpayers Association meeting - guest speaker Assemblymember Frank Bigelow

Zoom meeting with representatives of the Lake Valley Fire Protection District regarding their TOT study and request

Agenda Review

Zoom meeting with representatives to discuss Community HUBS

Wednesday, 3/3

COVID Cooperators call update

Supervisor Thomas and I met virtually with our DOT Director regarding the proposed reduction in force.

Tour of Bass Lake with EDHCSD and EDHPromise Foundation regarding proposed park plans.

Thursday, 3/4 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy Virtual Board Meeting.  Preparing to quickly fund projects if the Governor’s Budget is passed.  Good discussion about connecting communities with funding and received an update on the Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative which is being looked at as a model.

Joined the Zoom Transportation Commission (EDCTC) meeting late, but did confirm that the funding for the SR 49 Confluence study is in the acceptance process.

Monthly meeting with District 4 Planning Commissioner.

Phone meeting to check in with Georgetown Divide Fire Safe Council liaison.

Friday, 3/5 

Phone meeting with Tahoe City Councilmember Bass to follow up on 56-acre project conversation.

CSAC/RCRC Redistricting webinar.  Many new requirements, very labor intensive, advised to hold first public meeting sooner than later using estimates.  Will be follow up webinar.

Phone meeting with CDPH representative for input and updates.

Phone meeting with Adam Clark regarding Alternate Public Defender agenda item.

Zoom update with Treasurer-Tax Collector.

Monday, 3/8 

Taxpayers Association meeting guest speaker Jack Frost regarding Reopen California Now.

Wednesday, 3/10
RCRC Board of Directors meeting.  Staff is engaged in water, CPUC, and forest management issues and legislation.  Discussion about concerns with the Board of Forestry’s proposed Fire Safe Regulations Update.  Local governments have asked the Board to slow down the process and seriously consider how the proposed regulations will restrict housing development and add to the housing shortage.  We were asked to send a letter of support, but received the template too late to add to our Board agenda.

SOFAR Collaborative meeting.  Formed a biomass ad hoc committee and assigned Supervisor Turnboo to participate on the ad hoc.

Thursday, 3/11
Environmental Service Joint Powers Authority (ESJPA) Board of Directors meeting.  Most pressing topic is implementation of SB 1383 Organic Waste Reduction.  This is a State mandate that must be implemented but the State is not providing funding.  It is anticipated that the costs will be passed on to the consumers.  See the 2-4-2020 BOS meeting, agenda item #13, File #20-0139, to review CalRecycle’s presentation and Board discussion.

Phone call meeting to catch up with Parks and Trails Manager.

Phone call meeting with DOT Director regarding possible grant for roadside vegetation management.

Monday, 3/15
Zoomed the Taxpayers Association meeting.  CAO Don Ashton was the guest speaker and was very responsive to questions.

El Dorado Transit Authority budget ad hoc committee meeting.

Agenda review

Wednesday, 3/17
Joined the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Zoom meeting but could only stay for a little bit because had to join the Hemp Ad Hoc committee meeting.

Hemp Ad Hoc committee Zoom meeting.  Very informative guest speaker who is an expert on odors and verified many of our concerns about odors as a nuisance to neighbors.  Requested an expert in pollen travel for next meeting.

Monthly phone update with HHSA Director.

Zoom meeting for briefing with Supervisor Turnboo and SACOG on Green Means Go program.

Supervisor Hidahl and I were sworn in as the representative and alternate on the Pioneer Community Energy Board.

Budget Ad Hoc meeting with Law & Justice Departments

Thursday, 3/18
Budget Ad Hoc meeting with General Government Departments and with Land Use Departments

Friday, 3/19
Monthly Zoom meeting with Planning staff

Monthly phone call with Environmental Management

Budget Ad Hoc meeting with HHSA Departments

Monday, 3/22
Taxpayers Association monthly Zoom Business Meeting

Phone meeting with El Dorado Water Agency General Manager

FYI - The Board of Forestry moved their Fire Safe Regulations proposal forward to submit to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) on a 6-2 vote, despite requests to delay approval and convene a working group of local government planning and fire safety experts.

Wednesday, 3/24
Meeting with Fish and Game Commissioner.

Zoom meeting with staff for briefing on Right of Way process.

Office meeting with Mr. Basiri regarding his request for a fence in county right of way.

Thursday, 3/25
Zoom meeting with Shaunda Crane of Marshall Medical about onsite health services in vulnerable populations.  She is working to create a Community Health Workers program to assist with serving our vulnerable and remote populations.

Listened in by Zoom to El Dorado County Fire Protection District’s Strategic Plan update.  Thank you to Chief Cordero for reaching out for the invitation.

Monthly meeting with County Counsel

Friday, 3/26
Zoom meeting with HHSA staff to follow up on inquiry regarding suicide prevention in EDC.

Phone call meeting with USFS staff regarding plans for this year’s fishing derby in Georgetown.  Planning for a very structured event to mitigate for COVID with a contingency to cancel if COVID tiers change.

Saturday, 3/27
Attended open house for the Chili Bar Park study.  Looking forward to hearing results.

Monday, 3/29
Carolyn Brooks was the guest speaker at Taxpayers Association meeting.

SOFAR Steering Committee meeting.

Agenda review.

Wednesday, 3/31
Staff briefing on El Dorado Hills Fire and Rescue Fire annexation.

Cemetery Advisory Committee Zoom meeting.

April 2021​

Thursday, 4/1
Zoom meeting with Bill Roby at El Dorado Community Foundation.

Transit Authority Zoom meeting.

El Dorado County Transportation Commission Zoom meeting.  The SR 49 Confluence Study was adopted into the Overall Work Plan.

Monday, 4/5
Taxpayers Association monthly business meeting.

Agenda review.

Wednesday, 4/7
Golden Sierra Job Training Agency (GSJTA) Governing Board meeting on Zoom.  Reports show that employers are having a tough time finding employees as a result of extended unemployment through September.  Anticipate flood of people wanting services after unemployment benefits end in September.

Supervisor Turnboo and I had a Zoom meeting with John Kahling in DOT regarding background and potential improvements to the Cameron Park interchange.

Thursday, 4/8
Budget ad hoc meeting with Supervisor Hidahl.

Meeting with a constituent offering to assist with updating the Ranch Marketing Ordinance and looking forward to much-needed improvements in the Ordinance.

Friday, 4/9
Fire District ad hoc meeting with Supervisor Hidahl.

Monthly Zoom meeting with DOT Director.

Zoom meeting with the steering committee regarding proposed Gold Rush National Historical Park.

Saturday, 4/10
Meeting with officers of the Georgetown Preservation Society regarding a proposal for design standards for the Georgetown Rural Center.

Monday, 4/12
Guest speaker at Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County.

Pioneer Community Energy Governing Board Orientation with Supervisor Hidahl.  I appreciated their follow up meeting with me to explain SB 612 for our letter of support on 4/20/21 BOS agenda. 

Wednesday, 4/14
COVID Cooperators phone call

Several phone calls and meetings regarding Board’s actions at 4/13/21 meeting

Meeting at Cronan Ranch with CAO, CLAC Chair, and Parks and Recreation Commissioner.  Looking forward to the Parks presentation that is coming to the Board soon on this parcel.

Thursday, 4/15
Hemp Ad Hoc Meeting - slow progress.

Zoom meeting with Pioneer Energy staff to better understand SB 612 and letter of support.

Friday, 4/16
Monthly Zoom meeting with Long Range Planning staff for briefings.

Saturday, 4/17
Guest speaker at Travois Homeowners Association meeting.

Monday, 4/19
Attended Taxpayers Association meeting by Zoom.  The guest speaker was Bill O’Neill, EDC Registrar of Voters.

Wednesday, 4/21
EDC Fire Safe Council business meeting

Golden Sierra Job Training Agency Special Meeting 

Meeting with Deputy County Counsel to get information on Zone of Benefits

Thursday, 4/22
Meeting with Supervisor Turnboo and DOT Director Martinez to review additional data regarding Zone of Benefits that will be brought to the board in the upcoming weeks

Monthly meetings with County Counsel, Environmental Management, and HHSA.

Friday, 4/23
Supervisor Turnboo and I met with VHR advocates from Tahoe

Meeting with my Human Rights Commissioner to discuss potential direction of the commission.

Zoom UCCE meeting

Saturday, 4/24
Tour of the 56 Acres project in Tahoe with Tahoe City Manager, staff, and 2 council members

Monday, 4/26
Taxpayers Zoom meeting, Phillip Mosbacher, County Surveyor, was the guest speaker

SOFAR Steering Committee Zoom meeting

Meeting with Ken Payne, El Dorado Water Agency

Agenda Review

Phone meeting with constituent with concerns about Ranch Marketing Ordinance enforcement.  

Tuesday, 4/27
SNC film crew for funding impacts video

Joint Special Meeting with Tahoe City Council regarding 56 Acre project

Hemp Ad Hoc committee meeting.  Will be bringing and agenda item with a recommendation to the board on 5/18/21

Wednesday, 4/28
RCRC Board of Directors meeting.  Several legislative updates.  Most interesting was taking a Support position on AB 428, which is to set a minimum cap on terms for County Supervisor as a response to San Bernardino County’s voters passing Measure K, which limits Supervisor to one term, which limits continuity and experience in office.

Thursday, 4/29
Budget ad hoc committee meeting with Supervisor Hidahl

Supervisor Turnboo invited me to join his lunch meeting with Kimberly Pruett of Congressman McClintock’s office.

​May 2021

Saturday, 5/1
Thank you to fire teams for quickly responding to and containing the Salmon Fire on Salmon Falls Road.  Good reminder to everyone to have their evacuation plans and To Go bags ready.

Monday, 5/3
Taxpayers Association monthly business meeting

Participated in the Parks and Recreation Commission’s parks tour of District 4.  I appreciated everyone’s interest and look forward to the upcoming discussions about parks projects in District 4.  Thank you to Julia McIver, my commissioner, for working with Parks Manager Vickie Sanders for arranging the tour and putting together the maps and information.

Wednesday, 5/5
Public Health COVID Cooperators Call

Thursday, 5/6
Transit Authority and Transportation Commission meetings

Friday, 5/7
Phone meeting with a Zone of Benefit participant and explained the new data that will be presented by DOT.

On site meeting at Chili Bar Park with interested party to follow up on the upcoming site study and potential clean up day at the park

Meeting with Marshall Medical representatives

Saturday, 5/8
Meeting to catch up with one of our Ag Commissioners

Monday, 5/10
Taxpayers Association guest speaker was EID Director Brian Veerkamp

Participated in Zoom meeting with Deputy CAO Aaron Magezi and RCRC Chief Economic Development Officer Barbara Hayes.  EDC is seen as a leader in bringing broadband to its rural communities and Barbara met with us to gain insight into how we got where we are.

Appreciate staff communication and responsiveness with the many constituent concerns that are being worked on with my office.

Wednesday, 5/12
El Dorado Water Agency Board Meeting - approved Recommended Budget 2021-2022

SOFAR Collaborative Meeting
Presentation about Tahoe Central Sierra Initiative Blue Print and review of requests for letters of support for grant applications

Cemetery Advisory Committee
Working on bylaws and membership on committee

Thursday, 5/13
Zoom meeting with Don Ashton and my Human Rights Commission representative to brainstorm ideas for the Commission

Implicit Bias Training

Zoom meeting with National Historical Park group.  Looking at National Park to include the Golden Chain.

Friday, 5/14
Monthly meeting with DOT Director.

Zoom meeting regarding the Bureau of Reclamation’s 5-year Fire/Fuels Reduction Management Plan for the Auburn State Recreation Area.  Appreciated that Kimberly Pruett from Congressman McClintock’s office and Ken Payne from the El Dorado Water Agency joined us.

Saturday, 5/15
Attended the Mosquito Community Town Hall, hosted by the Mosquito Fire Safe Council.  Great presentations and information by partner agencies such as the US Forest Service, CalFire, and EDC OES.  First opportunity for me to meet the new fire Chief.  He is working on rebuilding their volunteer program and having great success with 13 volunteers to date.  Residents expressed their appreciation for the Board’s continued support of the new Mosquito Bridge.

