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District IV

​Activities and Meetings

2023 Activities and Meetings

January 2023

Sunday, 1/1 

Briefing on the storm damage at the EOC. 


Monday, 1/2 

Phone calls with Georgetown Fire Chief Brown and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Don Ashton about washout at Volcanoville Road. 

Wednesday, 1/4 

Virtually listened to EOC Briefing 


Supervisor Hidahl and I met as the members of the Chili Bar ad hoc committee to discuss the RFI project submittals 


Thursday, 1/5 

Virtually listened to EOC Briefing 


Friday, 1/6 

Virtually listened to EOC Briefing 


Attended virtual EDOK meeting.  In addition to their board elections and an update on the Navigation Center, the primary purpose of the meeting was to provide training for our local partners on how to make referrals for housing assistance through CalAIM Medi-Cal through a Community Supports team.  Anthem Blue Cross, CA Health and Wellness, and Kaiser Permanente each gave presentations on their process. 


Sunday, 1/8 

Attended Garden Valley Fire Breakfast.  The power was out on most of the Divide but the fire station had its backup power going to serve hot coffee and breakfast. 


Monday, 1/9 

Virtually listened to EOC Briefing 


Attended my first First 5 El Dorado board meeting.  Approved update to bylaws and accepted a new community member application, both of which will be added to the next Board of Supervisors agenda for approval.  Also gave an update on establishing Community Advisories at each of our Hubs. 


Wednesday, 1/11 

Virtual meeting with staff and Supervisor Thomas to prepare for Ranch Marketing and Winery Ordinance workshop. 


Attended El Dorado Water Agency meeting. 


Monthly meeting with staff regarding Chili Bar project. 


Meeting with EDCTC Executive Director to review draft of SR 49 Confluence study. 


Thursday, 1/12 

Meeting with District IV Human Rights Commissioner. 


Gave the Role of the Chair presentation at the Committee/Commission Welcome Training.  County Counsel gave a Brown Act presentation and an Implicit Bias training module was given for those who have not yet completed that training.  Overall the training session was well received by attendees. 


Friday, 1/13 

Attended Cameron Park CSD 2x2 meeting with Supervisor Turnboo.  Discussed issues of mutual concern, including flooding in Cameron Park. 


Meeting with CPUC Liaison. 


Monthly meeting with DOT Director. 


Virtual meeting with HHSA Interim Director. 


Saturday, 1/14 

Meeting with District IV Park and Recreation Commissioner. 


Tuesday, 1/17 

The Ranch Marketing and Winery Ordinance ad hoc committee, Supervisors Parlin and Thomas) hosted the Ranch Marketing and Winery Ordinance workshop.  Staff is working on an FAQ page to help clarify questions from the workshop.  Next steps are Ag Commission Hearing 2/8, Planning Commission Hearing 3/9, and BOS Hearing 4/11. 


Wednesday, 1/18 

Attended RCRC meeting. 


Attended the annual RCRC Reception. 


Thursday, 1/19 

I gave the opening welcome to the Community Health Improvement Plan Task Force Meeting.  I could not stay for the meeting, but it was well attended and I look forward to the results from this effort. 


Meeting with Treasurer-Tax Collector for update. 


Follow up meeting with the EDCTC Executive Director to further review draft of SR 49 Study. 


Friday, 1/20 

Monthly virtual meeting with Planning staff. 


Monthly meeting with Environmental Management Director. 


Monday, 1/21 

Attended Chili Bar ad hoc committee meeting with Supervisor Hidahl.  Staff working on next steps. 

Wednesday, 1/25 

Attended Cemetery Advisory Committee.  Concerns about changes to virtual meeting attendance rules and how it will impact some committee members. 


Thursday, 1/26 

Supervisor Thomas and I attended the El Dorado County Fire and Diamond Springs Fire Joint Special Meeting regarding their mutual interest in exploring types of mergers.  Very promising and will ultimately include Board of Supervisors involvement and support. 


Monthly virtual meeting with IT Director. 


Monthly meeting with County Counsel. 


Saturday, 1/28 

Food Distribution event with the Georgetown Library and El Dorado Food Bank.  Served approximately 90 families. 


Monday, 1/30 

Virtually attended Taxpayers Association meeting.  Don Ashton was the guest speaker and addressed questions about budget. 


Attended virtual SOFAR Steering Committee. 


Supervisor Thomas and I virtually met with staff to review status of Ranch Marketing and Winery Ordinance updates. 


Met with El Dorado County Transportation Committee (EDCTC) Executive Director and community members to review draft SR 49 Study to be presented at 2/2/23 EDCTC meeting. 

February ​2023

Thursday, 2/2 

Meeting with Sheriff Leikauf. 


Meeting with El Dorado Community Foundation Executive Director and County staff to discuss Mosquito Fire recovery efforts. 


Attended El Dorado County Transit Authority (EDCTA) meeting.  The EDCTA Board approved funding to hire a consulting firm to update the Short- and Long-Range Transit Plan to address the changes in travel patterns that have resulted in significant and lingering impacts to transit ridership. 


