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‚ÄčEl Dorado County Committee and Commission Descriptions

Notice of Vacancy: El Dorado County Early Care and Education Planning Council - Reposted 11-28-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Community and Economic Development Advisory Committee - Posted - 11-21-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Commission on Aging District 3 - Posted 11-14-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Planning Commission District 3 - Posted 11-14-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Meyers Advisory Council - Reposted 11-3-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Agricultural Commission - Posted 10-19-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Tahoe Resource Conservation District- Posted 9-22-2022

Notice of Vacancy: In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Advisory Committee - Reposted 9-22-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Parks and Recreation Commission District 5 - Posted 9-22-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Kelsey Cemetery District - Posted 9-19-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Coloma Lotus Advisory Committee Posted 9-19-2022

Notice of Vacancy: El Dorado County Commission for Youth and Families - Reposted 8-23-2022

Notice of Vacancy: First 5 El Dorado Children and Families Commission - Reposted 8-4-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Veteran Affairs Commission District 5 Alternate - Reposted 7-28-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Behavioral Health Commission - Reposted 4-12-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Law Library Trustees - Posted 4-05-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Cameron Park Design Review Committee - Reposted 3-15-2022

Notice of Vacancy: El Dorado Solid Waste Advisory Committee - Reposted 1-20-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Cemetery Advisory Committee - Reposted 1-7-2022

Notice of Vacancy: Fish and Wildlife Commission - Posted 8-27-2021

*Note: Notices of Vacancy must be posted for a minimum of 10 work days.