Sunday, 5/16
Attended first anniversary celebration of Main Street Mercantile.  Members of the Georgetown Preservation Society had historic displays and demonstrations during the event.  Members expressed that they are ready to get going on the Design Standards for Georgetown.  Thank you again to the Board for allocating funding for that effort.

Monday, 5/17
Taxpayers Association guest speakers were Library Commissioners Barbara Raines and Steve Ferry.

Zoom Meeting with PG&E and CAO Don Ashton

Supervisor Thomas and I met to discuss potential changes to the Ranch Marketing Ordinance and anticipate working through the Ag Commission

Tuesday, 5/18
Attended Coloma Lotus Advisory Committee (CLAC) Zoom meeting.  Jeff Horn from Bureau of Land Management (BLM) attended and shared that they have applied for a grant to consider purchasing the 60+ acres of County property at Cronan Ranch, which would include building additional parking there.

Wednesday, 5/19
Ambulance Service Strategic Plan meeting

Monthly phone call meeting with Don Semon, HHSA Director

Thursday, 5/20
Attended Wildfire and Forest Resilience Task Force webinar.  Focus is on implementing the Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action Plan that was created by the Governor’s Forest Management Task Force over the past few years.  Emphasis is on regional projects to protect communities.

Friday, 5/21
Monthly Zoom meeting with Long Range Planning staff

Monthly and last meeting with Greg Stanton, Environmental Management Director

Saturday, 5/22
Chili Bar clean up.  Thank you to Parks Manager Vickie Sanders for organizing the event, to the dozen volunteers who showed up to weed whack, rake, trim, and haul vegetation and debris, and to El Dorado Disposal for donating bins for the clean.  The results of the clean up are amazing!

Attended Four Corners Land Owners Association Fire Safety Day.  Great turnout of residents and first responders to share fire safety messaging.

Monday, 5/24
Attended Taxpayers Association Zoom meeting.  Guest speaker was Kevin Loewen, General Manager of EDHCSD.

SOFAR Steering committee Zoom meeting.

Tuesday, 5/25
Phone meeting with EDCTC Executive Director regarding Caltrans study for the SR 49 Confluence congestion and potential changes with announcement of the Auburn shuttle pilot program and additional parking restrictions on Old Foresthill Road.

Site tour with Deputy CAO Aaron Magezi to walk the trail from Wild Chaparral to Palmer Drive regarding trash and homeless issues on County property.

Phone meeting with BLM staff regarding Cronan Ranch potential projects.

Wednesday, 5/26
I was the guest speaker at the Zoom meeting of the North State BIA El Dorado Builder/Developer Council.  Good conversation about constraints and trends in housing development, including potential for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs aka granny flats)

Attended Community Action Council Zoom meeting.  Approved the 2022/2023 Community Action Plan and Needs Assessment.

Thursday, 5/27
Attended Broadband ad hoc committee meeting.  Great progress and EDC is in good position to maximize available funding opportunities.

Monthly meeting with County Counsel.

Meeting with Supervisor Turnboo and Congressman McClintock.  The congressman is very supportive of forest management, including livestock grazing.

Friday, 5/28
Site tour of the Confluence and see potential locations for shuttle stops for loading/unloading visitors.

Saturday, 5/29
Attended the Fly-in at Georgetown Airport.  Great turnout, people flew in to camp.  Looking forward to more opportunities for events at the airport.

Monday, 5/31

​June 2021

Tuesday, 6/1
Thank you to our fire and emergency responders for the quick response to the Hotchkiss Fire in Georgetown.  Contained at 5 acres.

Agenda review.

Wednesday, 6/2
Virtual meeting with Placer County regarding congestion and traffic at the Confluence.  Appreciate their collaboration on this issue at our shared boundary.

Golden State Job Training Agency Zoom meeting.  I did share concerns about the need to prepare the workforce for the State’s plan to increase pace and scale of forest management projects.

Great meeting with co-chairs of the Cool-Pilot Hill Fire Safe Council regarding a potential project to use livestock grazing for vegetation management on the ASRA lands.  Additionally, CPHFSC will promote the El Dorado County webpage of information regarding livestock grazing.

Thursday, 6/3
Sierra Nevada Conservancy Zoom meeting.  Approved projects with early action funding from the governor’s budget.  More projects to approve at July 15 meeting.

EDC Transit Authority meeting.

EDC Transportation Commission meeting.

Parks final Zoom meeting with consultant for the Chili Bar study.  Looking forward to that information being brought to the BOS for discussion.

Monthly phone meeting with Planning Commissioner.

Friday, 6/4
EDC first Redistricting meeting.  Great information and tools for the public to engage in the process.

Monthly Zoom meeting with DOT Director.

Meeting with Commission on Aging representative.

Sad to have missed the Fire Academy Cadets Graduation due to car troubles.

Sunday, 6/6
Attended the Art on the Divide Garden Party.  Beautiful day for a garden event.

Monday, 6/7
Congressman McClintock was the guest speaker at the Taxpayers Association meeting.

Corresponded with RCRC regarding 

Great job by staff to prepare information for Budget Hearing - thank you!

Wednesday, 6/9
Zoom meeting with Caltrans, State Parks, City of Auburn, Placer County and other agencies regarding solutions to traffic and parking congestion on SR 49 at the Confluence.  Follow up meeting is set for next week.

Water Agency virtual meeting.

Thursday, 6/10
Attended Foothill Interfaith Collaboration meeting where Supervisor Hidahl was one of the speakers.  Working to collaborate on ways to serve the community.

Saturday, 6/12
Volunteered at the Hangtown Wagon Train Days Living History event.

Monday, 6/14
Taxpayers Association guest speaker was Jack Sweeney.

Wednesday, 6/16
Attended most of the EDC Fire Safe Council virtual meeting.  There was a discussion about livestock grazing for vegetation management so I shared our EDC webpage of Livestock Grazing information.

Thursday, 6/17
RCRC Board of Directors meeting in Mammoth Lakes.
  • During Member County Concerns I brought up the issue of the online retailer redistribution of sales tax that will negatively impact counties, including El Dorado.  Senator Glazer will be bringing legislation to track how much sales tax is redistributed and then will use that data to support legislation to stop the sales tax redistribution.
  • Guest speaker Wade Crowfoot, Secretary of California Natural Resources Agency, presented emerging natural resources issues and county engagement efforts.
  • Guest speaker Josh Fryday, Chief Service Officer of California Volunteers, presented the importance of volunteer and civic engagement throughout the state.
  • The annual photo contest begins on July 1 and the rules are available on the RCRC website.
  • We took a tour of Mammoth Lake and learned about their efforts to accommodate recreation tourists.

Saturday, 6/19
Volunteered at the Jr. Livestock Auction at the fairgrounds.

Monday, 6/21
Taxpayers Association guest speaker Robert Williams, regarding EDHCSD LLAD Special Assessment, which the Board may hear about

Wednesday, 6/23
Cemetery Advisory Committee didn’t have a quorum, so we couldn’t take any action.  Currently working on updating bylaws, so having a quorum is essential.

Met with residents who are concerned about the threat of wildfire and the lack of information regarding evacuation routes and plans.  This seems to be a growing concern in the county.

Thursday, 6/24
RCRC ESJPA (Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority) Zoom meeting.  Biggest item of concern seems to be implementation of SB 1383 (Organics diversion) and how to comply in the rural counties.  Madera County Board of Supervisors had an agenda item to increase fees to accommodate SB 1383 and the fees would almost double so they delayed that item for now.  Illegal dumping is increasing and a big concern as fees increase due to more stringent regulations.

Friday, 6/25
Monthly meeting with Long Range Planning staff.  Appreciate the updates and opportunities to follow up on issues.

Appreciated meeting with Treasurer Tax-Collector for briefing on agenda item.

Spending a lot of time regarding Ranch Marketing Ordinance and Parks this week.

Monday, 6/28
Taxpayers meeting was a business meeting to discuss issues

Wednesday, 6/30
Virtual meeting with CalTrans to follow up on Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) Confluence congestion concerns.  CalTrans is working on a quick, interim fix and will put out a press release with more information when available.

July 2021​

Thursday, 7/1
Met with members of the American River Community Coalition regarding concerns related to ASRA.

Monthly meeting with County Counsel.

Friday, 7/2
Zoom meeting with Planning staff regarding what to do with Code Enforcement cases that are not health and safety issues and appear to have no resolution.  Could become a Board discussion.

Phone meeting with El Dorado Water Agency Executive Director regarding potential watershed projects in the ASRA.

Wednesday, 7/7
Zoom meeting with staff regarding update on posting Cemetery database to County website

On site meeting with American River Conservancy Executive Director in anticipation of the Chili Bar Park study discussion upcoming on 7/27

Thursday, 7/8
Phone meeting with Parks Manager for updates.

Veterans Affair meeting in Georgetown - first in person meeting in over a year.

Meeting with members of the Georgetown Preservation Society about upcoming Design Standards effort for rural centers.  They are looking forward to it and ready to get started.

Friday, 7/9
After receiving inquiries about the future of the old Bass Lake Golf Course, on-site meeting with new property owners and their plans for Sonny’s Farm using regenerative farming, including a  potential residential project on the farm.

Monthly meeting with Human Resources Director.

Monthly meeting with Department of Transportation Director.

Monday, 7/12
Taxpayers Association meeting.  The guest speaker was EDC FPD board member Paul Gilchrest.

Interdepartmental Zoom meeting with staff and Supervisor Thomas regarding potential updates to the Ranch Marketing Ordinance and the best way to go about that will likely be a Board item in the near future.

Wednesday, 7/14
Fair ad hoc meeting, first meeting this year

Thursday, 7/15
Sierra Nevada Conservancy virtual meeting.  Staff prepared 15 shovel-ready projects for board review and approval for funding with $19M of the State Early Action Wildfire and Forest Resilience Budget.  Two of the projects are in El Dorado County comprising over 1600 acres of the total 11M acres.  Detailed information available at:

Legislative Reception hosted by the El Dorado County and El Dorado Hills Chambers.  Appreciated the opportunity to network with policy makers and organizational leaders.

Friday, 7/16
Good Governance Workshop.

Saturday, 7/17
Bear State Property Owners Association and Volcanoville Fire Safe Council picnic.  Good to see everyone and have the opportunity to give a brief update of county issues.  Encouraged to hear the Sheriff give an update that he is looking into a new emergency communication tool using FM radio since communication has been an issue during power outages.

Monday, 7/19
Taxpayers Association meeting, guest speaker was EDC Auditor-Controller Joe Harn.

Joint meeting with Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors regarding Housing Element Update.

Wednesday, 7/21
Attended virtual EDC Fire Safe Council meeting.  I asked about funding for the chipper program and the FSC is optimistic that they will be getting grant funds to restart the program this fall.

Phone conversation with Georgetown Divide FSC for updates on funding and projects in their area.

Friday, 7/23
Meeting with Long Range Planning staff.  May be policy updates coming to the Board to help with Code Enforcement regarding egregious cases.

Virtual meeting with the Heritage Carson Creek team.

Monday, 7/26
Virtually attended the Taxpayers Association's monthly business meeting.  They created a subcommittee to look at county governance.

Virtual meeting with the Crossings project applicant.

Wednesday, 7/28
Monthly phone meeting with HHSA Director

Virtual Cemetery Advisory Committee meeting.  Had a quorum and are making progress on updating bylaws.

August 2021​

Monday, 8/2
Taxpayers Association guest speaker was Vern Pierson, EDC District Attorney

Tuesday, 8/3
SOFAR Steering Committee Zoom meeting.  The group is very interested in the County’s hiring of a consultant for our biomass effort.

National Night Out - Rescue, good to see everyone.  Watched a demonstration of the fire simulator equipment which will be useful in planning fire suppression strategies and also where to create fuel breaks for maximum protection of our communities.

National Night Out - Garden Valley, enjoyed seeing everyone.  Our Georgetown Library staff had a booth with interactive children’s activities and shared that they are very appreciative of the Board’s actions to increase services to serve all age groups as they are reaching a much broader population now.