Attended EDCTC meeting.  Commission heard and made comments on the draft SR 49 Confluence Study that will be brought back at the March meeting for approval.  Additionally, Caltrans gave a presentation on the Road User Charge Pilot Project that is being considered to more equitably replace the gas tax revenues that are used for road maintenance. 


Friday, 2/3 

Attended virtual Mountain Counties Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) board meeting. 


Meeting with Chief Probation Officer. 


Monday, 2/7 

Toured the Temporary Shelter and Navigation Center.  Great to see the collaboration from local community organizations and County departments to bring this effort to fruition and provide support. 

Wednesday, 2/8 

Supervisor Thomas and I attended a Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Ad Hoc Committee meeting.  Staff provided background information to bring us up to speed for next steps. 


Attended El Dorado Water Agency (EDWA) meeting.  Topics included:  

  • Update contract with consultant to develop a value on recreation in the Upper American Watershed and conduct a visitation analysis.  Results will be helpful for use in other studies and projects. 

  • Presentation by General Manager of the Georgetown Divide Public Utilities District (GDPUD) on the impacts and their recovery from the Mosquito Fire 

  • Continued assistance to Grizzly Flats CSD for recovery from Caldor Fire. 


Supervisor Hidahl and I attended the Chili Bar Ad Hoc Committee meeting.  Reviewed the Request for Information (RFI) submittals and will be meeting with the one applicant whose submittal most closely matched the Board’s direction for the project. 


Thursday, 2/9 

Monthly meeting with DOT Director. 


Friday, 2/10 

Meeting with Volcanoville residents and DOT staff. 


Sunday, 2/12 

Attended Garden Valley Fire Breakfast. 


Monday, 2/13 

Virtually attended the Taxpayers Association meeting.  Guest speakers were from the El Dorado County Fire Protection District Board.  Topics were on proposed legislation regarding burden of CalPERS and potential EDCFPD and DSFPD merger. 


Supervisor Laine and I attended a meeting with DOT and representatives of Rubicon Trail User Groups to follow up on Board direction regarding an update to the Resolution and increased communication for closures of the Rubicon Trail. 


Attended a virtual presentation by the Regional Water Authority (RWA) on the Sacramento Water Bank project, which is moving forward. 

Wednesday, 2/22 

Listened to webinar of Bureau of Reclamation Central Valley Project water supply allocations. 


Cemetery Advisory Committee meeting. 


Thursday, 2/23 

Meeting with District 4 Commission on Aging representative. 


Attended virtual SOFAR Biomass Working Group meeting. 


Meeting with Code Enforcement for updates. 


Attended Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) Central Subregion Check-in virtual meeting. 


Monthly meeting with County Counsel. 


Friday, 2/24 

Attended 2x2 meeting with City of Placerville with Supervisor Thomas. 


Saturday, 2/25 

Attended Georgetown Rotary Crab Feed at IOOF Hall. 


Monday 2/27 - 3/2 

Attended Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) conference with Supervisor Thomas and El Dorado Water Agency (EDWA) staff.  


We had meetings with Congressman Kiley, Senator Padilla’s staff, Senator Feinstein’s staff, Congressman McClintock and his staff, Congresswoman Matsui’s staff, and the Bureau of Reclamation staff to discuss potential community funding projects (known as earmarks) and to advocate for projects of local, regional, and state significance, such as: 

  • Alder Creek Reservoir 

  • Project with Cameron Park CSD for drainage improvements in Cameron Park 

  • Grizzly Flats restoration for flood control 

  • Fuels management pilot program using cattle grazing in the Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) 

  • The potential to introduce legislation to allow for a pilot program to export wood products from USFS lands to help with forest management, and 

  • A request for river flow stations to monitor and study the impacts of wildfire on the watershed.  


We also made a special thank you to Senators Feinstein and Padilla for their support to fund snowpack monitoring equipment in the Sierras, which will provide for real-time data of snowpack conditions. 

​March 2023

Friday, 3/3 

Attended virtual El Dorado Opportunity Knocks meeting. Focus was on CalAIM and how providers refer clients for services. I will follow up with staff on how we can promote these services once the programs are established. 


Saturday, 3/4 

Attended Way Too Cool 50K run to congratulate the top winners at the finish line. 

Wednesday, 3/8 

Attended RCRC Board of Directors meeting.  Highlights of meeting included: 

Guest Speaker Stephanie Welch, Deputy Secretary of Behavioral Health, California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS).  Many counties expressed the need for sustained funding to continue programs beyond the beginning stages.  There is definitely a need for a statewide, cohesive approach to assisting those with behavioral health needs. 


Guest Speaker Chuck Bonham, Director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  He acknowledged that he needs to do a better job of reaching out to counties and connecting us with our regional director. 


Legislative Update:  

Legislation is in the works to allow for non-decision-making committees to meet remotely. AB 817. 


Legislation is in the works to extend the solar exemption for rebuilding homes lost in the 2020 fires and may extend to homes lost after 2020. AB 704. 


RCRC is asking counties to oppose AB 338, which is the same as last year’s AB 1717 by Aguiar-Curry that has an unintended consequence of driving up the costs of projects like those performed by Fire Safe Councils. 


Report out from Closed Session is that RCRC was authorized by the Board to participate in a coalition to support the United State Forest Service in defending against a claim that the aerial application of fire retardant by the Forest Service violates the Clean Water Act. 


Item of concern from the Golden State Connect Authority meeting was that AT&T is requesting to be relieved as the carrier of last resort for Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). 


Met with District IV Fish and Wildlife commissioner. 


Thursday, 3/9 

Attended the RCRC ESJPA (Environmental Services JPA) meeting.  Did not have enough people in attendance per new meeting requirements so only heard presentations and did not have a quorum to take action. 


Monthly meeting with Human Resources Director. 


Friday, 3/10 

Attended RCRC working group with PG&E regarding the fast-trip switch program and the need for PG&E to better communicate and mitigate the impacts of those unplanned, reoccurring outages.  I plan to participate in the CPUC workshop on 3/17 to make a comment regarding the impacts of the fast trip switch program. 


Meeting with DOT Director. 


Meeting with Cameron Meadows applicants. 


Saturday, 3/11 

Attended Prescribed Fire 101 Workshop with University of California Cooperative Extension at Wakamatsu Farm. 


Sunday, 3/12 

Attended Garden Valley Fire Breakfast.  Met new emotional support dog Roy! 


Monday, 3/13 

Virtually attended Taxpayers Association.  Guest speaker was Realtor Ken Calhoon, who spoke about the challenges of the housing market, including State legislation causing a loss of local control and that older residents don’t have anywhere to move to to downsize with their existing mortgage rate. 


I had the honor to present at the New Employee Orientation and administered the oath of office. 


Thank you to everyone, government, agencies, and the community for coming together to help each other through the challenges of the recent storms. 

Wednesday, 3/15 

Meeting with DOT Director and Supervisor Laine for briefing on proposed Road Closure Resolution.  


Thursday, 3/16 

Chili Bar Ad Hoc meeting with staff to discuss next steps, including electrical, septic sewer system.  The site is proving to be more challenging than originally anticipated, but staff is exploring options to keep moving forward. 


Attended virtual NACo West Region meeting.  Updates on Opioid Settlements, IT resources, and upcoming Behavioral Health opportunities. 


Friday, 3/17 

Monthly meeting with Long Range Planning staff. 


Phone check in with EDCTC Executive Director to start implementation of the recommendations from the SR 49 Confluence study. 


Phone call with Sol Nisbet to confirm that she will accept appointment as District IV CEDAC representative. 


Provided public comment at the CPUC Workshop webinar on the Fast Trip Switch Program (EPSS) to support RCRC and Pioneer Community Energy in the request for the CPUC to regulate the Fast Trip Switch Program and put clear expectations on the utility companies to reduce the number of Fast Trip Switch outages that cause uncertainty and risks to public health. 


Sunday, 3/19 

Meeting with former Supervisor Penny Humphreys regarding roads and Rescue Fire Department updates. 


Monday, 3/20 

Attended First 5 El Dorado Commission Meeting.  Approved the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.  Received updates on the great work the Commission Advisory Committees are doing to identify community needs so that community members have a voice in making decisions on what services are needed to support parents, families, and children.  An update to the Board is in the works on how the Youth and Families Commission will collaborate with the First 5 Commission to plan for their sustainability. 


Thursday, 3/23 

As our SACOG Alternate Representative, I attended the SACOG (Sacramento Area Council of Governments) meeting Tackling Homelessness Through Transitional Housing.  Great presentations from nonprofits on how they were able to collaborate with local government to build transitional housing projects.  Many different models, one size does not fit all.  I am working with Supervisor Thomas to have a follow up meeting with Nikky Mohana, who was one of the presenters on the panel and has led the WE Empower Housing Project in Sacramento. 


Monthly meeting with County Counsel. 


Friday, 3/24 

As the Fire/EMS Ad Hoc Committee, Supervisor Thomas and I attended a meeting with the Office of Wildfire Preparedness and Resilience (OWPR) Advisory Committee to get an update on their progress toward creating the El Dorado County Wildfire Strategy.  It is important to have a strategy document so that all the involved partners are working within the same framework and the public understands that strategy.  There is an upcoming update to the full board tentatively set for May 2. 


Attended the Cap-to-Cap Water Resources Team Meeting.  It was a lunch meeting for the members to meet each other and review the discussion items for our upcoming Cap-to-Cap advocacy trip to Washington, D.C. 


Saturday, 3/25 

Supervisor Thomas and I attended the celebration to reopen Medic Unit 49 and the pinning ceremony for new paramedics at the Diamond Springs Fire Station.  It is great to see the collaborative efforts between our fire districts to provide outstanding services to our residents. 