Wednesday, 8/4
Special Redistricting meeting - good information.  The public seems ready to start working on maps as soon as the data is available.

Thursday, 8/5
Attended a meeting with Supervisor Turnboo at Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) mill site in Lincoln.  Regional partners, including Congressman McClintock, Placer and Nevada County Supervisors, and an RCRC representative, were there to brainstorm on how to increase forest management to protect our communities and watershed from wildfire.  Looking forward to continued conversations and progress on this effort.

Friday, 8/6
Meeting with Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad representative.

Zoom meeting with Cameron Park residents interested in a potential park on undeveloped property.  Shared ideas on how to approach a park project proposal.

Saturday, 8/7
Attended 20 Mile Taste fundraiser for Ag in the Classroom at Rainbow Orchards.  El Dorado Water Agency is a sponsor of Ag in the Classroom and it was great to see so many people out despite the smoke to support the program. 

Monday, 8/9
Taxpayers Association meeting guest speaker was Clive Savacool, SLT Fire Chief

Wednesday, 8/11
El Dorado Water Agency Meeting.  Briefing on drought resiliency plan for West Slope.  Continued agreement for work on the El Dorado Water Reliability project.

Virtual meeting with Cool-Pilot Hill Fire Safe Council and Water Agency General Manager regarding vegetation management on Bureau of Reclamation lands in the Auburn State Recreation Area.

Meeting with Parks & Recreation Commissioner.

EMS/Fire Ad Hoc meeting.

Thursday, 8/12
Broadband Ad Hoc meeting.

Virtual meeting with Norma Santiago as a follow up to SOFAR Collaborative discussion about EDC effort toward a biomass facility.

Friday, 8/13
MORE Grand Opening.  The facility renovation is wonderful and will serve its clients well.

Virtual monthly meeting with DOT Director.

Monday, 8/16
Taxpayers Association guest speaker was Bill O’Neill, EDC Registrar of Voters.  Linda Webster accompanied Bill and they did a great job of presenting information and answering questions regarding voting and redistricting.

SMUD FERC Ad Hoc Committee meeting.

Virtual meeting of Wildfire and Forest Resilience Task Force.  Common complaint among counties is the lack of urgency or focus on taking action, mostly status quo of just talking about plans and funding.

Tuesday, 8/17
Meeting with Karen Coleman, Treasurer Tax-Collector.  Appreciate briefings on upcoming agenda items.

Wednesday, 8/18
Virtual RCRC (Rural County Representative of California) meeting.  Highlights include:
RCRC Board created a new Joint Powers Authority, the Golden State Connect Authority, to expand broadband access and affordability in rural counties.
Discussion about the items included in the draft Strategic Plan.  I asked that ‘a reliable electric grid’ be included in the infrastructure goals for rural counties.
RCRC has been very engaged in the CPUC hearings regarding PG&E, and have advocated that PG&E be more transparent about PSPS (Public Safety Power Shut-off) event decision-making, among other things.
GSFA (Golden State Finance Authority) break-out session included a presentation regarding increasing homeownership, primarily through down payment assistance, and more information will follow.

Thursday, 8/19
Virtual RCRC Environmental Service Joint Powers Authority (ESJPA)

Following ESJPA meeting, virtual meeting with GSNR (Golden State Natural Resource) staff regarding potentially leveraging their resources in our effort toward a biomass facility.  

Shelley and I had a phone meeting with our PG&E Representative to get answers about the 3 unplanned power outages in 8 days on the Divide.  We included that information in our District 4 newsletter and RCRC asked for that information in their advocacy with the CPUC.

Friday, 8/20
Monthly meeting with Human Resources Director

Monthly meeting with Environmental Management Director

Monday, 8/23
Taxpayers Association meeting no guest speaker, talked about various county issues.

​September 2021

Wednesday, 9/1
Budget Ad Hoc Committee meeting

El Dorado Hills and Rescue Fire Departments meeting

Thursday, 9/2
Sierra Nevada Conservancy Governing Board meeting

El Dorado Transit Authority meeting

El Dorado County Transportation Commission meeting

Friday, 9/3
Garden Valley, Georgetown, and Mosquito Fire Chiefs meeting

Meeting with IT Director

Wednesday, 9/8
El Dorado Water Agency meeting

Thursday, 9/9
Discussion with CAO and Supervisor Thomas about Ranch Marketing Ordinance

Friday, 9/10
Special Board of Supervisors meeting regarding Caldor Fire recovery

Saturday, 9/11
Music on the Divide at the Georgetown School Amphitheater.  Beautiful day.  I spoke with several people about the PG&E unplanned outages and spent a lot of time the following week addressing those concerns with our PG&E representative and the CPUC.

Also spent a lot of time addressing concerns about the upcoming Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) General Plan update proposal that will be on the State Parks Commission agenda 9/30.

Monday, 9/13
Meeting with CAO and Greg Stanton to onboard him as our consultant for the biomass effort.

Friday, 9/17
Long Range Planning staff monthly meeting

Human Resources Director monthly meeting

Environmental Management Director monthly meeting

Saturday, 9/18
Attended Cops & Rodders event at Cameron Park Airpark and saw former employee John Tibbels who used to run the video equipment in the board room for many years.  It was really good to see him and invited him to come by and say hi now that the board room is open again.

Attended Forest Forum Annual Blanket Party.  The Forest Forum is very supportive of the County’s effort to bring healthy forest management practices back to our lands.

Sunday, 9/19
Spent the day in Georgetown at Founder’s Day.  Several people asked me to do something about the PG&E outages and I let them know that I was advocating for them and I encouraged them to attend the CPUC meeting on 9/23.

Monday, 9/20
Taxpayers Association meeting.  Our CAO gave the group a briefing on the county’s budget.  Brian Veerkamp, Executive Director of the ambulance JPA was the guest speaker and gave a presentation.

Wednesday, 9/29 through Friday 10/1
RCRC Annual Meeting in Monterey
I met a new contact in our effort for a biomass project and have connected him with our consultant.
I asked for an update on the online sales tax issue.  It is going to be a several year effort and Senator Glazier is providing support.
I brought up the frequent, unplanned power outages that we are experiencing in parts of El Dorado County and there may be an opportunity to collaborate with other counties that are also experiencing frequent, unplanned power outages due to PG&E’s installation of fast trip switches.

Thursday, 9/30
ttended the virtual State Parks Commission meeting and made a public comment regarding concerns about the proposed Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) General Plan Update.  The Commission made an amendment to its Resolution to approve the Plan to develop more transparent fire planning before they approve any development such as campsites.

​October 2021

Monday, 10/4
Taxpayers Meeting Auditor-Controller Joe Harn was the guest speaker.

Tuesday, 10/5
SMUD Ad Hoc Committee meeting.  Good discussion regarding next steps on potential revenue streams to assist with Ice House Road maintenance.

Wednesday, 10/6
Heads up to board - Discussions starting regarding Rasmussen Pond property.  I’ve had conversations with neighbors, potential developer, and the Cameron Park CSD to stay engaged as this process develops.

Thursday, 10/7
Attended virtual Transit Authority meeting.

Attended virtual El Dorado County Transportation Commission meeting.

Attended virtual meeting hosted by Sierra Nevada Conservancy regarding assistance with applying for FEMA grants for hazard mitigations, such as roadside vegetation management.  I appreciated that DOT staff also attended and I will follow up with them for feedback on potential next steps.

Friday, 10/8
Shelley and I joined DOT staff and residents at the Mt. Murphy Bridge for the load testing to reopen the bridge with weight restrictions.  May need Board assistance with reaching out to other agencies to speed up process for the bridge replacement project.  We are planning a Town Hall on 10/20 for a follow up with the community.  Thank you to DOT for their diligent work and aggressive schedule to reopen the bridge and constant stream of communication with the community.

Saturday, 10/9
Community outreach in Volcanoville and Coloma to gather input regarding redistricting maps.  Corresponded with contacts in Mosquito, Shingle Springs, and Cool to gather more input.

Monday, 10/11
Taxpayers Association Monthly Business Meeting.  I suggested that the Taxpayers Association engage in the Juvenile Hall discussion as it will impact the County’s budget for many years.

Wednesday, 10/13

Attended California Middle Mile Project webinar hosted by RCRC and presented by CPUC staff.

Thursday, 10/14

Attended open forum at Planning Commission to congratulate James Williams on his 6 years of serving as the District 4 Planning Commissioner.

Grand Jury Meet and Greet.

Redistricting Special Board meeting.

Friday, 10/15

Monthly Zoom meeting with Long Range Planning Staff.

Meeting with Town & Country Village project applicants in preparation for 10/19 BOS J6 hearing.

Monthly meeting with Environmental Management Director.

Saturday, 10/16

Attended Garden Valley Community Association’s volunteer appreciation event at Garden Valley Park.

Monday, 10/18

Attended Taxpayers Association meeting and guest speaker was Robert D’Agostini of J&R Logging, who discussed challenges of forest management.

Attended El Dorado West Republican Women Federated’s Annual Meet Your Elected Officials Luncheon.

Attended California Middle Mile Project webinar hosted by RCRC and presented by CPUC staff.

Wednesday, 10/20
Attended El Dorado County Fire Safe Council meeting.  Group was pleased to hear that the Board is supporting RCD with additional funding for staffing and that the Board allocated a position to focus on biomass.

Mt. Murphy Bridge Town Hall meeting.  Thank you to both Department of Transportation (DOT) and Office of Emergency Services (OES).  DOT clarified that the Draft EIR is now moving forward and they anticipate breaking ground on the Mt. Murphy Bridge replacement project in 2024.  In the meantime, follow up meetings with DOT and OES will be announced in District 4 newsletter and Facebook.

Thursday, 10/21
RCRC ESJPA virtual meeting.  I am following up with the CAO and Environmental Management to clarify whether or not El Dorado County has exemptions regarding SB 1383 

Friday, 10/22
Virtual meeting regarding North Fork American River Bridge Debris Removal Project with Protect American River Canyons (PARC), Placer County staff, and Senator Dahle’s office on next steps to work with Caltrans, the Bureau of Reclamation, and State Parks to remove the dangerous remains from the State Route 49 bridge that collapsed in 1964.

Meeting with District 4 Fish and Game Commissioner and recent topic of concern is wildlife collisions with vehicles and their economic and safety impacts.

Saturday, 10/23
Appreciated joining Supervisor Turnboo’s meeting with Congressman McClintock with Caldor Fire victims to discuss strategy for appealing the FEMA individual assistance denial.

Monday, 10/25
Virtual Cap to Cap started. 

Wednesday, 10/27
Attended virtual Cap to Cap Water Resources Team Meeting with Representative Ami Bera’s office to discuss importance of forest management to protect watershed and prevent the air pollution that comes with catastrophic wildfire.

Attended Cool-Pilot Hill Advisory Committee meeting to launch their community engagement in the Rural Center Design Standards.  They wanted to get a head start and prepare for working with the consultant.

Thursday, 10/28
Attended Golden Sierra Job Training Agency regular meeting of the Governing Body.  Discussion about workforce shortages.

Attended virtual Cap to Cap Air Quality and Water Resources Team Meeting with Congressman McClintock’s office to discuss importance of forest management to protect watershed and prevent the air pollution that comes with catastrophic wildfire.

Attended virtual Cap to Cap Air Quality and Water Resources Team Meeting with U.S. Forest Service office to discuss importance of forest management to protect watershed and prevent the air pollution that comes with catastrophic wildfire.

Attended Caldor Fire Pasta Fundraiser at the Fairgrounds.

Friday, 10/29
Attended virtual Cap to Cap Air Quality and Water Resources Team Meeting with Congressman LaMalfa’s office to discuss importance of forest management to protect watershed and prevent the air pollution that comes with catastrophic wildfire.  I had shared concern with the recent frequent, unplanned PG&E outages that were escalated to the CPUC.

November 2021​

Monday, 11/1
Attended Taxpayers Association meeting, CAO Don Ashton and Chief Probation Office Brian Richart were guest speakers and shared information regarding the proposed new Juvenile Hall in Placerville.