Attended the Georgetown Fire Town Hall where Brown shared a debrief from the Winter Storms.  Representatives from PG&E and OES also shared information.  It was good to see increased collaboration and coordination between our agency partners in response to this latest state of emergency.  Chief Brown also mentioned that the 3 fire districts on the Georgetown Divide are once again holding conversations about potential ways to unify their operations. 


Monday, 3/27 

Virtually attended the Taxpayers Association Meeting.  Shiva Frentzen, Executive Director of LAFCO was the guest speaker. 


Attended virtual Golden Sierra Job Training Agency board meeting. 


Tuesday, 3/28 

Attended meeting with staff regarding securing the county-owned properties on the north and south sides of Highway 50 in Cameron Park.  Also discussed potential plans for its use in the future. 


Wednesday, 3/29 

Meeting with Sheriff, Undersheriff, and members of TRIDENT to understand the efforts to keep illegal, deadly drugs like fentanyl out of our county and the region. 


Supervisor Thomas and I had a virtual meeting with our Interim HHSA Director and our Behavioral Health Director to understand the County’s Assisted Outpatient Treatment program in relation to Laura’s Law. 


Thursday, 3/30 

Attended Virtual Webinar: Leading Local: Local Government Women in Leadership. 


Attended California Wildfire & Forest Resilience Task Force webinar. 


Attended Cool Pilot Hill Advisory Committee (CPHAC) meeting where the applicant for the Cool Gas Station project listened to and answered questions from the community regarding the proposed project. 


Friday, 3/31 

Supervisor Hidahl and I, as members of the Chili Bar ad hoc committee, participated in an on-site meeting at Chili Bar Park.  We are experiencing difficulties with constraints on the utilities, such as septic, water, and electricity.  However I appreciate that staff is exploring options to fulfill the Board’s direction for the park. 


Attended the Sheriff’s annual awards dinner.  It was a wonderful event to celebrate the accomplishments of his staff and I enjoyed being able to participate in the festivities. 






​April 2023

Sunday, 4/2 

Attended the Kelsey Schoolhouse breakfast.  The members sent their appreciation to the Board for the Community Funding grant. 

Wednesday, 4/5 

Meeting with District IV Fish and Wildlife Commissioner. 


Meeting with Treasurer-Tax Collector. 


Chili Bar Ad Hoc meeting with Supervisor Hidahl and staff.  We are approaching some decision-making points with the project and will likely be bringing an item to the Board for a check in. 


Attended Zoom meeting with Jeep Jamboree USA representative to discuss DOT’s Road Closure Resolution, including the Rubicon Trail. 


Thursday, 4/6 

Attended meeting regarding Homelessness Next Steps with Supervisor Thomas and stakeholders.  Now that the Navigation Center and Temporary Shelter are operating, it is time to look at what is needed to help move people out of the shelter once they are able. 


Attended El Dorado County Transit Authority meeting. 


Attended El Dorado County Transportation Commission meeting. 


Attended Coloma Lotus Advisory Committee (CLAC) meeting.  Thank you to our DOT staff for providing the community with updates on local projects, such as the Mt. Murphy Bridge replacement which should begin construction within the next 2 years. 


Friday, 4/7 

Attended El Dorado Opportunity Knocks Continuum of Care virtual meeting.  Primary topics were 1) an update from Behavioral Health Director regarding the Behavioral Health Bridge Housing program to house those experiencing homelessness and serious mental health and 2) action to approve a form letter that interested parties can submit to show their interest in the upcoming round of Homeless Housing and Prevention funds. 


Met with representatives of Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ) to discuss regional preparations for the transition to our new local Medi-Cal managed care model. 


Monday, 4/10 

Met with Supervisor Laine and staff for an update on the upcoming budget discussions. 

Wednesday, 4/12 

Attended El Dorado Water Agency (EDWA) board meeting.  Topic of interest is the study by consultant David Batker on determining a value of our working landscapes so when we request funds for projects or propose a fee for using our natural resources that we have data to support those requests. 


Meeting with Supervisor Thomas, Sheriff Leikauf, HHSA Director, and CAO to follow up on October 2022 BOS direction regarding Sierra Harm Reduction.  We anticipate bringing an item to the BOS in May as follow up. 


Meeting with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) representative regarding proposed Clubhouse project to support people with mental illness. 


Thursday, 4/13 

As chair of the El Dorado Water Agency, I gave the opening remarks for the Spring 2023 Plenary.  The theme was Adapting to a Paradigm Shift in Water Management and we appreciated Congressman Kevin Kiley for being our guest speaker and showing his support for water and forest management projects in El Dorado County and the region.  We had staff in attendance from the many departments that are involved in these projects and I wanted to extend our gratitude to them for their involvement and collaborative approach to these issues. 


Supervisor Thomas and I had a meeting with Nikky Mohana to follow up on the SACOG Transitional Housing workshopWe are exploring leads on a next step transitional housing project so that people who are ready can graduate out of the Navigation Center. 


Thank you to DOT Deputy Director of Maintenance Brian Mullens for taking me on a ride along to see the repair work on Mt. Murphy Road prior to reopening. 


Attended Mountain Counties Water Resources Assocation (MCWRA) reception at Blackburn Consulting in Auburn. 


Friday, 4/14 

Attended MCWRA board meeting.  Topic of interest was discussion of proposed State legislation. 


Monthly meeting with Human Resources Director. 


Monthly meeting with DOT Director. 


On site meeting with residents on Lakeview Drive to discuss concerns about PG&E undergrounding project and potential next steps. 


Monday, 4/17 

Virtually attended most of Taxpayers Association meeting.  Andy Nevis gave a legislative update on bills at the State. 


Attended a meeting with EDCTC and Caltrans for an update on their upcoming project on SR 49 in the Confluence.  Discussed several of the SR 49 Confluence Study implementation projects and ways to get those projects completed. 


Meeting with American River Conservancy Executive Director. 


Meeting with Superintendent of Gold Trail Unified School District. 


Attended reception at Folsom Lake College to welcome new President Dr. Art Pimental. 


Wednesday, 4/19 

Attended the annual University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Advisor Committee meeting with Ag Commissioner LeeAnne Mila.  Discussed the services received by each of the four partner counties (Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne, and El Dorado) and received budget information and request for increase in county contribution to the program.  Follow up meeting with Chief Administrative Office and Agriculture Commissioner to explore options before bringing to the board. 


Attended Supervisor Laine’s public forum regarding Vacation Home Rentals (VHRs) to hear concerns from the public.  Supervisor Laine pointed out that the issues regarding VHRs and Ranch Marketing venues are similar and the County is working to address these issues for those who are impacted by these businesses. 


Thursday, 4/20 

Attended Biomass Ad Hoc Committee meeting with Supervisor TurnbooThe team of staff and consultants are making good progress on several projects.  


Attended virtual National Association of Counties (NACO) West Region meeting. 


Meeting with Veterans representative regarding the Veterans Monument. 


Friday, 4/21 

Monthly virtual meeting with Long Range Planning staff. 


Attended virtual El Dorado Opportunity Knocks (EDOK) special meeting.  The Executive Team asked the EDOK board to approve a matching grant to the Tahoe Coalition for the Homeless (TCH).  Concerns were raised regarding the financial health of TCH.  I made a motion to continue the item to allow staff time to do the due diligence on this issue.  After much discussion, the motion passed. 


Monthly meeting with Environmental Management Director.  Included Supervisor Hidahl to discuss the proposed location for a bathroom at Chili Bar Park.  The site appears to meet the 100’ setbacks to locate a vault bathroom on the east end of the parking lot, which would work best for the functional flow of traffic.  Will follow up at next Chili Bar Park ad hoc committee meeting. 


Saturday through Wednesday, 4/22 - 4/26 

Travel to Washington D.C. for Capitol to Capitol (Cap to Cap) 2023.  As part of the Water Resources Team attended meetings with the U.S.F.S, the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water, Wildlife, and Fisheries, Congressman Kiley’s Office, and Representative Huffman’s Office.  Topics included forest management and our proposed biomass projects, watershed protection, support for new water storage projects within the region such as the Water Bank and Alder Creek Reservoir, and thanking offices for their support of projects such as GDPUD’s request for funds for repair work after the storms, instream monitors, and snow station upgrades. 


Thursday, 4/27 

Attended virtual SOFAR Biomass Working Group meeting. 


Monthly meeting with County Counsel. 


Friday, 4/28 

Meeting with Cannabis representative regarding potential changes to our ordinances and the upcoming workshops. 


Monday, 4/29 

Attended a Biomass Energy Technology Summit hosted by Placer County Air Pollution Control District.  I was joined by our own Air Quality Management District (AQMD) staff and our biomass consultant.  Very informative and there is now a broad range of technologies available and funding streams.  Prospects for locating several small facilities is very promising.  Sierra at Tahoe and the Black Oak Mine Unified School District project are making good progress toward completion. 








​May 2023


Tuesday, 5/2 

Attended the Georgetown Divide Recreation District (GDRD) Volunteer Appreciation event. 


Wednesday, 5/3 

Supervisor Hidahl and I had a quick check in meeting with staff on the Chili Bar project. 


I had a meeting with staff regarding increased funding request from the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE).  We will continue discussions and bring an item to the Board in the future. 


Supervisor Turnboo and I had a meeting with Eldorado National Forest Supervisor Joe Stout to follow up on the board’s recent discussion about forest management and wildfire suppression. 


Thursday, 5/4 

Attended El Dorado County Transit Authority (EDCTA) special meeting workshop to discuss the Short-Range Transit Plan to address the changing transit needs in the county. 


Attended El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) meeting. 