Tuesday, 11/2
Attended Pioneer Energy Community meeting.  The community participants asked great questions and the Pioneer representatives made it clear that people who are unsure as to whether or not their energy bill will decrease with Pioneer can call and ask for a comparison to decide whether to opt out.

Wednesday, 11/3
Attended Cemetery Advisory Committee meeting and the group reviewed the draft bylaws.  It is anticipated that the updated bylaws will be approved at the next meeting and then brought to the Board for approval.

Thursday, 11/4
Virtually attended the RCRC Wildfire and Forest Stewardship Ad Hoc committee meeting.  Discussion focused on home hardening and defensible space.  Napa County reported that their vegetation management program was well received by residents and is now in its 12th year, so they may be a good resource for a successful model.  Most of the rural counties have federal forestlands in their county so our next meeting will include a guest speaker from the federal government.  Additionally, the Calfire guest speaker announced that all 24 counties that applied for the California Fire Safe Council grant for a staff person, including El Dorado, were approved and that they are reaching out to others that did not apply.  They are also in the process of expanding the grant beyond the 18 months time period as they realize the importance of this position.

Virtually attended the Transit Authority meeting.  Nothing to report.

Virtually attended the El Dorado County Transportation Commission meeting and the list of stakeholders was approved to work with the consultant on the State Route 49 Confluence study.  Appreciate that the project is moving forward.

Friday, 11/5
Attended Fair Ad Hoc committee meeting.  Agenda items will be coming to the Board soon.

Supervisor Turnboo and I had a meeting with Mark Luster from Sierra Pacific Industries to follow up on the tour and discuss the potential for a mill and/or cogeneration plant in El Dorado County.

Attended SMUD Ad Hoc committee meeting.  Still early and nothing to report.

Sunday, 11/7
Huge thank you to staff and the volunteers who came out to the Carriage Hills property at the end of Palmer Drive.  Great progress was made on cleaning up the area and there will be more clean up events scheduled in the future.

Monday, 11/8
Attend the Taxpayers Association’s monthly business meeting.  Nothing to report.

Met with District 4 representative on the Commission on Aging, Liz Powell.  Liz will be the Chair of the Commission next year and will be reaching out to each of the Supervisors for a meeting to discuss plans for the Commission.

Attended the Cameron Park CSD’s Parks subcommittee meeting.  The Rasmussen Pond property and the proposed housing development was presented by the Save Rasmussen Pond group.  General Manager Jill Ritzman did a great job of explaining to the residents the relationship between the CSD and the County and that the County has authority of land use, not the CSD.  The community would like to preserve this property as a natural park and is exploring ways to do that.

Wednesday, 11/17
Fair 2x2 meeting.  Making great progress on draft updates to agreement with the Fair Association and that should be coming to the Board sometime soon, after the Fair Association Board takes a look at it at their 12/8 meeting.

EDC Fire Safe Council.  A lot of interest in the County’s biomass effort to support vegetation management and fuels reduction projects.  Collaborating with County on FEMA Hazard Mitigation grants for potential projects.  Free chipping program is funded and open with information on website.

Phone update with Jeff Horn at BLM that Cronan Ranch parking has been expanded in collaboration with Vickie Sanders at County Parks, and Marshall Seaborn and Kevin Gilliland at County Facilities.  I appreciate the ongoing communication with all parties to continue making improvements at this shared site.  There will likely be a Board item for further improvements at Cronan, but those are still in the making and a ways out.

Attended and listened in on the Amador-El Dorado Forest Forum panel on Biomass in El Dorado County.  Supervisor Turnboo was a speaker and our consultant Greg Stanton attended and gave a brief update and made some great contacts.

Thursday, 11/18
Webinar: California Wildfire & Forest Resilience Task Force

Friday, 11/19
Monthly meeting with Long Range Planning staff.

Saturday, 11/20
Attended Georgetown Fire Department’s 40th Anniversary Celebration of paramedic ambulance service to the Divide.  It was a beautiful day and drew great crowds, so my husband and I ended up staying for the day and attended the annual Thanksgiving Senior Dinner hosted by the Native Sons of the Golden West Parlor No. 91.  It was wonderful to catch up with everyone.

Monday, 11/22
Attended Taxpayers Association meeting.  County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn was the guest speaker.
Virtual meeting to review EDC Transit Authority (EDCTA) annual audit in preparation of approving the audit at the 12/2 EDCTA meeting.

Tuesday, 11/23
Meeting with EDC Water Agency General Manager Ken Payne and local cattle ranchers to follow up on the effort to develop a program with the Bureau of Reclamation for vegetation management using livestock on the Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) lands.

Monday, 11/29
Taxpayers Association meeting.  EDC Assessor Karl Weiland was the guest speaker and shared information regarding Prop 19 implementation and potential legislation to address unintended consequences of Prop 19.

Toured the Rio Bravo Biomass Facility at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln with Pioneer Community Energy representatives.  The Rio Bravo operations manager shared a presentation and emphasized the need for more biomass facilities if we are going to be effective in forest management and fuels reduction.

While at the tour I shared with Pioneer representatives the many inquiries we were getting regarding EDC joining Pioneer beginning in January 2022.  As a result, Pioneer is holding an additional webinar on December 14 and updated its website with a page of information specifically for El Dorado County and Placerville.

December 2021​

Wednesday and Thursday, 12/8 and 12/9
Attended RCRC meeting in Merced County, seat of the 2020 RCRC Chair.
Approved several administrative matters, such as election of officers and the budget.  Most noteworthy was approval of a 3-year strategic plan that aligned really well with many of the same goals that we have in our plan.
Also convened the first Board of Directors meeting of the newly formed Golden State Connect Authority (GSCA).  Good to see this concerted effort to advance the investment and delivery of broadband to rural California.  Thank you to the Board for approving the Joint Powers Agreement so that El Dorado County is member of this organization.

Friday, 12/10
Monthly meeting with Human Resources (HR) Director.

Monthly meeting with Department of Transportation (DOT) Director.

Meeting with Treasurer-Tax Collector.

Sunday, 12/12
Garden Valley Fire Breakfast.  Good to catch up with everyone on several issues, including Bayne Road Parking Sign Survey.

Monday, 12/13
Taxpayers Association monthly business meeting.

Meeting with Consultant Greg Stanton for an update on his research regarding a biomass facility in EDC.  He is making great progress in contacting interested parties and potential partners and anticipates having an update to the Board early next year.

Wednesday, 12/15
Zoom meeting with the AKT/Lennar group about potential projects in El Dorado County.  The Focus of these is to create housing with technology to allow seniors to live in their own home longer.

Thursday, 12/16
Golden Sierra Job Training Agency Governing Board meeting.  Placer County Supervisor Suzanne Jones is now the Chair and I have moved to the Vice Chair position.  Our Economic Development Director Kyle Zimbelman has joined the GSJTA Workforce Board.  Thank you to Kyle for stepping into that role.

Wednesday, 12/29
Submitted a comment from my office to the Bureau of Land Management to show support for the proposed Statewide Wildland-Urban Interface Fuels Treatments Programmatic Environmental Assessment.

Week of 12/27 - 1/1
Many phone calls and emails with constituents and the Emergency Operations Center to connect people with services and resources to assist those in need due to the extended power outages and being homebound from the extreme snowstorm.

2020 Activities and Meetings


January 2020

Thursday, 1-2-20
Monthly meeting with my planning commissioner and District 1 planning commissioner joined us for a bit.

Wednesday, 1-8-20

EDCWA - Going to Washington D.C.

Meeting with Sheriff - appreciated his time to help me understand more about his department and how I can better interact with him and his department

Thursday, 1-9-20

Met with residents about Vineyards project

Friday, 1-10-20

Met with staff about Vineyards project

Soup and Sandwiches at Camino Pollock Pine Community Center

Saturday, 1-11-20

Cowboy Honor Ride in Auburn to pay respects to Deputy Brian Ishmael.

Sunday, 1-12-20

Garden Valley Fire Department Breakfast - good to see everyone in the new year.  Lots of projects to bring to my attention and get status.

Met with a few residents near the Vineyards project.

Monday, 1-13-20

Good Governance meeting - good discussion.

Human Rights Commission - Discussing their work plan for the commission

Wednesday, 1-15-20

RCRC Monthly meeting

RCRC Sponsored Legislation - We had to take a roll call vote on this one because it was a contentious topic.  Due to cannabis overproduction in California, RCRC is following recent Oregon legislation and proposing legislation to allow for cannabis and cannabis products to be transported across state lines.  This cannot occur until there is a liberalization of federal law. The vote was 17 Ayes, 13 Noes, and 1 Abstain. I voted with the Ayes because the voters directed us to build our legal cannabis market so that we can eradicate the black market in El Dorado County, and this legislation is intended to build the legal market.

During the Member County Issues and Concerns it was brought up by several counties that they are asking others to join them in declaring a state of emergency regarding vegetation management so that we can have leverage as a region for obtaining State grant monies, much like we did with the Tree Mortality state of emergency.  We will be having an agenda item soon to discuss the potential state of emergency. 

RCRC - Evening - Annual installation of officers and Rural Leadership Awards

Thursday, 1-16-20

Meeting with GDPUD General Manager, 2 Board of Directors, and Don Ashton to increase communication between our agencies

Budget ad hoc meeting

Christmas Parade Committee meeting - We debriefed to prepare for 2020.  I mention this because it was good to see that the County had several entries in the 2019 parade and Toys for Tots really appreciated the use of County space.

Friday, 1-17-20

Meeting with Commission on Aging representative - Discussed Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) from CPUC decision.  Liz and I discussed ways to distribute the information to our low-income and medically sensitive residential customers. Keeping an eye on it.

Saturday, 1-18-20

Georgetown Fire Department Town Hall regarding Homeowners Fire Insurance - Great turnout.  I addressed a question regarding County’s Vegetation Management ordinance. Next Town Hall is March 21.

Monday, 1-20-20

El Dorado West Republican Women Federated annual luncheon in Cameron Park - Guest speakers were Congressman McClintock and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.  Major topic was the negative impacts to independent contractors from AB5, and the efforts to repeal it.

Cool Community Hall Association monthly potluck - Asked for Vegetation Management speaker so Shelley sent them the hotline to get connected.

Tuesday, 1-21-20

Georgetown Republican Women’s Luncheon - Guest speaker was Cindy Garcia, Board of Director for GDPUD.  

Snowline Hospice photo exhibit Vanquishing the Invisible honoring women veterans.

Wednesday, 1-22-20

Rubicon Oversight Committee meeting - Large turnout and Vickie did a great job of updating everyone on what’s coming this year and why.

Thursday, 1-23-20

I was asked to attend the monthly Coloma Lotus Advisory Committee (CLAC) meeting.  Good news from El Dorado County Fire Protection District - they will be providing 24/7 coverage during the peak season at the Coloma Lotus Fire Station 74.

Friday, 1-24-20

Meeting to catch up with Chair of the Behavioral Health Commission.  Very hopeful for a good result from recruitment for Mental Health Director.

Saturday, 1-25-20

EDCAR El Dorado County Association of Realtors annual breakfast to support troops.  Great turnout and saw a lot of familiar faces.

Department Meetings with Planning, Environmental Management, and County Counsel, and briefings on Cemeteries, Airports, and Cannabis.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Tour of proposed Vineyards project site with Supervisor Hidahl, our Planning Commissioners, and staff.  I appreciate the applicant working with us to make that happen.

Community meeting hosted by the Divide Action Coalition, which has created a non-profit called American River Community Coalition.  First responders and insurance professionals on the panel to address safety issues regarding the proposed Auburn State Recreation Area plan.

Compliment received from a resident who had a great experience with CPS.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Attended the celebration of 100 Years of Votes for Women cosponsored by the El Dorado County Democratic Women at Oak Ridge High School.  State Controller Betty Yee was the guest speaker.


December 2020

Thursday, 12/3
Golden Sierra Job Training Agency (GSJTA) Governing Board meeting

Monthly phone meeting with my District IV Planning Commissioner

EDC Transportation Commission (EDCTC) Board meeting.  A lot of discussions about items concerning Highway 50 and Placerville transportation issues.