Virtual meeting with Behavioral Health Director. 


Friday, 5/5 

Attended El Dorado Opportunity Knocks Continuum of Care (EDOK CoC) virtual meeting. Topic of interest was reprioritizing reallocation of housing vouchers. 


Meeting with Georgetown Fire Chief for an update on how several of the fire districts on the Georgetown Divide are exploring ways to work together and pool resources. 


Supervisor Thomas and I met with a representative from HomeAide to discuss their process for transitional housing projects, which is our much needed next step for our Navigation Center and Temporary Shelter.  We will be meeting with staff to share information and determine next steps. 


Meeting with Library Director. 


Sunday, 5/7 

Attended Kelsey Schoolhouse Breakfast. 


Monday, 5/8 

Virtually attended Taxpayers Association meeting.  Guest speaker was Congressman McClintock. 


Supervisor Hidahl and I had a meeting with representatives from Pioneer Energy and County staff to discuss options for SB 1383 Compost requirements.  BOS presentation 6/20/23. 


Attended First 5 El Dorado meeting.  We revisited the Board of Supervisors discussion from last fall about incorporating the Hub service delivery model as the gold standard of public service in our County. The Commission is interested in transitioning leadership of the Hubs before June 30, 2025 and would like to explore partnerships with County agencies. With the HHSA reorganization, now is a good time to think about how we might incorporate the hubs and navigators into our County services. 

Wednesday, 5/10 

Attended Strategic Plan Workshop. 


Thursday and Friday, 5/11 and 5/12 

Attended RCRC County of the Chair Board meeting and tour in Butte County.  Toured the Oroville Dam and the Butte Creek dam restoration project.  Coincidentally, the recent earthquakes happened that same afternoon. 


During the Member County Concerns item of the agenda, I did follow up on our board discussion regarding CSAC’s AT HOME initiative.  The response from counties was mixed and staff said they will start a deeper look as the initiative moves forward. 


RCRC is coordinating an effort to review PG&E’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan.  I reached out to Sue Hennike and she will coordinate with our Office of Wildfire Preparedness and Resiliency (OWPR) and Office of Emergency Services (OES) to ensure that El Dorado County is engaged in that process. 


We were also reminded to forward the State Cybersecurity Plan Survey to our IT Directors.  The Survey will be used to compile information for the California Cybersecurity Plan that will be used to distribute State and Local Cybersecurity Grant funds.  I forwarded the Survey to our IT Director this morning. 


Sunday, 5/14 

Attended Garden Valley Fire Breakfast 


Monday, 5/15 

Meeting with staff to follow up on gathering information regarding UCCE’s request for increased funding.  The information will be presented to the Board at the 6/13 budget discussion. 


I attended Governor Newsom’s May Revision - Proposed 2023-24 Housing and Homelessness Budget Overview webinar.  The takeaway from the webinar is that the with the revised budget deficit the Governor is maintaining most of the funding that has been allocated for efforts to house the homeless, such as Homeless Housing Assistance Program (HHAP). 


Phone meeting with AT&T representative to follow up on requests for removing trees that are leaning on communication lines and into roadways.  I was advised to work through our DOT to coordinate that work. 


Supervisor Thomas and I met with our Homeless Next Steps working group and shared information on our lead for a nonprofit to manage a transitional housing project.  Staff will be following up on that lead to explore building a transitional housing project that will be for those who are ready to move on from the Navigation Center/Temporary Shelter with the assistance of supportive services. 


Virtually attended the Cool Pilot Hill Advisory Committee’s design review meeting for the proposed Cool Gas Station project. 


Wednesday, 5/17 

Attended the El Dorado Water Agency meeting.  Approved appointing Rebecca Guo as the Interim General Manager effective June 10. 


Supervisor Thomas and I attended the Office of Wildfire Preparedness and Resilience (OWPR) Stakeholder Meeting to get input on the draft Strategy Wildfire that the working group has been developing. 


Virtually attended the Cameron Park CSD meeting where the proposed closure of Station 88 was considered. 


Thursday, 5/18 

Supervisor Thomas, Sheriff Leikauf, Undersheriff Golmitz, Interim CAO Schmid, and I met virtually with CDPH representatives regarding Sierra Harm Reduction’s operations in El Dorado County.  There will be a Board agenda item to follow up on June 20. 


Meeting with SCLAR Large Animal Rescue regarding preparation for upcoming wildfire season. 


Friday, 5/19 

Monthly meeting with Long Range Planning staff. 


Monthly meeting with Ag Commissioner.  Discussed illegal fruit stands and the challenges to address them. 


Meeting with District IV representatives and Chair of the Commission on Aging. 


Monthly meeting with Environmental Management Director.  Discussed illegal fruit stands and the challenges to address them. 


Sunday, 5/21 

Attended Music on the Divide concert at the Georgetown IOOF Hall. 


Monday, 5/22 

Attended virtual SOFAR steering committee meeting. 


Strategic Plan Workshop. 