Friday, 12/4
Meeting with staff regarding proposed Mira Loma apartments project

Phone meeting with Norm Brown regarding Bass Lake North agreements

Zoom meeting with Farm Bureau to meet with new Director and one of the directors to discuss the Ranch Marketing Ordinance.

Monday, 12/7
Listened in on the Taxpayers Association Zoom meeting.  Bill O’Neill, Registrar of Voters was the guest speaker and gave updates on the recent election.

Brief Zoom meeting with Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) staff and Central Subregion representatives.  El Dorado County will be the voting member of the Central Subregion starting next year for the next 2 years, so we were checking in with each other.

Wednesday, 12-9-20
RCRC Board of Directors Meeting
  • Recruitment for President Greg Norton’s replacement is ongoing and expected to be completed in March 2021.  Greg will continue to serve as President until the replacement is selected.
  • Administrative items - approved budget, said farewell to Supervisors who are leaving, elected officers
  • Update regarding concerns with the Board of Forestry’s draft rulemaking on the updated Fire Safe Regulations.  The updated regulations could impact housing production across the state.  If our County Counsel would like assistance in navigating the regulations, contact General Counsel at RCRC for assistance.
  • Wildfire Update - Reports indicate that Insurance Commissioner Lara is going to start working with the insurance industry, which could be promising for a homeowners insurance solution. 
  • The Board members spent a lot of time discussing the RCRC staff proposal for a comprehensive fire prevention package for the Legislature to consider.  A lot of it revolved around legislation and funding to reduce wildfire risk, for activities such as vegetation management, forest health and home hardening.  The Board approved the proposal after removing a controversial watershed mandate.
  • The Board adopted an “Oppose” position to any proposed legislation that requires a Top-Two Advance for County Elected Officials.
  • The Board endorsed a joint powers authority (JPA) governance solution to oversee District Agricultural Association fairs.  El Dorado County’s fair is run by a non-profit and would not fall under this JPA.  

PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff listening session.  Thank you to Don Ashton, CAO, for setting up the meeting and to my assistant, Shelley Wiley, for attending on my behalf to bring up concerns about power outages and communication, especially in the more remote areas of the county. 

Thursday, 12/10
I attended the Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s virtual board meeting.  Next year El Dorado County will be rotated in as the voting member of the Central Subregion.

Friday, 12/11
Phone meeting with District IV Fish and Game Commissioner.  Will be following up with CAO with some administrative questions.

Monday, 12/14
Pioneer Energy update with Supervisor Hidahl from CAO.  Moving forward.

Phone meeting with Ken Payne, General Manager of the El Dorado County Water Agency.  Caught up on several ongoing items and I will be contacting staff with some follow up.

Wednesday, 12/16
Participated in Healthy El Dorado Advisory Meeting led by Bill Roby of the El Dorado Community Foundation.  Great discussion about concerns within our communities.

Thursday, 12/17
Participated in the Mountain Counties Air Basin Control Council meeting.  Approved budget and revisions to the JPA (Joint Powers Authority) agreement and bylaws, and received prescribed burn report.

Watched the El Dorado County RAC (Resource Advisory Committee) webinar.  The RAC has been inactive since 2016 so it was good to see it restarted.

Friday, 12/18
Meeting with Rob Peters and Chris Perry from the Planning Department.  Appreciated the updates and discussion on a few projects and policies.  Staff will likely be bringing an agenda item to the Board for direction on potential updates to the Ranch Marketing Ordinance.  There are a few parts of the Ordinance that could be updated for clarity.

Thank you to Greg Stanton for our monthly Environmental Management meeting.

Saturday, 12/19
District IV Parks & Rec Commissioner and I toured park sites to brainstorm potential projects to consider in the Parks Master Plan update.

Monday, 12/21
Thank you to County Counsel for monthly meeting.

Tuesday, 12/22
Watched all-day virtual workshop by the Board of Forestry regarding their proposed revisions to the State Fire Safe Regulations.  There is a lot of concern regarding the proposed revisions because it “will have extraordinary impacts on housing production, not only in rural areas of the state, but also in more urbanized regions of California.  For instance, the draft regulations would prohibit any future building construction on property served by a road that has not been upgraded, or that cannot be upgraded to meet current standards, such as dead-end roads.  These upgrade requirements include road widening, re-surfacing, leveling grades and curves, and bridge improvements, from the property line to the nearest fire station, and apply to the building of a single residential unit or any business increasing its "service capacity."  All required upgrades would be at the expense of the property owner.”

I was very happy to learn that RCRC staff has been heavily involved in this process and made several comments of concern during the workshop.

Wednesday, 12/23
COVID Cooperators Call

Wednesday, 12/30
COVID Cooperators Call

Used the holiday down time to catch up on phone calls and emails.


November 2020

Monday, 11/2

Received Thank You Note from Odd Fellows in Georgetown for Community Grant to assist with the hall renovation.

Tuesday, 11/3

Thank you to Kim Dawson and her staff for working with me and Shelley to have a test Zoom meeting to prepare for our Roundabout Meeting with DOT coming up on 11/12

Wednesday, 11/4

Attended virtual Regional Economic Summit hosted by North State Planning & Development Collective.  Data intensive presentation by Dr. Robert Eyler and informative presentation by Barbara Hayes of RCRC about broadband and forest efforts.  Looking forward to the video recording to review the data.

Thursday, 11/5

Attended virtual El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) meeting.  Special thank you to Executive Director Deloria for persevering and securing a grant for the Highway 49 Confluence study.  That work will begin next year and I’ve been keeping the community informed through our District IV newsletter and on Facebook.

Friday, 11/6

Listened in virtually to the Pioneer Community Energy Board meeting as they discussed expanding to include El Dorado County and the City of Placerville.

Saturday, 11/7

Honored to read the Board of Supervisors Veterans Day Proclamation for the video recording of the virtual Veterans Day ceremony

Monday, 11/9

Attended both the Governments For Forest Health and Governor’s Forest Management Task Force virtual meetings.  I plan to follow up with Supervisor Veerkamp on how much value he sees that we get from these meetings.

Over the last several weeks, many phone calls and meetings with residents regarding concerns surrounding the proposed Mira Loma project in the Cameron Woods neighborhood.  I appreciate staff’s ongoing support in addressing those concerns.

Additionally over the last several weeks, many phone calls and meetings with residents and the manager of the Black Oak Mountain Vineyard over concerns regarding the noise from events and compliance with the Ranch Marketing Ordinance.  

Thursday, 11/12

El Dorado Water Agency meeting - finalized strategic plan

Hosted Lotus/Gold Hill Road online community meeting.  DOT Director Rafael Martinez did a great job of explaining why we are looking at a roundabout at that intersection.  I also want to thank our Clerk of the Board, Kim Dawson, for making sure that we were all set up to host the Zoom meeting.  The meeting was recorded and we sent a link out in our District IV newsletter, which will be posted on our District IV webpage and Facebook page.

Wednesday, 11/18

Online meeting with staff regarding proposed Mira Loma/Cameron Woods Apartments

Participated in SOFAR collaborative online meeting.  Ken Payne from EDC Water Agency presented a proposal to increase Water Agency participation in SOFAR since it relates to watershed.

Thursday, 11/19

Participated in a webinar organized by the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection:  Organizing Community-Based Wildland Fuels Management Projects.  Good information.

Monthly phone call to check in with HSSA Director Don Semon.

Participated in an online presentation hosted by the Eldorado National Forest regarding the King Fire restoration.

Friday, 11/20

Monthly Zoom meeting with Planning Staff

Zoom meeting regarding progress of the Coloma Lotus Economic Analysis Study.

Monthly meeting with Director of Environmental Management Greg Stanton.

Monday, 11/23

Meeting with General Manager of the Georgetown Divide Recreation District (GDRD)

Wednesday, 11/25

Listened in on the Public Health Cooperators’ Call regarding COVID update.

Used slowdown for Thanksgiving to catch up on emails and phone calls and get outside for some yardwork and enjoy this beautiful time of year.


October 2020

Thursday, 10/1

Our office was getting a lot of phone calls regarding the IBC Writ.  So, thank you to Rob Peters in Planning for the phone call explaining how the IBC issue is being addressed.

EDC Transportation Commission meeting.  Previewed the El Dorado Hills transportation plan public outreach videos.

Coloma Lotus Advisory Committee meeting.  It was good to see them meeting again.  Several ad hoc committees formed to work on specific tasks and potentially bring recommendations to the Board.

Friday, 10/2

Phone calls and emails coming in about the proposed Mira Loma Apartments project off of Cameron Park Drive.  I appreciate the DOT Director reaching out on that project and I’ll be meeting with staff to understand next steps in that project.  

Monday, 10/5

Supervisor Hidahl and I met with staff to review the 2021 Board meeting calendar.

Tuesday, 10/6

I’ll be visiting another hemp farm this afternoon.  National Night Out is this evening.

Tuesday, 10/6

After BOS meeting visited hemp farm on Thompson Hill.  Talked with the farmers and observed the smells and lack of setbacks to neighbor.

Went to Georgetown for National Night Out.  It was outside and people were social distancing and/or wearing masks.  Stopped by the Divide Chamber of Commerce booth and Sol appreciated Kyle Zimbleman driving up there to drop off masks and hand sanitizer.

Wednesday, 10/7

Participated in the Golden State Job Training Agency board meeting.

Thursday, 10/8

Took the day off and drove up to Hope Valley.  Trees were just starting to get their color.

Friday, 10/8

Spent the morning in Coloma gathering information for economic analysis and parks/trails plans.

Monthly meeting with DOT Director.

Saturday, 10/9

Visit to Thompson Hill hemp farm neighbor.  Good to see the farm from their perspective.

Sunday, 10/10

Contacted about concerns regarding the Cameron Park Airport and its financial stability.  Questions about how is the airport funded and what if it goes bankrupt.  Could become a County issue, so bringing to Board’s attention and I did contact Supervisor Frentzen since it is in her district.

Monday, 10/12

Lots of emails and phone calls over the past week regarding the Mira Loma Apartments pre-app, so appreciated a virtual meeting with my Planning Commissioner, County Counsel, and Planning staff to discuss the steps of the process and potential options.  I will report out to the community in an upcoming newsletter.

Attended the Republic Central Committee monthly meeting where Kevin Kiley was the guest speaker and gave an update on his lawsuit against Governor Newsom’s use of Executive Orders.

Wednesday, 10/14

Phone call to check in with Sierra Nevada Conservancy for next year’s board appointment.  El Dorado County will chair our region on the board.

Attended virtual El Dorado County Water Agency EDCWA Board meeting.  Continued working on Strategic Plan.

Attended virtual SOFAR meeting.

Thursday, 10/15

Attended Environmental Services JPA virtual meeting.  Primary focus was on implementing SB 1383 and regulations for closing down landfills, such as our Union Mine landfill.

Friday, 10/16

Shelley and I attended our virtual monthly meeting with Long Range Planning.  Updates and opportunity for discussion are very appreciated.  My concerns about the proposed project at Hacienda on Cameron Park Drive are being addressed with a traffic signal being added to the widening of Cameron Park Drive in that area.  Thank you to DOT for looking into that for the safety of everyone using Cameron Park Drive.

Shelley and I had a virtual introductory meeting with our new PG&E Government Relations representative, Sarah Rasheed.  It was good to meet her and we thanked Brandon Sanders for his great customer service over the past 2 years that we’ve worked with him.

Phone meeting with Assemblyman Kevin Kiley and residents in the Cameron Woods neighborhood where the Mira Loma Apartments project is being proposed.  It was good that the residents were able to discuss their concerns with us. This particular parcel has a complex history, so I let them know that I am working with staff on next steps. 

Shelley and I had a virtual meeting with Charles Mason our CPUC representative.  We did not have a chance to meet with him prior to COVID, so this was our first meeting.  We focused on what we can do to assist areas that do not have any communications during power outages.  We are packaging that information and plan to send that out to our residents soon.

Sunday, 10/17

The fires along Highway 50 were only a few blocks from my house, so I wanted to thank our first responders for their quick response and getting the fires under control quickly.  The planes, helicopters, and ground crews did an amazing job.

Lots of questions about the proposed roundabout at the intersection of Lotus and Gold Hill Roads.  Our office is working on gathering information to respond to those inquiries and will be working with our DOT director to plan a virtual Town Hall.

Tuesday, 10/27

Virtual meeting with Barry Broome of Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC)

Thursday, 10/29

Supervisor Hidahl and I participated in the virtual Hemp Ad Hoc meeting.  Staff will be bringing the moratorium documents to the Board by the end of this year and will work on drafting an Ordinance for the ad hoc to review early next year.

Friday, 10/30

Attended the TuCARE 28th Annual Natural Resources Summit, which was virtual this year.  TuCARE is Tuolumne County Alliance for Resources & Environment, which was established in 1988.  Their theme this year was “Where there’s a WILL, There’s a WAY.”  For a visual of the work that needs to be done for our forest health, it was said that if you can ride a horse through a forest, then you’ve thinned it about right.  Great information and video is available at  

I went out to Coloma to see the pumpkins on the bridge for Halloween.  Crisp and cool evening to be outside by the river and enjoy the creativity of the pumpkins.


September 2020

Thursday, 9/3 Participated as an alternate in the El Dorado Transit Authority Board meeting

Participated in the El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) meeting.  Update from Executive Director stating that grant application for Confluence study was rejected.  He is looking for an alternate funding source for this important study.

Friday, 9/4

Fire ad hoc committee meeting

Meeting with Ag Commissioner and CAO to discuss the Livestock Grazing information campaign proposed by cattle ranchers.  Follow up meeting tomorrow 9/23.

Tuesday, 9/8

Fork Fire started.  I appreciate the Chair and CAO keeping me updated.

Wednesday, 9/9

Started participating in  daily Fork Fire Cooperators call to stay informed on fire and resources to share with constituents in newsletter and social media. 

Phone call with Pastor Drew of the Cool Community Church regarding evacuation center.  Due to COVID, the church was being used as a hub to get evacuees hotel vouchers.

Thursday, 9/10

Started receiving a lot of phone calls and emails about Mosquito Bridge status.  As a result, provided an update in the District IV newsletter and on social media.

Friday, 9/11

Online meeting with Natalie Porter in DOT to follow up on SB 743 Vehicle Miles Traveled VMT discussion and why Shingle Springs numbers appeared atypical.

Monthly DOT meeting with updates.

Started receiving a lot of phone calls and emails asking about a ban on campfires, which resulted in the 9/22 BOS agenda item.

Saturday, 9/12

Phone call with El Dorado County Fire Chief Cordero to discuss potential for ban on campfires during fire season.  Appreciated input regarding BOS discussion.

Monday, 9/14

Participated in a virtual meeting to discuss proposed recommendations to the Governor by the Forest Management Task Force.  Concerns raised about taking 2 years to come up with recommendations and how some groups are represented more than others in the recommendations.

Participated in the virtual Governor’s Forest Management Task Force.  Two guest speakers gave presentations and then two of the subcommittees presented their recommendations with no opportunity for discussion, so not interactive.

Wednesday, 9/16

  • RCRC virtual Board meeting

  • I was honored to recognize the winner of the 4th Annual RCRC Photo Contest.  El Dorado County resident Jason Brand took the winning photo of Mack Lake in Inyo County.  Mr. Brand also submitted a beautiful nighttime photo of El Dorado County that was one of the 3 finalist photos.

  • Voted to take No Position on Prop 22.  Was not a unanimous vote.

  • The Ad Hoc Committee on Homeowner’s Insurance made its recommendations to the RCRC Board of Directors.  It was very disappointing that the Insurance Commissioner did not support AB 2167.  The Insurance Commissioner needs to hear from voters about the need for legislation to assist homeowners with obtaining affordable insurance.

Participated in virtual SOFAR Collaborative meeting.  I shared a brief summary of the Feinstein proposed legislation with the group.

Thursday, 9/17

Attended Foothill Interfaith Collaboration Kickoff meeting.  Effort by local churches to come together on issues.

Friday, 9/18

Monthly online meeting with Long Range Planning Staff for updates.  I appreciated that they started early so that I could get to the Water Agency meeting.

EDCWA virtual meeting.  We collaboratively worked on the Strategic Plan.

Budget hearing to consider adoption of the  2020/21 Budget

Monday, 9/21

First day without a Fork Fire Cooperators Call.  Good news - the fire is staying quiet.

Wednesday, 9/23

Meeting with Ag Commissioner Charlene Carveth and Chuck Bacchi to check in on status of the educational campaign to use Livestock Grazing as a tool for vegetation management.  Charlene reported that the phone line should be installed by the end of this month and that handouts and materials are ready.  The plan is to hold one or two workshops before spring of next year and reach out to Fire Safe Councils to start sharing information.  To start things off Chuck Bacchi will be the point of contact for connecting with ranchers.

Supervisor Veerkamp and I participated in the Urgency Housing Ad Hoc Committee.  Staff is making great progress on preparing an ordinance to bring to the Board.

Thursday, 9/24

Monthly meeting with County Counsel

Friday, 9/25

Site visit at hemp farm.  I appreciated the opportunity and am planning on visiting another site soon.

Lunch meeting with Supervisor-elect Wendy Thomas.  We were cognizant of the Brown Act and mostly talked about the challenges of being a new supervisor.

Thank you to County Counsel’s office, the Treasurer-Tax Collector, and to Code Enforcement for working toward bringing a few code violators into compliance to help improve quality of life in neighborhoods.


August 2020

Monday, 8/3

Listened in on the last half of the Taxpayers Association monthly business Zoom meeting.

Participated in RCRC Homeowners Insurance Ad Hoc Committee meeting.  The committee discussed SB 2167 which establishes the Insurance Market Action Plan, known as IMAP.  In 1988 Prop 103 allowed insurers to request up to 6.9% rate increases without a public hearing.  SB 2167 allows insurers to request actuarial based rate increases which could be higher than the 6.9% in exchange for offering policies in IMAP counties at a market penetration level equal to 85% of their statewide market penetration level.  The goal is to allow insurers to recover their losses and stay in California and get policyholders off of the FAIR plan.

  • The ad hoc committee is working on a report for submission to the full RCRC Board at their September meeting, which I will share with you when published

Wednesday, 8/5

Golden State Job Training Agency Board meeting

Budget ad hoc committee

Thursday, 8/6

El Dorado County Transportation Commission meeting

Friday, 8/7

Met on site with SMUD and Mountain Enterprises representatives to tour vegetation management work done for landowner who was not satisfied with work done on her property under the transmission lines.  I appreciate that SMUD is going above and beyond to work with the landowner.

Monday, 8/10

Listened in on part of the Taxpayers Association meeting.  Joe Irvin, Manager of City of South Lake Tahoe, was the guest speaker.

Listened in on the Government for Forest Health online meeting.

Listened in on the Governor’s Forest Management Task Force online meeting.

Tuesday, 8/11

Meet and Greet with new Assistant Director of IT, John Goode.

Wednesday, 8/12

RCRC Board of Directors virtual meeting.

  • President and CEO Greg Norton announced his retired effective end of 2020.

  • Ballot measure positions (some very contentious discussion):

    • Prop 15 - Split Roll - OPPOSE

    • Prop 16 - Repeal affirmative action prohibition - SUPPORT

    • Prop 17 - Voting rights for felons still on parole - OPPOSE

    • Prop 18 - Age of voting to 17 for primary if 18 by general - NEUTRAL

    • Prop 19 - Similar to Prop 90 tax base transfer for seniors - OPPOSE

  • Reminder to Counties to get the Electric Vehicle Charging ordinances completed or else the State will do it for us with legislation.  Only a few jurisdictions in the State have completed their ordinances and EDC was not on the list.

Thursday, 8/13

RCRC ESJPA (Environmental Service Joint Powers Authority) virtual meeting.  Primarily talked about implementation of SB 1383. 

Attended small ceremony in Auburn Lake Trails to commemorate that they have been a Fire Wise Community for 15 years and received signage from the National Fire Protection Association for the gate entrances.  ALT is also 50 years old now and plans for their celebration are on hold until next year. 

I have a mural on loan from the EDC Museum in my office, so I connected the Recorder-Clerk and the County Museum Director to arrange for a loan of museum artwork for the Recorder-Clerks office now that the remodel is complete.  The office looks great and I will stop by to see the artwork up on walls.  Great to share our local history for public viewing.

Friday, 8/14

Virtual meeting with local cattle ranchers and Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) representatives regarding reestablishing cattle grazing on the ASRA Knicker Bocker property in Cool.  BOR was more concerned about the water quality impacts than the fire safety aspects, so we will continue to look into that.

Phone meeting with GDRD (Georgetown Divide Recreation District) General Manager regarding access to Greenwood Schoolhouse.  My monthly meeting with DOT Director was immediately after phone call, so I connected her with our DOT Director for potential temporary access through our DOT yard in Greenwood.

Monday, 8/17

Zoomed in to the Taxpayers Association meeting.  Jill Ritzman, General Manager of Cameron Park CSD, was the guest speaker.

Heads up that I may be bringing an agenda item to Board regarding a pioneer cemetery that needs vegetation management but has questionable ownership.  Working with staff.

Tuesday, 8/18

Follow up meeting with SMUD representatives.

Wednesday, 8/19

Virtual meeting of Hemp ad hoc committee.  Next steps are that the Ag Commissioner will be bringing our recommendation to the Board for further direction.

Monthly phone meeting with HHSA Director Don Semon.

Thursday, 8/20

Virtual meeting with Natalie Porter in DOT to follow up on my questions from our 8/4 VMT discussion.  She is working with consultant on VMT threshold questions.

My assistant Shelley and I participated in a meeting with OES deputies for an update on Fire and Evacuations.  After that meeting we participated in a session with the Sheriff’s situation simulator.  Great experience and appreciated how the simulator gives you the opportunity to debrief after each simulation.

Friday, 8/21

Monthly meeting with Long Range Planning staff.

Monthly meeting with Environmental Management Director.

Meeting with local ranchers and LeeAnne in Ag Dept.  Working toward an educational program for using livestock grazing for vegetation management.  Feedback from CAO and Supervisor Veerkamp will determine next steps and whether we will bring an item to the Board for further direction.

Monday, 8/24

CCA (Community Choice Aggregate) ad hoc meeting.  We will be bringing an item to the Board so that we can have discussion on whether to engage with Pioneer JPA in Placer County.

Thursday, 8/27

Monthly meeting with County Counsel

Friday, 8/28

Meeting with DOT Director for status on a few District 4 projects

Monday, 8/31

Supervisor Hidahl and I participated in the CCA Community Choice Aggregate ad hoc meeting with representatives from Pioneer Energy.  Good meeting, making progress, and a presentation and draft ordinance will be on our 9-22-20 agenda for your review and approval.

Follow up meeting with local ranchers toward creating an El Dorado County Livestock Grazing Information phone line to encourage using livestock grazing for vegetation management.  Making progress.


July 2020

Wednesday, 7/1/20

Tried to participate in Virtual Town Hall on SB 743, Vehicle Miles Traveled, but it was poorly organized and started off as a sales pitch about how great SB 743 is going to be for our State.  I don’t know if anyone else participated, but it seemed to be a waste of time and so I didn’t stay for the whole webinar.

Thursday, 7/2/20

Supervisor Frentzen and I had a video meeting update with Environmental Management and El Dorado Disposal

Monday, 7/6/20

Listened in on Taxpayers Association monthly business meeting

CAO and I had a phone call with RCRC to get clarification on a couple State issues

Tuesday, 7/7/20

Had a socially distanced outside meeting with members of the Mosquito Fire Safe Council.  It was good to catch up with what is going on there.

Wednesday, 7/8/20

To follow up on Board direction from the 6/30/20 meeting, I participated in a meeting with Supervisor Novasel and staff regarding the Human Rights Commission.  We decided that Supervisor Novasel will take the lead on the Commission and I will receive correspondence so that I’m in the loop.

Missed EDCWA meeting because Human Rights Commission meeting went long and we were at a criti al point in the discussion.

Attended the Ag Commission meeting.  I’ve been in touch with the Cattleman’s Association and there was a presentation regarding promoting using livestock grazing for Vegetation Management.  The Commission created an ad hoc committee to explore that possibility and I look forward to supporting their efforts.