Tuesday, 5/23 

Strategic Plan Workshop. 


Wednesday, 5/24 

Supervisor Thomas attended the Special El Dorado Opportunity Knocks (EDOK) meeting on my behalf and the EDOK board approved a MOU for the Navigation Center that will be coming to the Board for consideration and approval. 


Attended meeting with Office of Emergency (OES) regarding standing up a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for Georgetown and have had a follow up discussion with Georgetown Fire Chief Brown. 


I was the guest speaker at the Marshall Grange for their potluck speaker series and shared items of interest regarding the County. 


Thursday, 5/25 

Attended the Golden Sierra Job Training Agency (GSJTA) regular Governing Board meeting. 


Monthly meeting with County Counsel. 


Friday, 5/26 

I attended one of several meetings and phone calls this week with constituents regarding the Ranch Marketing and Winery Ordinance updates. 


Quick phone call with a constituent who wanted to express his appreciation to me and specifically to Rob Peters for stepping up to review his project materials and move their project forward. 


Phone update with DOT Director for updates, including Mt. Murphy Bridge agenda item on 6/6/23. 


Attended First 5 El Dorado Commission Special Meeting. 


Tuesday, 5/30 

Supervisor Turnboo and I attended an inter-departmental meeting regarding the Pine Hill Preserve properties. 


Wednesday, 5/31 

Monthly meeting with Supervisor Hidahl for Chili Bar updates.  Will bring an update to the full Board sometime this summer. 

​June 2023

Thursday, 6/1 

Supervisor Turnboo and I met with El Dorado National Forest Supervisor Joe Stout and staff regarding a proposal for the new Grizzly Flats Community Center. 


Attended regular El Dorado County Transit Authority (EDCTA) meeting. 


Attended regular El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) meeting. 


Friday, 6/2 

Attended virtual Mountain Counties Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) regular meeting. 


Visited El Dorado County Food Bank. 


Saturday, 6/3 

I carpooled with District IV representative Pat Weddle to attend Fishing Derby at Lake Walton in Georgetown.  Our Fish and Wildlife Commission sponsors the fish at our derbies. 


Sunday, 6/4 

Attended Kelsey Schoolhouse Breakfast. 


Attended Art on the Divide Cooperative Gallery open house. 


Monday, 6/5 

Virtually attended the Taxpayers Association meeting where Parks Manager Vickie Sanders was the guest speaker. 


Supervisor Laine and I met with staff to discuss the Recommended Budget. 


Supervisor Laine and I met with staff to discuss VHRs, including the history of how we got here and potential challenges and improvements. 

​July 2023

Friday, 7/7 

Attended Taco Night in Pollock Pines with Library Director Bryce Lovell to show him the Community Center facility and discuss potential expansion of the Pollock Pines Hub.  Coincidentally, both Director Lovell and myself grew up in Pollock Pines, and I did inform District 5 Supervisor Brooke Laine of this activity. 


Saturday, 7/8 

Attended the Bear State Property Owners Association (BSPOA) Firewise meeting and picnic in Volcanoville.  I was a guest speaker and gave a brief update on what’s been happening in the County.  I appreciate the community’s efforts to keep themselves engaged and connected with each other for emergency preparedness and prevention. 


Monday, 7/10 

Virtually attended Taxpayers Association meeting.  Guest speaker was Sue Hennike, Deputy CAO, who was accompanied by Emma Owens, Principal Management Analyst, to discuss the county’s budget. 


Tuesday, 7/11 

Meeting with staff regarding updating the bylaws for the Cemetery Advisory Committee.  The Resolution that formed the CAC has not been updated since its inception in 2002, so the Resolution will need to be updated before the bylaws can be updated.  As a result, there will be a Board discussion at some point in the future.  


Meeting with District IV Parks and Recreation Commissioner with the Parks Master Plan Update as main topic of discussion. 


Wednesday, 7/12 

Attended RCRC meetings, which included GSFA and GSCA board meetings.  RCRC established a Property Insurance Ad Hoc Committee, and I am a member of that ad hoc. Staff gave an update on the Governor’s proposal to change Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funding. 


Thursday, 7/13 

Meeting with staff to follow up on Food Insecurity concerns that have been raised regarding our food banks.  Will have follow up meetings and keep the board updated. 


Meeting with a Cameron Park CSD board member to check in on current issues. 


Friday, 7/14 

Supervisor Turnboo and I, as members of the Biomass Ad Hoc Committee, had a virtual meeting with renewable biofuels firm as part of exploring a biomass facility in the county. 


Virtually attended the monthly RCRC/CSAC meeting with PG&E.  This month’s topic was undergrounding, however I asked about how we can sectionalize our long distribution lines so that outages are less impacting.  I am supposed to get a follow up meeting with a PG&E representative on that. 


Monthly Human Resources Director check in meeting. 


Monthly DOT Director check in meeting. 


Meeting with District IV representative and Chair of the Commission on Aging. 