Thursday, 7/9/20

Zoom meeting organized by McClintock’s office including agencies involved in the Auburn State Recreation Area to follow up on the release on the FEIR for the ASRA General Plan update.

Friday, 7/10/20

Monthly meeting with DOT Director.

Saturday, 7/11/20

Attended socially distanced outdoor meeting for the Volcanoville Firewise Community Council.  Well attended.  Gave update on items in the County.  It was really good to see everyone!

Monday, 7/13/20

Listened in on Taxpayers Association meeting, guest speaker was David Wolfe regarding ballot measures

Huge thank you to our Clerk of the Board for working diligently to help the community feel comfortable with using Zoom for public comment

Supervisor Veerkamp and I participated in Budget ad hoc in the morning

I was the guest speaker at the Republican Central Committee last night

Generally, responding to lots of emails with COVID questions and receipt of Dollar General public comments

Week of 7/15 to 7/21/20

Phone calls with residents and agencies, especially about next steps regarding Auburn State Recreation Area General Plan Update, including setting up meetings with the Cattleman’s Association for potential livestock grazing on ASRA and elsewhere in the County.

Wednesday, 7/15/20

Weekly COVID Cooperators Call

Monthly meeting with HHSA Director

Friday, 7/17/20

Monthly Zoom meeting with Long Range Planning Staff

Monday, 7/20/20

Taxpayers Association Zoom meeting, Vern Pierson guest speaker

Wednesday, 7/22/20

Supervisor Veerkamp and I participated in the Emergency Housing Ad Hoc committee.  I appreciate the progress that staff is making on this issue and I look forward to when we can bring something to the Board.

Meeting with cattle ranchers and Cattlemen’s Association representatives regarding potential livestock grazing programs in El Dorado County and particularly in the Auburn State Recreation Area.  Many follow up emails and phone calls to prepare for meeting with Bureau of Reclamation

Thursday, 7/23/20

Monthly meeting with County Counsel

Friday, 7/24/20

Meeting with Georgetown Fire Chief Glenn Brown

With fire season upon us our office is getting more requests for information about evacuation routes.  I need assistance on where to direct them for information.

Wednesday, 7/29/20

Fire ad hoc meeting to discuss Grand Jury report response.

Thursday, 7/30/20

Fire ad hoc meeting with consultant regarding EMS JPA.

Tour of California Conservation Corps (CCC) center in Greenwood.  Thank you to District Director Robert Griffith.

Friday, 7/31/20

Follow up meeting regarding reestablishing cattle grazing for vegetation management on Knickerbocker land in the Auburn State Recreation Area.  Next meeting in two weeks.


June 2020

Monday, 6-1-20

Virtual Taxpayers Association meeting - Jody Gray, Fair Association, guest speaker

Virtual meeting with State Parks, County Parks, Public Health Officer, and CAO to discuss status of river rafting industry reopening steps

Tuesday, 6-2-20

Virtual Town Hall with river rafting outfitters - thank you to State Parks, County Parks, County Public Health Officer, and our CAO

BOS Special Meeting

Phone call with Chair of the Cool Pilot Hill Community Advisory Committee about Planning Department processes

Wednesday, 6-3-20

Virtual Board meeting of the Governing Body of the Golden Sierra Job Training Agency.  They are finding that clients are liking the added accessibility of online services.  Unemployment claims are slowly decreasing.

Budget ad hoc committee meeting to prepare for today’s agenda item on the budget

Thursday, 6-4-20

Monthly meeting with my Planning Commissioner

EDC Transportation Commission meeting - approved Work Plan

Friday, 6-5-20

Briefing on EMS and Fire services from Sue Hennike in anticipation of upcoming discussions

Phone meeting with resident concerned about how Zones of Benefit program works

Follow up virtual meeting regarding the EDC Water Agency logo rebranding

Attended Historical Society meeting for a little bit

Saturday, 6-6-20

Meeting with resident concerned about lack of public’s understanding and accessibility to County’s planning processes during COVID, especially with the Dollar General project

Monday, 6-8-20

Participated in webinars for Government For Forest Management and the Governor’s Forest Management Task Force

Potential for additional Tree Mortality funding

Wednesday, 6-10-20

EDCWA meeting - finalized new logo and budget

Monthly phone meeting with Planning Commissioner

Friday, 6-12-20

Cannabis briefing

Monthly meeting with DOT Director

Monday, 6-15-20

Taxpayers Association Zoom meeting - Monthly business meeting

Site visit to Shoo Fly Road Defensible Space project with CCC and Georgetown Divide Fire Safe Council members

Tuesday, 6-16-20

Ad hoc Fire meeting

Ad hoc Housing meeting

Wednesday, 6-17-20

RCRC Zoom meeting

  • Last meeting was March 11, so lots to talk about

  • During Member County Concerns, I brought up request for clarification on Reopening Guidelines when the Governor’s Stay In Place order is still in effect

  • Executive Committee voted to waive membership dues for 2020

    • El Dorado County is $13,000

    • Will receive an invoice with $0 balance due

  • We spent hours discussing a draft letter to the Governor requesting that he remember to consider the unique character of rural counties when making his orders and reopening guidelines

  • Legislation positions

    • No position on Rental Affordability Act

    • No position on SB 10 Bail Reform Referendum

    • Support position on Public Safety Ballot Initiative: undoes some of Prop 47

  • Budget discussion - much has changed since meeting

    • “most mysterious budget ever”

Golden State Finance Authority meeting during RCRC meeting at 10:00am

  • Mortgage business was strong during COVID

  • Approved resolution for GSFA to file applications for Rural Development Opportunity Fund to support broadband infrastructure for rural counties

  • Approved resolution to implement Revolving Loan Fund for Member Counties as “gap” funding for when a grant has been awarded but need up-front monies

Meeting with DOT Director regarding potential Rodeo Drive off ramp

Budget ad hoc meeting

Phone meeting with Human Rights Commission chair

Thursday, 6-18-20

Phone meeting with District IV Human Rights Commission representative

Friday, 6-19-20

Monthly Zoom meeting with Long Range Planning staff

Monthly phone meeting with HHSA Director

Monthly phone meeting with Environmental Management Director

Monday, 6-22-20

Taxpayers Zoom meeting - guest speaker Assemblyman Kevin Kiley

Special Board of Supervisors meeting regarding potential budget cuts

Wednesday, 6-24

Phone call to check in with residents near the former Tribal Gun Range.

Thursday, 6-25

ESJPA (Environmental Services JPA) meeting.  Approved draft budget with membership fees reduced by 50%.  Lots of discussion about implementing legislation.

Participated in meeting with Sheriff and County residents regarding policing policies in El Dorado County.  Spoke with one of the participants afterward and we plan to sign up for the Sheriff’s Citizens Academy to better understand his department's operations.

Monthly meeting with County Counsel.

Friday, 6-26

The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the ASRA (Auburn State Recreation Area) General Plan update was published at the end of the day.  In anticipation of the FEIR, I had a phone meeting with Kimberly Pruitt of Congressman McClintock’s office.  We will be holding a Zoom meeting with all involved agencies in that area to follow up on the FEIR.  Kimberly reminds us that the Plan did not entitle any projects and each project within the Plan will have to go through its own environmental process, including NEPA because it is on Federal land.

Phone meeting with the Planning and Building Director.

Monday, 6-29

Taxpayers Zoom meeting.  Laurel Brent-Bumb of the El Dorado County Chamber was the guest speaker.

Phone meeting with EDCTC Executive Director Woody Deloria.  Will include him in ASRA Confluence Zoom meeting with McClintock’s office.  Got clarification on the Cameron Park undercrossing widening project - part of the full interchange project, so he is going to look into whether it can be done separately.

Meeting to check in with Supervisor Veerkamp and our Forest Management team.


May 2020

Friday, 5-1-20

Many constituent phone calls to follow up on Governor letter and parking near parks.

Agenda review with EDCTC Executive Director Woody Deloria and discussed bicyclists on rural roads.

Tuesday, 5-5-20

Cool Pilot Hill Community Advisory Committee virtual meeting with the Grocery Outlet developer.

Wednesday, 5-6-20

Phone meeting with PG&E representative regarding the microgrid in Georgetown.

Briefing with the Treasurer Tax Collector.

Thursday, 5-7-20

Phone meeting with member of American River Community Coalition to request an update on Auburn State Recreation Area project

EDCTC virtual meeting.  

I voted against funding an online map promoting bicycle routes on rural roads because our office receives a lot of complaints about bicyclists on narrow, winding, rural roads.  

Executive Director gave an update that the grant application was submitted for the Highway 49 Confluence road study.  

The Caltrans representative will get back to me with an update on the status of the Cameron Park undercrossing widening as that was supposed to be completed this summer.

Friday, 5-8-20

Special Board Meeting for COVID Attestation by Public Health Officer to move into Stage 2 of reopening.

Phone meeting to follow up with Grocery Outlet developer

Monthly phone meeting with DOT Director

Saturday, 5-9-20

Shelley and I drove by many of the District 4 parking hotspots to see how the parking situations at parks were doing.  Met property owner and neighbors at Traverse Creek and was glad to meet them and see their progress on protecting their private property.

Monday, 5-11-20

Taxpayers Association virtual meeting Treasurer Tax Collector Karen Coleman was guest speaker.

Watched Placer County’s Special Board meeting for their Attestation Statement.  Many of the same conversations that we had at our Special Meeting.

Tuesday, 5-12-20

Phone call with Barry Smith at State Parks, they are preparing to reopen parks in phases.

Wednesday, 5-13-20

El Dorado County Water Agency Board of Directors virtual meeting.

  • Approved moving forward with Fairgrounds Drainage Feasibility Study

  • For the Irrigation Management Services 2020 Growing Season - Approved reducing the cost share amount for each site from $500 to $400

  • Approved entering into contract for Upper American River Basin Regional Drought Contingency Plan

  • Provided feedback to consultant on new logo design

  • Received presentation and approved 2020/21 recommended budget

SOFAR forest collaborative virtual meeting.

Friday, 5-15-20

Phone call with Elections Department Director to discuss options for November election.  Thank you, Bill.

Fielded several COVID-19 related questions from industries that want to reopen and events that may be cancelled, such as graduations.  I appreciate staff’s help in responding to these questions with accurate and consistent information.

Monthly phone meeting with the Environmental Management Director.  Thank you for updates, Greg.

Monday, 5-18-20

Taxpayers Association virtual meeting.  Supervisor Veerkamp was the guest speaker and did a great job explaining the current budget and COVID-19 situations.  Thank you to Supervisor Hidahl for bowing out so that I could attend and not violate the Brown Act.

I listened in on the virtual Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting for a proposed bed and breakfast in Coloma.  Sounds like a good opportunity but is a long ways out and there is still plenty of work to do there.

Thank you to all of the agencies that have been working to resolve issues with parking and safety near our parks.  While we understand that people want to recreate, we need to be able to do it safely and in a manner that does not negatively impact nearby residents.  We are working together for long term solutions in several locations.  Everyone’s patience is appreciated.

Wednesday, 5-20-20

Monthly meeting with Don Semon, HHSA Director

Wednesday, 5-27-20

CSAC webinars:  
Housing, Land Use and Transportation Policy

AENR (Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources) Policy
Government Finance and Administration Policy

Thursday, 5-28-20

Emails and phone calls started because the Planning Commission approved Dollar General in Cool

Virtual meeting on EDC Water Agency logo rebranding

Monthly meeting with County Counsel

Friday, 5-29-20

Phone meeting with All About Equine horse rescue applicants


April 2020

Wednesday, 4-1-20

Golden State Job Training Agency Governing Body meeting on telephone.  Decrease in people physically coming into job centers due to Stay at Home orders, but huge increase in requests for assistance with unemployment filings and filing of WARN notices by employers - Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification.  They are in triage mode to help people as best they can.

I sent an email to CalTrans and State Parks asking for assistance to close ALL of the parking so that the one remaining open parking area wasn’t causing congestion on Highway 49 and attracting park visitors against Stay at Home orders.  Great response from all involved.  They had been working on it, but several agencies were involved in this particular area.  All parking was closed down by Friday, 4-3-20.  Received emails of appreciation from residents, however looking for permanent solution.

Thursday, 4-2-20

Participated in a couple test Zoom meetings.  Staff did a great job of working out bugs.

El Dorado County Transportation Commission Zoom meeting (EDCTC).  Quick meeting,  approved adding Federal Advocacy Services to budget and approved advocacy agreement.

Special EDC BOS meeting to approve acceptance of Emergency Homeless Funding.

Friday 4-3-20

Zoom meeting with representatives from EDCTC, Placer County, CalTrans, and State Parks to work toward a permanent solution for the parking problems at the Confluence.  Everyone was in agreement that this needs to be addressed and I think we’re on our way to a work plan to come up with solutions.  EDCTC will be looking into Caltrans grant funding programs to secure planning funding to look into issues and opportunities on SR 49 from Cool to the Confluence.  Specific elements will include parking, truck traffic, and pedestrian safety.  The effort will be led by EDCTC and will be a partnership with El Dorado County, Caltrans, Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA), City of Auburn, Placer County, and State Parks.  I am looking forward to working on this much needed project.

Tuesday 4-7-20 BOS Meeting Comments

Thank you to staff for adjusting to physical distancing and working from home, and to all of our community partners for coming together to provide services to our businesses and residents.  A special thank you to Kim Dawson and our IT staff for working to make our virtual meetings possible.

Lastly, I appreciate Don Ashton, CAO, keeping our weekly 1-1 meetings on the phone so that I can keep up with all that is going on during this challenging time, and his help with fielding inquiries from constituents.

Wednesday, 4-15-20

County Counsel briefing on Cannabis ordinance update

Thursday, 4-16-20

Parks briefing regarding Monroe Trail and Chili Bar Study funding

Friday, 4-17-20

Monthly meeting with Planning staff over Zoom.  Thank you for keeping those meetings.

Quick phone check in with Budget ad hoc committee

Monthly meeting with Environmental Management Director over phone.  Thank you for updates and for handling Quintette water supply issues.

Monday, 4-20-20

Participated in Taxpayers Association’s Zoom meeting where Auditor-Controller Joe Harn was the guest speaker.

Receiving lots of emails and phone calls about illegal parking on roads surrounding closed State Parks.  Drove out to investigate the situation at Bayne Road near Marshall Gold Discovery State Park in Coloma and Pedro Hill Road near Cronan Ranch.  DOT advised that residents work with CHP to address illegal parking.  May need to continue working on improved signage as these are ongoing issues that are increasing as we attract more tourists to the area.

Also increasing emails and phone calls about when we are opening up the County.  Reached out to staff and other Supervisors to have a consistent County message.

4-22-20, Wednesday

Follow up meeting with staff from Assemblyman Bigelow and Senator Dahle’s office to touch base regarding Auburn State Recreation Area.  I shared with them the EDCTC grant application for a study of parking on the Confluence.

4-23-20, Thursday

Monthly meeting with County Counsel

4-24-20, Friday

Webinar by the Governor’s Testing Taskforce - Strategy for testing explained.

Week of 4-27-20

Increase in phone and email complaints about parking near parks and trails.

Contacted DOT, State Parks, U.S. Forest Service for assistance.

4-27-20, Monday

CAO Don Ashton was the guest speaker at Taxpayers Zoom meeting.

4-28-20, Tuesday

Phone calls and emails letter to Governor to begin Phase 2

Phone meeting with developer for the proposed Grocery Outlet in Cool

4-29-20, Wednesday

Staff briefing on Cannabis ordinance

4-30-20, Thursday

Phone meeting with lead of Cool/Pilot Hill Advisory Committee regarding Planning Commission meeting for Dollar General on 5-28-20 and Grocery Outlet virtual meeting with developer on 5-5-20.


March 2020

Monday, 3-2-20

Meet & Greet with Chief Cordero

Meeting with Supervisor Frentzen and CPCSD General Manager

Tuesday, 3-3-20

Meeting with Veterans Commissioners and Supervisor Veerkamp to discuss future funding of commission

Wednesday, 3-4-20

Meeting with my Fair Board representative and Commission on Aging representative to brainstorm ideas so that the Commission on Aging can have a booth at the County Fair on Senior Day.

Read with the children during story time at the Georgetown Library on Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Meeting with my Human Rights Commissioner about their Work Plan.

Meeting with a CLAC representative about annual meeting.

Vegetation Management meeting with Garden Park residents - they are one of the two County Emphasis Areas (CEA).

Thursday, 3-5-20

Monthly meeting with my Planning Commissioner.

EDCTC - Receive and file on Work Plan.  Proposed legislation to require an SB 1 Gas Tax website with fiscal information for transparency.

Annual River meeting hosted by the CLAC.  Thank you to Creigthon Avilla for covering for Parks Division and to Sergeant Thompson for attending on behalf of the Sheriff.

Sunday, 3-8-20

Garden Valley Fire breakfast.

Monday, 3-9-20

Taxpayers Association discussed sales tax for road maintenance.

Fair 2x2 working on MOU.

Supervisor Veerkamp and I met with SMUD representatives to make sure we’re collaborating on vegetation management and potential tourist revenues.  Interim Forest Supervisor Liz Berger joined us.

Human Rights Commission - left early but I think that they are ready to take the 2 Supervisors off of their roster and continue moving forward toward creating a Work Plan.  Their annual presentation to the BOS is tentatively set for April 21.

Youth Commission annual dinner meeting.  Enjoyable evening and good to hear all the good things that the Commission is working on.

Wednesday, 3-11-20

Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) meeting 

No longer sponsoring interstate cannabis export bill due to controversies.

Joined Los Angeles County and CSAC to support AB 2612 (Maienschein) for $200M annually to support organic and solid waste recycling.  Asking for letter of support.

Working with Senator Brian Dahle on SB 1191 requiring CalRecycle to consider whether a jurisdiction made good faith efforts to implement organic waste reduction program (SB 1383) before imposing a compliance order or penalities.

Asked to send in letter of support for County Fair allocations.

Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA) meeting during lunch break.  After much discussion, voted to make loan to Golden State Natural Resources (GSNR) for $10M toward wood pellet facilities, which will use woody biomass fire fuels from forests.

Barbara Hayes reported that the Economic Development group is working on Broadband and took a trip out of state to explore alternate models.  Sounds promising and we may want our Broadband consultant to reach out to Ms. Hayes.

Cautioned that Housing Element may be affected by recent and sudden defunding of Mortgage Credit Certificate program.  GSFA sent letter for re-funding of program to State Treasurer Fiona Ma.

After RCRC meeting, the RCRC Homeowner’s Insurance Ad Hoc Committee met with representatives for 2 different proposed pieces of legislation.  Both bills are still being worked on and the ad hoc committee decided to take a watch approach for each bill for final language.

Thursday, 3-12-20

Environmental Services Joint Powers’ Authority (ESJPA)

Presentation of Model Tools for implementing SB 1383.  However, regulations are not finalized yet because the Office of Administrative Law sent the regulations back to CalRecycle for clarification.  Uncertainty about what this will do to implementation timeline.

Appreciated briefing from Treasurer Tax-Collector Karen Coleman on proposed policy changes that will be on our agenda next week.

Appreciated monthly meeting with DOT Director Rafael Martinez.

Monday, 3-16-20

Budget ad hoc committee met with General Services departments

Wednesday, 3-18-20

Budget Ad Hoc committee meeting with Land Use Departments

Phone meeting with EDCTC Executive Director Woody Deloria to follow up from the last EDCTC meeting with the status of Pine Hill Preserve trail.   EDCTC staff has been working with our Planning staff to start the process. This trail will be a Class 1 paved trail and can also be used as an evacuation route in an emergency.

Thursday, 3-19-20

Budget Ad Hoc committee meeting with Law & Justice Departments

Friday, 3-20-20

Fire Advisory Committee meeting - discussed drafting a response to Garden Valley Fire Department’s recent requests to El Dorado County

Lots of phone calls and emails about COVID-19

Meetings are now using teleconferencing and/or social distancing

3-25 through 4-2, including weekend

Increase in complaints about congestion and parking at Confluence due to out of town visitors violating Stay at Home orders.

Monday, 3-30-20

Complaints intensified due to State Parks closure of their fee parking areas, which increased congestion in the limited free parking area along Highway 49.

Tuesday, 3-31-20

No BOS meeting, so I went to Confluence to witness first hand.  Spoke with CHP officer who was enforcing No Parking.  Explained that the small free parking area was not closed down.


February 2020

Monday, February 3, 2020

Fair 2x2 with Supervisor Veerkamp.    Preparing for our special meeting with Board of Supervisors and Fair Board in Marc

Wednesday, 2-5-20

Golden State Job Training Agency Board meeting - Beginning of year administrative duties

Meeting with EDCTC Executive Director Woody Deloria to prep for meeting and talk strategy for Highway 49 at the Confluence.

Thursday, 2-6-20

Met with my Planning Commissioner - lots going on in District 4 to catch up on.

EDCTC meeting.  Approved final version of Active Transportation Plan for County and City of Placerville.

Friday, 2-7-20

Met with a resident who is having troubles because of the Mineral Resources Overlay from the TGPA/ZOU.  The number of these is starting to grow. Contacting Planning staff.

Saturday, 2-8-20

Chocolate Affair

Sunday, 2-9-20

Garden Valley Fire breakfast - caught up on several projects with residents during breakfast.

Music on the Divide at Georgetown IOOF Hall - 26th annual Young Musician’s Concert.  Very talented students.

Monday, 2-10-20

Tree Mortality Task Force has changed its name and focus to Governments for Forest Health.  I am checking in with staff about our Tree Mortality reimbursement because the billings weren’t received and the deadline is approaching.

Forest Management Task Force - lots going on and I will follow up with Supervisor Veerkamp to make sure we are plugged in

Wednesday, 2-12-20

EDCWA - Updates

SOFAR - Presentation on forest resiliency.  Sue Hennike gave an update on the Vegetation Management Ordinance.

Thursday, 2-13-20

Briefing from HHSA staff on smoking ordinance.

Meeting with Treasurer-Tax Collector Karen Coleman

Fair is coming up so meeting with my Fair Board representative

Friday, 2-14-20

Phone meeting with Placer County Supervisor Gustafson regarding ASRA

First monthly update with DOT Director Rafael Martinez

Tuesday, 2-18-20

Two residents joined me to meet with the Director of State Parks regarding ASRA.  Went very well and I’m looking forward to continued discussions.

Meet & Greet with our IT Director Tonya Digiorno.  Lots of great ideas and seems to have a good understanding of our IT department and systems.

Briefing with Assessor Karl Weiland.

Supervisor Frentzen and I had a meeting with DOT staff about the potential Rodeo Drive off ramp.

El Dorado County Fire Protection District held a community meeting to explain their plans for staffing Coloma Lotus Station 74 this year and into the future.

Wednesday, 2-19-20

Met with a Georgetown resident who is pulling together information to help us with a potential ordinance for travel trailers as living space.

Met with Laura Scwartz in Facilities with update on Senior Nutrition program in Greenwood building and hoping to get a newspaper article out about that for residents.

Supervisor Hidahl and I attended a Pavement Workshop hosted by our DOT staff at the request of the Taxpayers Association.  Good information and questions shared.

Fair 2x2 meeting looking at the MOU.

Our Vegetation Management staff gave a Learn to be Fire Wise presentation at the Cool Community Hall.  Well attended and lots of great questions. Kristine Guth handled it all very well.

Friday, 2-21-20

Long Range Planning Staff monthly briefings - thank you.

Met with Howard Penn and Kyle Zimbleman and plan for Coloma-Lotus Valley economic study is coming along.

Monthly Environmental Management update with Greg Stanton.

Saturday, 2-22-20

Annual Cameron Park Fire Department Crab Feed.  Well attended and fun.

Tuesday, 2-25-20 through Friday, 2-28-20

Traveled with Supervisor Veerkamp and EDCWA staff to Washington D.C. to meet with legislators and directors regarding Alder Creek Reservoir.  Well received and it was a great learning experience for me.