Monday, 7/17 

Virtual meeting with Placer County Supervisor Gustafson on next steps for establishing an easement from the U.S. Forest Service on the Placer County sections of the Rubicon Trail for operations and maintenance.  As we move forward, I will provide updates and bring agenda items as appropriate. 


Wednesday, 7/19 

Meeting with District IV representative and Chair of the Fish and Wildlife Commissioner.  Discussed how the BOS can better use commissions in an advisory capacity.  Specifically talked about a constituent concern that was raised about deer impaling themselves on spiked, wrought-iron fencing.  After talking with our CAO, I will follow up with the Fish and Wildlife Commission and ask that they research the issue and advise the board on best practices and potential public education opportunities. 


Attended a portion of the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council meeting.  I appreciate the collaboration between all of the councils and community partners. 


Meeting with DOT as follow up to our CIP discussion, which will be brought to the board at our upcoming DOT workshop. 


Thursday, 7/20 

Meeting with Treasurer-Tax Collector for briefing on upcoming agenda items. 


Virtually participated in the Pioneer Community Energy board of directors meeting as the alternate for Supervisor Hidahl. 


Meeting with a group of Georgetown residents to discuss issues in the county. 


Friday, 7/21 

Monthly meeting with Long Range Planning staff. 


On site meeting with Brian Mullens, DOT Maintenance Supervisor, and the Georgetown Divide Recreation District (GDRD) General Manager to discuss the GDRD’s access challenges at the Greenwood Schoolhouse.  I appreciate DOT’s creative and helpful approach to come up with potential solutions so that the public can once again use this public facility and playground.  This is still in the works and I will keep you apprised of our progress. 


Monthly meeting with Environmental Management Director. 


Sunday, 7/23 

Meeting with District IV representative and Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission.  Main topic of discussion was the Parks Master Plan. 


Monday, 7/24 

Virtually attended the Taxpayers Association meeting.  Richard Ross of the Charter Review Committee was the guest speaker. 


Attended virtual SOFAR Steering Committee meeting.

Wednesday, 7/26 

Attended Cemtery Advisory Committee meeting 


Thursday, 7/27 

Meeting with staff regarding Auburn Lake Trails and Georgetown Divide Public Utility District septic agreement.  GDPUD is looking into next steps. 


Meeting with Cameron Park CSD Interim General Manager for a check in. 


Monthly meeting with County Counsel. 


Friday 7/28 

Meeting with staff regarding the Parks Master Plan process. 


Monday, 7/31 

Phone interview for annual financial audit as the Chair of the Golden Sierra Job Training Agency. 


Virtual meeting with Placer County regarding next steps in establishing an operations and management easement on the Placer County portions of Rubicon Trail. 


​August 2023

Tuesday, 8/1 

Attended National Night Out at Garden Valley Park. 


Wednesday, 8/2 

Meeting with our largest airport tenant at the Georgetown airport regarding concerns with the management of the airports. 


Thursday, 8/3 

Meeting with Kim Beal from the Realtors Association for feedback on the proposed Anmesty Program.  She highlighted the need to improve TrakIt’s user interface to help Realtors look up properties and decrease the number of purchases with unpermitted issues. 


Attended El Dorado Transit Authority meeting.  Reviewed proposed Code of Conduct for transit riders. 


Attended El Dorado County Transportation Commission meeting.  Followed up on requests for CalTrans to fill potholes on SR 49 at the Confluence. 


Attended Mountain Counties Water Resources Association (MCWRA) reception. 


Friday, 8/4 

Attended MCWRA board meeting. 


Sunday, 8/6 

Attended Kelsey Schoolhouse breakfast. 


Monday, 8/7 

Virtually attended Taxpayers Association meeting.  Guest speaker was Justin Kilcrease, of EDC Adult Protective Services. 


Tuesday, 8/8 

Attended Special Meeting of the EDCTA for Executive Director employment. 


Meeting with DOT Director to follow up on CIP/TIF discussion. 


Attended Summer Divide Chamber of Commerce Mixer at Art On The Divide Cooperative Gallery. 


Wednesday, 8/9 

Chaired El Dorado Water Agency regular meeting. 


Meeting with constituent regarding potential for increasing fire services in the county and its impact on homeowners insurance. 


Thursday, 8/10 

Meet and Greet with new Assistant Director of HHSA. 


Friday, 8/11 

Attended monthly meeting with RCRC, CSAC, and PG&E representatives to discuss vegetation management.  Scheduling a follow up meeting with PG&E representatives to explore how to shorten the distances of line that are impacted by fast trip switch (EPSS) outages. 


Monthly meeting with DOT Director 


Saturday, 8/12 

Attended inaugural meeting of the Divide CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).  Great start to reestablishing this important resource in the community.  Looking forward to supporting this effort to improve communication and collaboration with county services, especially during emergencies. 


Sunday, 8/13 

Had lunch at Wings Café at the Auburn Airport to see how that airport is utilized in comparison to El Dorado County airports.